The Prince Regent's Violent Medical Consort

The Prince Regent's Violent Medical Consort

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The soul of a military doctor in the Secret Service enters the body of the daughter of the Prime Minister's first wife, persecuted by her father and his concubine, married off to the Prince Regent. Tormented by all sorts of traps and countless set-ups, she uses her medical skills to skilfully manoeuvre through the struggles in the mansion and the political intrigue of the inner court. From killing the Crown Prince, saving the Prince of Liang to curing plagues, she sheds her skin as a flinching little maiden and evolves into a strong lady, capable of standing by his side."If you sneak off again, I will cut off your short little legs. What Princess Consort would run about wildly with a child in her belly?""Jiangdong is infested with a plague. Naturally, as a government physician, I have to go. If you stop me, the epidemic will make its way to the capital." The Prince Regent scooped the long-winded woman into his strong arms and carried her back home. Hmph, there are plenty of government physicians. Why would they need a pregnant woman like you tagging along? Have you confused yourself with the Buddha? Don't you remember how vicious your methods were that year?

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345 Chapters
Chapter 1 Forced Marriage
“I’m going to ask you one more time, will you marry him or not?” The harsh and cold voice of a man entered Xia Zian’s ears. She slowly opened her eyes and saw the handsome but ruthless face of a man.Xia Zian felt a piercing pain. Someone had grabbed her forcefully around her neck. Her chest cavity was in agony, she felt as though she was about to explode. She tried to focus her vision.What’s going on? Am I not dead? I remember being betrayed by my superior. I was shot five times. I should have died.Memories flooded her mind. Memories that did not belong to her.Before Xia Zian regained her senses, she felt five stinging slaps on her face, rendering her confused and dizzy. She was seeing stars. She tasted blood in her mouth and spat it out. She felt a burning pain on her back.Xia Zian lifted her head suddenly. The flames of fury burned in her eyes. The remaining memories that flooded her mind told her that the soul of the original owner of this body had been beaten by a wooden
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Chapter 2 A Sharp Blade
After a long time, Xia Zian heard the sound of sobbing. She slowly opened her eyes. She saw a face that was round and mottled with bruises in front of her. She knew who this person was. “Xiao Sun?”Xiao Sun was the real Xia Zian’s maid. “I’m sorry, my lady. I wasn’t able to protect you!” Xiao Sun cried miserably.Zian endured the searing pain she felt all over her body and slowly got up. She walked toward the chair where Madam Linglong had sat earlier with great difficulty. Her legs and back were severely injured. It felt as though she was sitting on pins and needles when she sat on the chair. However, it was also this pain that allowed her to remain clear-headed.A sharp voice echoed in her mind. “I won’t spare any of you even after I become a ghost.” She knew this was the real Xia Zian’s voice. She clenched her fists and felt an ice-cold metal object on her middle finger. She quickly looked down. “The Soul Command Ring? It followed me here?”The Soul Command Ring wa
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Chapter 3 A Broken Engagement
Before Yuan Shi married Prime Minister Xia, she was a talented lady whose name could shake the world. She read many books. While she did not know everything in heaven and on earth, she was an able woman with a kind heart.Yuan Shi looked at Zian and her heart ached even more. She knew that her daughter was as good as dead. How could she not wish to avenge her daughter?...On the eighteenth day of the fifth month, Xia Zian, the first daughter of Prime Minister Xia, was to be wedded to Murong Xin, Prince of Liang, Murong Xin. Their grand wedding was unparalleled.Zian was dragged out from her bed before the sun rose. She was primped and preened. She looked beautiful and dignified in her phoenix coronet and robes of rank.Madam Linglong and Xia Wan’er personally came over to watch. When Madam Linglong sent Zian out the door, she warned in a low voice, “You better get on that bridal sedan like a good girl or else...”Xia Wan’er stepped forward and sneered. “So what if you’re the eld
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Chapter 4: Tortured
Prime Minister Xia grew anxious when he saw the Prince of Liang had left. He turned to look at the Crown Prince, Murong Qiao. Murong Qiao’s rage was at its limit. He did not think Prime Minister Xia was so useless that he could not even deal with his own daughter. How could Murong Qiao stand here and continue making a spectacle out of himself? He coldly got on his horse and spurred the horse away.The bridegroom who led the group to meet his relatives and the Crown Prince had both left. Naturally, the crowd did not know what to do. Soon after, the hustle and bustle in the mansion quieted down. The entire place was silent.Prime Minister Xia and Madam Linglong were at a loss. They did not know how to deal with this mess. Finally, the Old Madam stepped out of the mansion and apologized to the crowd in a dignified manner. She remained calm as she said, “We’ve troubled all of you over the incident today. Please return. I will personally call on you to apologize later.”When
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Chapter 5: Entering The Palace
Zian remained on her knees. The weather in May was scorching. It felt as though the sun was scalding the top of her head. The wound on her forehead had finally stopped bleeding. When her sweat trickled down on her wounds from the whip, it caused searing pain. After kneeling for one hour, she began to find it difficult to endure. Her body was on the verge of collapse. An old female servant who was supervising Zian kicked her when she saw that Zian was no longer kneeling properly. That kick caused Zian’s head to spin as she almost lost her hold on the last thread of consciousness. She glared at the female servant and swept her leg at the female servant.The female servant did not expect this so she fell and knocked her head on the ground.Zian quickly grabbed the female servant’s neck and said viciously, “You old slave! How dare you bully me?”“You…” The female servant was frightened witless when she saw the look in Zian’s eyes. After a long pause, she steeled her nerves and threa
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Chapter 6: The Empress
Xia Zian wiped the blood and sweat off her forehead and straightened her robes before she followed the nanny inside.The dazzling sights in the palace was a huge contrast to her sorry, wretched state. She tried her best to step lightly and steady herself as she continued forward. Every step felt incomparably difficult.The figures in front of Xia Zian seemed to sway back and forth. In reality, the figures were not swaying. It was because she was feeling dizzy. She could only vaguely make out three people sitting in the palace hall. The person in the middle was dressed in a red brocade palace dress. Her hair was tied up in a high bun. At first glance, she looked elegant and poised.Xia Zian dropped to her knees with a thump. “My name’s Xia Zian. Greetings, Your Majesty!”The air in the palace was still. One could even hear the sound of breathing. The lights on the palace walls shone with a pleasing glow behind their glass lampshades, making everything before Xia Zian look like a dre
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Chapter 7: The Prince Of Liang Suffers From An Illness
However, the Prince Regent only smirked. Oh, Xia Zian, you may be intelligent, but you’re nothing more than a smart aleck. Did you think the Empress would turn around and blame the Prime Minister just because you claim to be barren? No, that’s the Prince of Liang’s taboo. I’m afraid he’ll only think you’re making baseless accusations when you said you’re barren.The Prince of Liang glared at Zian fiercely. “If the imperial physician proves that you’re lying, I’ll chop you into pieces..”The Prince Regent shook his head gently when he saw Zian’s expression suddenly changed to one of surprise. It seemed like this little girl’s life was at its end.At this moment, something strange began to happen to the Prince of Liang. His lips began to twitch, and his hands began to tremble. It did not take long before his entire body was trembling. His face turned green before they paled, and his lips were purple. Then, he crumpled to the ground with a loud bang. His entire body stiffened as he kic
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Chapter 8 A Dispute In The Inner Court
Xia Zian’s words, ‘I just don’t want to see the Prince of Liang suffer another attack and harming his constitution’ had touched the Empress. Indeed, the Xia Zian whom she had met today was rather respectful. When the attack occurred, she was the first one to rush forward. She had been truthful with her explanation. Someone had already informed her about everything that had happened at the Prime Minister’s mansion today. Xia Zian did not lie at all. It was clear that she had integrity. It was likely that Xia Zian did not thoughtlessly mention the auricular point blood-letting therapy. In fact, she could have stayed quiet. Why bring disaster upon herself? She already has enough dirty water splashed on her.The Imperial Physician hesitated for a bit. “Your Majesty, it’s true that auricular point blood-letting therapy can help treat his condition, but there’s no research on the effects of the treatment. Besides, administering needles in the ear or the head must be done with absolute care.
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Chapter 9: Betrothed To The Prince Regent
Zian was baffled. The situation had gone completely out of control. She had no choice but to bow and reply, “Yes, I understand.”The Empress looked at Zian. Her gaze had lost its initial warmth. Instead, she looked at Zian pointedly. “You’ve manipulated the Prince of Liang and tarnished his reputation. I should punish you severely for this, but seeing as you only schemed for your mother’s sake, I’ll be lenient with you. Come, prepare a bowl of safflower. Let her have a dose of it.”Rage rose in Zian’s heart. Her body was already fragile to begin with. She had messed with her own pulse so getting pregnant would be an incredibly difficult feat. If she consumed the bowl of safflower, it would take away the last of her hope to get pregnant.The wife of Murong Jie, the Prince Regent, was a woman who could not get pregnant!What a cruel woman!Although Zian did not care if she could give birth or not, she only cared about staying alive, the Empress’s despotic action had angered her. Nev
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Chapter 10: I Want Revenge
When Zian arrived at the mansion, it was already around eleven to one at night. The mansion gate was locked, and no one was on duty. She sat on the stone steps before her body slumped to the ground. She had exhausted her strength. She was hungry, tired, and in pain. She did not even have the strength to knock on the gates, and she knew even if she did, the gates would not open.As Zian lay on the stone steps, the cold ground on her back, she stared at the night sky. The stars were bright. What a beautiful sight. The universe was vast and held many secrets, but would it spare this life that was struggling with all its might to survive?“Second Lady, the Eldest Lady has returned. She’s outside the gates. Should we open the gates?” A gatekeeper asked softly.“What for? Go to sleep. You’re dismissed from your duty tonight,” Xia Wan’er said with a sneer.The gatekeeper knew the Eldest Lady was powerless. Her status had never been high in the mansion. As a servant, he only needed to obey
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