Chapter 6: The Ball

Tyler Virtanen’s POV

Before the ball tonight, we have to sit for a test. I don’t fucking know why they wanted to test us on the history of Finland but I guess I did fine. I mean, it would be a shame if I was not getting all my history facts right in the exam.

I am a Finnish man after all. My grandpa would flip me if I failed.

I sighed before I was looking at Eddy and Leo right after the test. I smiled before I was asking them.

“So, how do you do?” I said before Eddy shrugged. I don’t think that Eddy would be telling me anything but at least when he has his beer, it would be wonderful that he even talked to us. With extra, juicy details as well.

No questions asked.

“Eh, not bad,” Leo replied as I was walking side by side with him. Then he asked me, “How about you?”

“Eh, I just wrote what I know. And I don’t think it would matter anyway,” I said before Leo was arching his eyebrow at me.

“Why not?” He asked me as I was shrugging. Then, I remembered what my grandfather told me when I was asked to enter this contest.

“My grandfather had already arranged for someone to marry me. I just found out after the test. I may not be marrying the princess but some poor lady that was not my choice, all because my grandfather told me so,” I said before I was sighing. I looked at the ceiling with my eyes closed.

How wonderful if I could just get out of here and not be under his control anymore. 

Leo clapped my back as an encouragement.

“Well, at least tonight you will be having some fun,” he said as we went to the room and I think we hit the sack. We were pretty much blacked out after that.

Later that evening, we took turns to have a shower, and then, some suits were delivered to us. I was arching my eyebrow as they thought of everything.

Was it my grandpa’s idea? Probably.

Will I tell the others? Nope.

I got the one that was a red tie and a red mask. I think I might personify the devil in disguise tonight. I smirked as I was thinking about the person that I might seduce.

Maybe I would see Kelly tonight if I was lucky enough.

We put on the clothes as I was looking at my other roommates. They were happy before I was smiling at them all. I was ready to put on my red mask before I spoke up to them, Leo and Eddy.

“So, are you ready to dance with the ballerinas?” I said as Leo was surprised by that statement. I thought he did hear the news that there will be ballerinas that were from the Royal Academy of Arts coming to the ball as well.

“Sorry, what did you just say?”

“Don’t you know? There will be women around us tonight and I think they will be fine. Besides, the ballerinas of the Royal Academy of Arts have the fanciest ballerinas in the world. I hope I can land one tonight,” I said before Leo scoffed at me. I think I know why.

His mind was only on that maid that has been popping around lately. I wondered who she was. She was not a maid in real life, that’s for sure.

“It’s not like the rules stated that we need to celibate for one month,” I said as I was thinking that I might get laid tonight.

“But it was the right thing to do,” Leo and his principle. If I have to say one thing about him, he was a traditionalist.

Whereas I am not.

Not that I have lost my virginity or anything but I have learned a few things from the woman that took interest in me. I was eager to learn as well when they showed me how to please them with my tongue and mouth.

But never with my cock. So I wonder who would my first tonight.

I accessed Leo from head to toe before I was smirking at him. Then, he asked me, “What?”

I shook my head before I replied, “Nothing,”

But Leo was not having it.

“Okay, I know this is stupid but nothing always means something. So spill it,” he demanded before I was laughing at his outburst. God, he is a virgin!

“You’ve never bedded a woman before, did you?” I asked as Leo was looking at me. I think he blushed if he did not adorn the mask yet but I can see the tip of his ears were pink right now in the dim lighting.

“Whatever. I better find my date for tonight,” he said before he was getting away from me. I just have to tease him a little bit more, “You’re a virgin, aren’t you?” I said as Leo was disappearing from me. 

I was looking around before I was getting some refreshments as well as my prey for the night. I don’t think that I would be laughing at Leo for being a virgin. Heck, I am one as well. But not everyone knows that.

Everyone knows that Tyler Virtanen was the black sheep of the Virtanen clan.

I was taking a sip of my champagne as I heard that the noise was quiet down before the princess, in all her yellow dress was coming inside the room. I was looking around before I was sipping on the wine again.

I think I might go out for some fresh air.

And so, I went out to find some peace, and fresh air, from all the glistening gowns and jewels of the ball.


I realized that I have nothing to change for my future has been set up by my grandpa Levine. I sighed as I was drinking my champagne away in the garden of the hostel. Not many people know about this garden, I just know its existence when I stumbled across some doors and bam, I was in the garden.

I know the inevitable will be here. This month will be the last month of my freedom as I was looking at the sight of the moon. It was gorgeous tonight as I was raising my champagne bottle and cheered for my unlucky fate.

“Cheers to people that could not control their fates,” I said as I took a swig before someone was cursing behind me. I turned to look at me and it was the girl from the other day. The one that gave me my envelope.

“Hey! Look who’s here!” I slurred as I took another swig before the fiery girl was looking at me in disgust. 

“Don’t you have anything else to do?” She said as I was smiling at her. She scoffed at me before she crossed her arms at me. I held out my hand—the one that held the champagne—and handed it to her.

“No, thank you. I don’t drink,”

“But why? You missed out the fun,”

“If you mean fun by being drunk, then I would rather drink some juice,” she said in detest as I was looking at her face in the dim light. Her hair was fiery red and I itched to run across my finger before my cock swelled at the thought of looking somewhere else to see it the curtains matched the drapes.

“Why are you staring at me? Stop that. It’s rude to stare,” she hissed at me. I arched my eyebrow at her.

“Was it? I don’t remember it in the rule book. But I was not the one for following the rules anyway. That was for Kai to do. Not me,” I said as I was smiling at the thought of my older brother who was happily married.

No thanks to my grandpa.

“Oh, you have a brother?” She asked me. I drew my eyebrows together.

“What makes you think I don’t have one?” I asked as I was curious to hear her answer. She scoffed before she crossed her arms under her bosoms. I blinked a few times as I stared at it.

“Stop staring you moron!” She hissed at me. I smiled as I can make her react other than being cool and collected.

“I was not staring. I merely appreciated what was in front of me. And that is you, love,” I slurred as I was getting off from the fence that I sat on. I was walking toward the girl that was standing near me.

“What are you doing?” Alarm in her voice as she was looking for an escape. I chuckled as I was striding at her with purpose now. I was only pretending that I was drunk. I have a high tolerance for alcohol but she did not know that.

“Wha are you doing? Stay back, moron,” she said as she was stepping back from my strides. Panic was in her eyes as she hit the gate and I was putting my hands on both of her head. She flinched before I was breathing hard. Her strawberry scent was intoxicating.

“I have been waiting to do this when I first saw you,” I whispered as she was staring at me, confusion in her eyes.

“What?” She asked. I smirked before I drew my hand on her nape as I was pushing her head toward me.

“This,” and with that, I did what I have wanted to do when I saw her fiery red hair. I kissed her on her soft lips.

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