The Thing About Love

The Thing About Love

By:  Bea Yavala  Updated just now
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Emilia Asher has been working as a personal assistant to Sebastian Crest, and the Crest Family for almost four years. During that time they have begun to trust, respect, and treat her as one of them. Especially Robert Crest, Sebastian's Father who is especially fond of her. Sebastian isn't exactly hostile toward her but it's evident he is mildly annoyed by her. They are constantly at loggerheads with one another, but can't ignore the fierce attraction they feel towards each other. When Sebastian's Father, Robert Crest suddenly dies of a stroke, he penned in his will that Sebastian marry Emilia or else his inheritance will be handed to his cunning cousin, Micheal. Emilia is distressed because her carefully crafted facade starts to crack as old ghosts that she would prefer we're hidden are cruelly exposed. Will the Crests approve her marriage to Sebastian who assumes she has a hidden agenda? Will Sebastian prove to be the man she has always dreamed he is and help her slay her demons?

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Love the story must read...️...️
2023-11-30 09:11:14
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Emily navigated her way through the crowded sidewalk. She stopped to catch her breath as she inhaled the sweet smell of food emitting from the food trucks by the side of the streets. A ghost of breeze blew right through her curly, dark short-length hair as she half sprinted and half walked through the crowd, still keeping her eyes on the silver car. Her silver shiny stilettos clicked on the pavement. The silver gown she wore wasn't making the situation any easier. The slit that ran up to her thigh spread out as she brusquely walked towards the massive skyscraper building. Her feet hurt each time she ran. The tears that were starting to form in her eyes marred her vision. She couldn't believe Felix Jones had finally shown himself to her. Could it be that her eyes were tricking her? Surely she hadn't imagined him, she saw him right behind the last guest she ushered into the hall. He climbed into his car and zoomed right off. Why was he back after 2 years? She didn't care to know now, t
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CHAPTER Two Sebastian Crest, the 32-year-old head controller of the great and vast Crest Publishing empire, is also called Seb by close friends and family. Sebastian has been Emily's boss for 3 years, they have an unspoken understanding of hatred for each other. Sebastian has an aura of unruliness, with a cool, dark, lean sophisticated sexy look that makes every female he crosses paths with, worships the ground he walks on. He commands a room whenever he walks in. The first encounter Emily had with Sebastian, a chill quiver surged through her body, he was an enigma, The coldness emitting from him scared the hell out of her. Nevertheless, his eyes held an eternity of mysterious depths that made her curious at the same time. Every time Emily allowed herself to think about him she found him intriguing, but stopped herself every time. She had sworn to be rid of men, especially, men like Sebastian Crest, whom women often flock after. Sebastian hated Emily the moment his Father, Robert C
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CHAPTER THREE Emily tried hard not to gasp at the shocking sight in front of her. She tried to exhale through her mouth to calm her nerves. She plastered a false smile on her lips. "Sophia!" she chirped, well aware that she was being overly cheery because of her nerves. Sofia frowned. While Felix had a sinister smirk on his face, clearly enjoying how flustered she was. "What is wrong with you, Emy? You seem…jumpy." Sofia pointed out. "I'm just tired, but I'll be fine soon." Emily managed a wobbly smile. "Come on now, your parents are waiting…" she started as she turned to leave. "Oh wait!" Sophia interrupted her mid-sentence. Emily shut her eyes and turned to face the perfect-looking couple. Emily hated to think they could be a couple. But it looked like they were. Felix has a red handkerchief on his left breast, matching Sofia's bright red dinner gown with a plunging neckline. She had sparkling diamond earrings and an equally thin sparkling necklace situated between her breasts
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Chapter Four Everything was a blur after Micheal interrupted them with the news of Robert's collapse. Emily and the rest of the family stood around Robert Crest's bed in a private room in the hospital at about 2 a.m. His wife clutched his hand and sat beside him with a sullen expression, Sofia was also holding his hand, looking pale as if she too was going to pass out anytime, Emily stood at the foot of the bed nervously rubbing her arm. While Sebastian and Theo, Sebastian's best friend, are in the other corner of the room. Sebastian's countenance is rigid and his face stoic. However, Micheal was nowhere to be seen the minute they arrived at the hospital. The room was covered in a blanket of calmness, except for the silent sniff emitting from Sofia. Robert's eyes flicked open, and everybody rushed to his side as if to relieve him of some pain he was feeling. "You should see your faces all worried about me," he joked and attempted to laugh but winced in pain. "Robert!" Celine warn
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CHAPTER FIVE"I called Mother. " Emma stated. She swallowed thickly. Emma was standing at the foot of the stairs in the wide living room beside the peeling peach-colored couch. Emily turned around with a cold expression."What did you call her Emma?""She could help! And she will, we need the money…""No, you need the money. Call her and tell her I - no, we don't want it, do it right now while I'm being rational!" She turned towards her room."I can't." "Emma!" Emily warned as she approached her sister, who confidently met her in the middle of the room."They're giving us six months to pay or pack up Emmy." Emily froze, she turned white as a sheet. "W-what? But we still have…""No, we don't have time, we have to let Mother help us. Please." "Don't you dare Emma, I'm warning you." She gritted out. Emma stomped her foot in agitation. "Of course, let's all die because of your stupid pride!""Shut it and go clean yourself up," Emily commanded. She also turned and headed for her room o
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Emily's heart rate sped up rapidly with each heavy step she took toward the black heavy automatic gates that open wide, inviting them into reality. The large house shone from where she stood, yellowish golden lights emitting from the window of each room in the mansion. Everything appeared peaceful. As Sebastian and Theo hurried past her into the house, she tagged quietly behind, terrified of what awaited them behind the iron, golden-colored large doors.Emily has felt this pang of panic before unless it wasn't in a setting like this. No. It was in a morgue, where she walked but her feet sank further into invisible quicksand that gripped her feet each time she tried to take a step towards what was behind the door. But she shook herself out of her reverie, this was not the same, what happened years ago couldn't possibly be happening - not to Robert, not to one of the kindest free-spirited people she has ever known. Immediately she entered through the doors, her breath caught in her t
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Emily hurried through the glass hospital doors, past the busy lobby flooding with people, patients, and nurses walking lazily up and around the hospital. Some patients were being wheeled around on wheelchairs, some could barely walk but were managing, while some were supported by impatient nurses who threw a glare and raised their voices at them once every few seconds. Emily's heart thumped faster at the scene as she briskly hurried after Sam, who came to her rescue after the spectacle Sophia caused in the house and stole her car. She noticed Sam was leading her straight to the VIP hallway, Emily soon realized she wasn't being led to the morgue, so she immediately straightened her spine and prepared her mind for Sebastian's temper and how to thaw it. She clutched her iPad that she had managed to grab on her way here, just in case she needed a counter plan, she decided she would call Holly. Sam swiped the card key and the wooden door slid open, he entered but she stopped short. She
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Black. Grey. Black. These were the only shades scattered across the Crest Mansion backyard.After the downpour, the only activity the guest could engage in was to come out onto the carpeted backyard of the Crest Mansion, which stood on top of the rocky outcrop with a magnificent view of the estates below. It never fails to take your breath away. Emily was assisting the house helps in dishing out drinks to the guests scattered about in twos, some were huddled in groups, while some walked around in expensive stilettos on the carpeted ground, each one of them decked out in their best outlandish 'costumes' as Emma will call it, whispering to one another in whispers so loud Emily wanted to ask if they didn't knew that she could hear them. Emily wondered if it was even right to wear such expensive shoes and classic ties to a funeral when the dead were, well…too dead to notice. She handed champagne to one of the guests who then asked why she wasn't given the famous muffin. Emily couldn't he
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Once upon a time, Emily thought she'd be thrilled to be in the audience when Sebastian Crest would experience a trickle of pain just as she had endured pains inflicted by him in the past years. But as she sat frozen in her seated position watching Sebastian sit in the corner like a wounded puppy licking his wounds, she felt a strange emotion of pity. The door startled her out of her reverie and Theo rushed to Sebastian's side, panic roused his features. "Emmy, could you please…""Of- of course." Frazzled, she nods rapidly. She stood on jelly legs and headed for the door."Seb, buddy, let's get you some meds alright?" Theo's timbre voice coaxed. As if he was speaking to a child.She silently walks through the quiet hallway, down the stairs into the now empty living room. It was as if a dark and gloomy cloud hung above the house now that all the guests had dispatched, this is when you feel the loneliest. Emily rubbed her arms as if feeling the loneliness on her skin, she also wants t
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All eyes were fixed on Emily as if she was a spectacle or some newly discovered specimen. "What, I…are you sure it's me?" she stuttered with a nervous laugh. "As sure as I am about my next meal." Mr. Morris replied, an amused smile playing on his lips. "But, I'm… I'm just not sure this is right. I'm not part of the family.""Her?" Micheal pointed out with his thumb. "Really?" he scoffed. "Look who's talking" Sophia mumbled absentmindedly, her head bent as she scrolled through her phone."Are you talking to me?" Michael asked with an edge in his tone. "Leave her alone Micheal," Sebastian warned."Everyone, let's settle down," Celine ordered. "Explain yourself Mr Kudi." Sebastian urged. "First, let's sit." Mr. Morris suggested as he stood from where he sat on the couch and headed for the long conference table corner. Everyone followed suit. Theo sat between Micheal and Sebastian, while Sophia sat beside Theo and Emily sat beside Celine while Mr Morris sat at the far end. "A
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