Chapter 3: The Choosing

Kellisa Nilsson’s POV

I was looking at the application that wanted to play as the Finnish Princess for this Husband Hunt that I was helping out as well. Princess Katherine Abigail Remes, the other princess that was not married yet when her sister, Princess Kathleen Aurora Remes, was married to one of the Virtanen’s grandsons.

How come I know all this? Well, I was following up on all the gossips that were circulating my new employer like a moth to a flame. I cannot help but feel sorry for her. And that night when she was coming home soaking wet from the rain, my heart was broken to see her like that.

And so, I made it my mission to ease her burden with tabloids and gossips.

That is why we were planning to let someone else play with the Finnish Princess role whilst Kate will be judging from the eyes of a commoner, to find a man that was not looking at her with power and wealth.

But simply for who she was.

That is why we were doing this audition for the role. I was looking at the woman that was on the stage before I was whispering to Kate, who was enjoying her tea right now.

“What about this one, Kate?” I said as Kate was looking at the woman in front of us. I can see that she was nervous but she was overcoming that.

“Hmm,” Kate said as she was tapping her chin. I was biting my inner cheeks to pray that this was the woman for her role. Then, Kate spoke.

“She’s the one,” she said as I was releasing the breath that I was holding it in my breath. I ushered the imposter to another room as Kate was looking at the night sky. It will be a great cover for us to have this masquerade ball later on. Then I went back into Kate’s room.

“My lady?” I asked her before Kate was returning her uncanny maroon eyes before she sighed at me.

“You are excused,” she said as she was walking to her room. I wanted to help her out of her dress. That seems like a lot of work.

“Who will help you getting undress?” I asked before Kate turned to look at me as she was in the room.

“Have a rest, Kelly. Good night,” she said before she was closing the door. I was arching my eyebrows before I was shaking my head. Well, if she doesn’t want me, what could I do in my spare time? 

I know, I would just wander around then.


The next day, I was helping out Kate to put up with her appearance before I was looking at the time. I sighed. Time to get this disguise to work.

“My lady, it’s time,” I said as I was holding the door for Kate. She sighed before she was looking determined than ever.

“Let’s go,” she said as I closed the door after I slid inside her. The driver was speeding off from the castle as we were heading to the hostel where the contest will be taking place.

After an hour and a half drive, we have arrived at the hostel. Kate was instructing me to look after a person that was laying down in the hostel. I did not ask much as I was only her lady’s maid and I was merely nodding at her.

I went to the assigned room for the person that she was asking me to look after as I was entering the room. I can see why she was asking me to do so on her behalf. He was a foreigner and he was grunting in his sleep before he was opening his eyes.

It was caramel.

He blinked a few times as the sunlight was streaming inside the room as he was trying to adjust his retina, I guess.

“Ah, you’re awake,” I said as I was looking at the flustered man that was gripping the satin sheets. I can see the outline of his body underneath it but I was not having any reaction to it. He was not my type anyway. He scowled at me as I was looking at him.

“Are you okay to move around? Kate said that you need to rest and not allowed to move around. The doctor issued that you should rest for the whole day,” I said as I was moving to pour some water for him. Then, I handed the glass to him as he took it and thanked me. He emptied it in seconds.

“Well, you’re thirsty,” I commented before I refilled it and he emptied it in record time. After that, he asked me about something.

“Where’s my backpack?” He asked as I was picking some of the dirty clothes that were laying around in the room.

“Your backpack was being cleaned up. I must say the content has seen better days,” I said before I went to leave the room.

“Can’t I have something to wear?” He shouted before I turned and smiled at him. I think I will have Kate handle him from now on.

“Kate will be with you in a minute,” I said before I was leaving him alone, naked in bed. I think Kate will thank me later. I went to put the laundry in the washing machine before I went to Kate’s room. She was putting on her usual disguise before she turned to look at me.

“How was he?” She asked me as I was bowing to her. I know I should not since we’re the same social status but not everyone knows who I was. So, I have to pretend that I was a commoner.

That’s my wish anyway, thanks to Alicia and Christina.

“He has woken up, Your Royal Highness,”

“Good, and did he asked for me?” 

“No, but I told him that you will be with him in a minute,” I said as I was helping with Kate’s disguise. It was a simple servant look.

“Hmm, now that you said it like that. I might as well carry out the test with him,” she said as I was arching my eyebrow at her before I was smoothing my mistress’ hair.

“My lady, I don’t think that would be wise. He was still injured,” I said as Kate was pulling the pin to keep her hair in an updo. She glanced at me with a mischievous smile on her lips.

“Nonsense, if he knows better, he will stop,” she said as she was fingering her hair. I was looking at her with concern.

I just hope that man will survive whatever test that Kate has for him.


After a few moments later, I was outside the room that Kate was putting her contestant to a test. I was listening to their gasps and moaned before Kate was out of the room. She nodded at me before I was getting inside the room.

I went to put some clothes that were clean for the young man to wear. I was looking at him and his distraught state. Then, I spoke to him.

“You may leave after you change. Take care and Kate wished you well,” I said as I was bowing at him. Then, I left him alone, with the thoughts that might be haunting him as Kate was giving the ultimate test for him.

I went back to the room that Kate was occupying and to my shock, she was crying as I was helping her out of her dress that she used to seduce that young man earlier. I was listening to her sobs and tears were streaming down her face. Kate sighed before she was looking at me. I smiled weakly as I saw Kate smiled at me.

“Don’t worry, my lady. There will be more fish in the sea,” I said before Kate nodded. Then, I heard something that was coming at the door. I turned to look at it before I was whispering to Kate.

“My lady,” I whispered to her before she replied to me.

“What, Kelly?” She asked before she was looking in the same direction as me. It was that same young man before he was asking to speak alone with my master. I stiffened up before Kate assured me that I can leave him alone with her. I bowed to her as I was leaving the room. I don’t think I would let him out of my sight again.

Not after what he did to Kate.

I was listening to their conversation while I was outside the room and I was waiting for the young man to leave. Then he did as I was coming into the room again as I was looking at Kate. She was smiling.

“I cannot believe you trust him, my lady. He might be after your fortune, for God's sake,” I said as I was combing her hair when that young man was interrupting us. Kate giggled.

“You heard what he said. He would love to send me a letter through Kate and I will accept it,” she said as she was putting some lotion. I arched my eyebrow at her.

“I don’t know, my lady,”

“Kelly, please. I know how to make this devious plan of mine worked and it has been working quite well to eliminate the gentlemen with bad personality and intention. I tell you, he is one of the good guys,” she said as I was thinking about the names that will be his roommates for this duration of the competition.

“And you pair him with two other goons that you said good guys as well,”

“It might help him to be a better guy,”

“Perhaps, my lady, perhaps,” I said as Kate was smiling like an idiot. Not that she was but I think she was falling in love with this goon named Leonardo Ricci.

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