Chapter 37: Betrayal and deceit!

Upon beholding the shimmering force field that had materialized before them, Tiffany and Elena found themselves utterly flabbergasted. However, it was Tiffany who bore the brunt of the shock when she espied her mother sprawled upon the ground, blood spilling from her in a horrifying cascade, thus instigating a frantic turmoil within her.

In a frenzied rush, Tiffany rushes toward her fallen mother, her trembling hands grappling with the handcuffs that ensnared her. Meanwhile, Elena, swift as a shadowy specter, unleashed a deft and precise blow to Tiffany's temple, plunging her into a sudden abyss of unconsciousness.

Amidst this chaotic tableau, torrents of anguish flows from Elena's eyes as she flung herself into her father's arms, embracing him tightly. Leo, initially taken aback by the unforeseen surge of emotions, offered consoling pats upon her quaking shoulders. In a trembling voice, he posed the haunting question, "What transpired here?"

And then, with a heartbreaking fervor, Ele
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