Chapter 5: The Maid

Tyler Virtanen’s POV

I was the first one to get up as I was taking a shower before Eddy was getting up as well. But Leo, he was still asleep in his bed. I was sipping on the tea that we can make inside the room before Leo was groaning in his bed. Then, he was waking up from the bed.

“Well, someone did sleep well last night,” I said as he was taking his towel before he went to the shower. Leo disappeared into the bathroom before someone was knocking on the door. I went to open the door as Eddy was listening to the music on his headphone. I hardly think that he would hear anything.

“Hello, may I help you?” I asked as the pretty woman was in front of us. Her hair was black and her eyes…well, it was a rare color.


“Yes, I wanted to give Leo his clothes. Is he here?” she asked me as I was opening the door a little bit wider for her to come inside the room. The maid was looking around before I heard the shower was still running.

“Leo’s in the shower. You’re welcome to stay,” I said as the maid was nodding at me. I went to pick a cup and poured some tea.


“That won’t be necessary, thank you,” she said before the water stopped. I was turning to look at the maid again before my mind was returning to the fiery hair maid that I met when I first got here.

“Did you know that Leo was sneaking around last night?” I broke the ice with the maid before she was looking at me.

“He did?”

“Yes, he was looking around the hallway and I think I saw someone that was running in the shadow,” I said as I was looking at the maid. She was the right size for the shadow last night.

“I supposed it was not you, isn’t it?” I asked her before the maid laughed at me.

“What’s your name, my lord?” She asked me as I was arching my eyebrow at her. No one ever called me that before.

“Please, call me Tyler,” I replied before I was sipping on my tea.

“Then, you can call me Kate,” she said as the bathroom door was opening as I was asking some questions to Kate to get to know her better.

Or maybe someone else.

“So, you’ve been here long, sweetheart?” I asked as Kate was looking at me. She eyed me up and down as I saw in my peripheral view that Leo was looking at her. 

I see.

Then, she smiled at me before asked a question, “Why do you ask?”

“Just curious. Aren’t you the one that called after that maid…what was her name again?” I said as I was tapping my chin with my finger. Then Kate answered it for me.


“Yes, Kelly. Have you seen her around or was she not available right now?” I said as Leo was clearing his throat. He was not comfortable with this exchange between me and Kate. I smirked inwardly as I uncovered his secret.

Such a possessive man.

Kate then turned to look at Leo before her eyes bulged. Leo frowned before Kate greeted him.

“Leo, good morning. I brought some clothes for you,” Kate said as I was noticing the change in her breathing as she was approaching Leo. Leo smirked as he just noticed that he was half-naked.

Damn sadist!

“Here are your clean clothes. I hope it will fit you,” Kate said before Leo was taking his clothes and their hands touched a little. Kate yelped.

“Are you okay?” I asked her as she turned to look at me briefly.

“Yeah, super. I’m going to leave now. I need to prepare for some breakfast buffet for you guys later on,” she said as she was moving toward the door before she was looking at Eddy and then me before she settled her eyes on Leo. It was longer than usual before she slammed the door. We all winced.

“Woah. Who got into her bed and woke her up from her sleep?” I said before I was getting ready for breakfast. Eddy did the same as well as Leo. Leo smiled at me before we were out of the room and went to the dining hall for breakfast.

That’s good because I was famished right now.

“Well, it seems that most people beat us to a good breakfast,” I said as I was eyeing the buffet that was in front of us right now. Eddy grunted when we’re late to the dining hall before Leo spoke up.

“Better beat to it then,” he said as we were making our way to the buffet. Then, Leo was talking to an old man that was interested in him for some reason.


I nudged Eddy as he was looking at me before I was pointing at the pair. Eddy was shrugging at me before we were going to the table to eat our food in peace. Later on, Leo was joining us.

“Who was it?” I asked him as I was scooping some food into my mouth. Leo turned to look at me before he was looking at the old man again. He was not here anymore. Then, he shrugged. I let it go as I don’t want to dwell on that matter any longer.

Or I just don’t want to be a birdie.

“This is delicious! I cannot believe that I never tasted this before,” I said as Leo chuckled and Eddy was shaking his head at me. Then, Leo was scanning the area.

“Looking for someone?” I asked Leo as I was nudging his elbow. He turned to look at me.


“I see the way you look at the servant that came into our room this morning. Is that the person that you went to meet last night? You sly dog!” I said before I was patting his shoulder. Then, I just realized that my voice was louder than usual. We gained some curious glare from other contestants.

“Shh! Keep it down, will ya? I have not been meeting her. We just…talked,” Leo said before I replied to him.

“Right. Just talked,” I said before I was smirking at Leo as he was arching his eyebrow at me. “You know, you could get her to like you,”

“Well, you see. Women are easy to please but you need to have the right tool to get them under your fingers. And then, bam! They’re yours to command.” I said before Leo was chuckling at my statement. What? Was I wrong?

“I think you and I have a very different perspective on a woman’s mind,” Leo stated after he chuckled at me.

“I tell you. If they think you love them, they will follow you to the end of the world,” I added before an announcement was going on. I was listening to it before I was not giving a shit about it.

“Presenting His Royal Highness, King Aaron Remes and Her Royal Highness, Princess Katherine,” the announcer said before the King spoke as I was looking at the food.

“Greetings, suitors. As you all well know, congratulation on advancing for the next test of this contest. I hear so much about you and my daughter, Katherine, is happy to know that one of you will be her husband in one month,” the king stated before I was rolling my eyes as I was sipping on the water. 

I am thirsty!

“As I said, for the congratulation of your advances, you may have a formal dinner and a masquerade ball tonight. It will be my pleasure to ensure that you guys will be equipped with all the necessary things for the ball. Also, you will have a chance to dance with Princess Katherine to know her better,” the king stated before the commotion was going on around the ballroom.

But one conversation was catching my ears.

“I see that you don’t like the prospect of dining and dancing tonight,” a feminine voice that was coming from this morning was greeting Leo.



Then, there was silence. I was waiting for them to say something but they were staring at each other as I was looking at them briefly. I rolled my eyes.

Young love.

Then, I coughed up to make sure that they don’t stare too long at each other. That would be too much for them as well as us. I can see that Eddy was uncomfortable now. Leo turned to look at us before I was smirking at him and Eddy was sipping on his coffee.

“Hi, you guys must be Leo’s new roommates,” Kate said as I was looking at her.

“Yes, you’re the servant that came to send for Leo’s clothes. Daresay, why would you do that?” I asked her before Kate smiled. Well, this is very interesting indeed.

“Well, his backpack was torn and the clothes were dirty because some thugs were harassing Leo. But not to worry, the clothes will be delivered to him as soon as possible,” Kate said before Leo scowled.

“I thought you take care of it,” Leo said.

“Yes, but it was not ready yet. There are so many royalty clothes that need to be washed and pressed,” Kate replied before she was rolling her eyes. I can see that Leo was getting on Kate’s nerves.

I wondered why.

“Anyway, what do you think about the ball and dinner tonight? Pretty excited, huh?” She asked as Eddy shrugged before I was smirking at her.

“Will you be there, pretty?” I asked before I saw that Leo was trying to control his anger right now. I can see that he hated it when I was flirting with Kate. Talking about being possessive!

“Well, I don’t know if I can make it but I’m sure the princess will let us go to the party for enjoyment,” Kate said before she was looking at Leo. He scoffed before he was sipping his coffee. Then, he spoke.

“Will you dance with me?” I asked, just tasting the water of Leo’s jealousy.

“Of course,” Kate replied before Leo was smashing his mug on the table. We all turned to look at him before he was standing up from the seat. His face was red as a tomato. I smirked inwardly. This should be fun.

“Sorry, it seems that I have lost my appetite,” Leo said before he was moving from our table to get out of the dining room. Then, Kate excused herself to go after Leo. I was smirking before Eddy was looking at me.

“What?” I asked him as he sighed before he was shaking his head.

“The karma will get to you one day for being such a jerk,” he said as I was smirking. I was leaning against the chair before I was arching my eyebrow at Eddy.

“So what? As if I have something that I might lose from coming here. I don’t even intend to win this stupid contest,” I said before Eddy was arching his eyebrow at me.

“As you wish, Virtanen,” he mumbled before Eddy was getting up to leave the table as well. I was arching my eyebrows before I was looking at Eddy’s retreating figure.

Whatever, I don’t think it would matter anyway.

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