Chapter 34: More secrets revealed!

Tiffany's enraged words cut through the room like a sharpened blade, her anger surging to new and frightening heights. The very air seemed charged with tension as her fury lashed out at Elena,

"You dare to utter such slander to Mom, Elena!" Tiffany seethes, her eyes blazing with anger, "You traitor! After all the love and care Mom has showered upon you, how could you possibly stab her in the back? You don't belong in this family, you wretched orphan. Go be with your dead parents!" Her words were like venomous snakes, poised to strike.

Elena's heart had always carried the weight of her past, the knowledge that she was adopted after her parents tragically perished in a car accident when she was just a few days old. Charlotte, ever the compassionate soul, like she painted herself to be, had taken her in and officially adopted her into the family. At least, that's what she had told Leo.

But Elena's childhood had been far from idyllic. She had yearned for the love and acceptance of a mothe

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