Chapter 1: The Runaway

Kellisa Nilsson’s POV

I was sitting in the library at my favorite spot of all time, the couch by the window that was good for the sunlight to come through. I was happily reading my favorite book from the American Historical Fiction author, Lorraine Heath. I was giggling when someone was coming into the library.

And it was none other than the King Ludvig of Sweden after all.

I was looking at my father before I was closing the book right now. I know when he came to look after me, it was something important. Why do you ask? Well, it was because I was the only heir of my father’s throne.

“Lisa, cannot you sit properly like a lady? You’re a princess, not an immature woman,” he stated as he was standing with hands in the back as he was looking at me. I was smoothing the gown of my dress as I was putting the book on the chair.

“Sorry, father,” I said as I was bowing at him. You see, it’s not that my father was not affectionate, but he rather not show it. Even with his daughter.

It’s just the way he was after my mother died when I was younger. He did not marry another even the court was asking him to.

He loved my mother that much.

“So, why have you come looking for me, father? Must be very important,” I said as my father was arching his eyebrow at me. I was rolling my eyes before I was looking at him.

“How do you know that I was looking for you to tell you something?” He asked me as I was chuckling.

“Because I’m your daughter. That’s why I know when you were serious and wanted to tell me something as soon as possible if you’re the one that comes looking for me,” I said before I was waiting for my father to drop the newest bomb on me.

Last week it was about my study and tutoring. Not to brag but I have been keeping up with the current world and all. So, I am good.

However, what will he drop to me today, I wondered. Then, my father was clearing his throat as his grey eyes were looking at me.

The eyes of Nilsson.

“I just got an interesting call from my long best friend. And I know that you would not know about this since you were still young but—“

“I know all your friends across the globe, father. Was it the King of Hungary? Or the King of Denmark? Or how about that businessman on green technology instead?” I said before my father was glaring at me. I shut my pie hole before he continued.

“Now that you have come of age at 21 years old. I think it’s time for us to think about the future,” he said as I was turning my head sharply at him.

Wait, was he suggesting…

“Are you telling me that I will—“

“You will be engaged to one of my friend’s grandson. We have agreed. You will be wed in one month,” he said as I was staring at him. I think this is the biggest bomb that he ever dropped on me.

Then, I laughed. Loudly. Snorting actually. Not ladylike. At all.

My father just arched his eyebrow at me as I was coming down from my laughter. Then I saw his face.

“Oh, you’re serious?”

“Do you think I would be joking about all this?” He said as I was looking at him. Then I shook my head. My father nodded before he was leaving the library, to let my mind lingered on the statement that he just told me.

You will be engaged in one of my friend’s grandson. We have agreed. You will be wed in one month

Holy shit! I will be getting married!

I was looking at my father’s retreating figure as my mind was spinning with the idea to get away from this engagement. If he thinks that he would just ship me off to someone that I don’t even know that I will be marrying, I rather put a stake through my heart and die of spinsterhood.

I was pacing back and forth in the library, the novel that I read has been long forgotten. I was sitting on the couch again before I was biting my lower lips.

“Knulla!” I said as I was tapping my foot when I was thinking. It was a habit for me. I know someone would be annoyed with this but I don’t care.

I’m a fucking princess, for Pete’s sake!

I was looking out of the library window when I was thinking of an idea that would get me out of this prison. Then, I was looking up online on the rumor that a certain Finnish princess needed some help. I smiled as an idea was forming inside my head.

“Eureka!” I said as I was looking at the notice that she needed a maid. A ladies’ maid. I don’t think that I would be doing this but I will. And it will be awesome to be a commoner for the first time in my life.

But first, I need some disguise.

I was tapping my chin before I was contacting my friend that I made through my purchase of evening gowns and dresses from Romano’s Reality. I heard that she was a Princess as well though she did not disclaim it.

Nor denied it.

I was calling her before the ring sounded. Then, her sweet voice was coming through the phone.

“Hello?” Christina said as I was smiling from ear to ear.

“Hi, Christina. How are you?” I said as I was listening to her laughter.

“Oh, Hello, Princess Kellisa. What can I do for you today?” She asked me as I was biting my lips.

“Was it for the evening gown or something less formal?” She added before I chuckled.

“I have something else in mind today and it was not about gowns and all that,” I said as Christina was quiet for a while.

“My, that sounds serious. What is it?” She asked me before I was taking a deep breath.

“Well, actually I need help. Of being someone else,” I said before Christina chuckled at me.

“Well, you did not come to the right place but I do know who might help you,” she said as I was looking at Stockholm, capital city of my home country.

This should be fun then.


I was packing up everything after one week of that call. I was looking at the new passport that I have purchased, off from my expenses of course. I was happy that I will be embarking on this journey that my father did not know. I was happy before I was smiling at myself.

I was pairing up a black blouse with a tight legging. I will be going to the airport and get out of this stupid country as well.

I also have hidden my hair so that I will not be recognized when I was out. I was smiling before I was looking down my balcony. It was 3 stories high but I think I can manage.

After all, I did go to the school that was run by monks to protect ourselves, to be warriors.

I was hooking the hook to the side of the pillar before I was descending from my bedroom. I was looking at the ground as I know that the guards will not be doing some checkup for another 25 minutes.

I was looking around before I was sneaking in the shadows. I was smirking as I was getting through the security of my castle before I was out in the streets. I was happy to know that I will be out of this home country where I was known as their princess to the unknown world of possiblities.

To be a nobody.

I was sighing before I was stepping forward, to my new beginning. Only this time, a man will change everything and I don’t think I see that coming and prepared for it. Oh well, I guess life is an unexpected journey after all.

Tyler Virtanen’s POV

I blinked at my grandpa as he was talking in riddles. I think I should ask him again what he just said. I think I was hearing it wrong.

“Wait, did you say that I will be going to participate in the Husband Hunt that was sponsored by the royalty of Finland? Is that correct?” I said as Levine Virtanen, the ruthless businessman in the business world and the director of Virtanen’s empire was sitting on his throne in his study room right now, nodded at me.

“That’s right, Tyler. You will compete in the Husband Hunt or your inheritance will be freeze,” he said as I was scoffing at him.

“You’re joking,”

“Why don’t you try and find out if I was joking or not. If you did not participate in the competition, I will make sure that your luxurious life will end tonight but if you comply, there will be a reward, even if you did not win,” he said as I was thinking my option.

Yup, I will go with the safe option.

“What will I get if I win the princess after all? You don’t know my charms, grandpa,” I said as Levine was smirking at me.

“I would like to see that you win her then,” he said as he was dismissing me to get ready for the competition. I was walking out of his study before I was looking back at the door of my grandpa’s study.

“I will show him that I can do it on my own,” I mumbled as I was determined to get the trophy of the competition, Princess Katherine Abigail Remes, even I don’t intend to marry her. I mean, she was like 4 years older than me, I think.

I stepped forward with a new determination to get the Finnish Princess, but instead, I found something else in this journey.

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