You Are Brighter than the Sun

You Are Brighter than the Sun

By:  Liang Chen   Completed
Language: English
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She randomly grabbed a man off the streets after finding out her step-mother had been plotting to marry her off to a forty-year-old man. "Do you want to marry me?" Jin Liyuan's girlfriend had just stood him up, so his lips curved into a small smile as he said, "Sure. I just happen to have my household registration booklet with me. Let's go register our marriage." This was how 23-year-old Yin Xiaoxiao ended up in a whirlwind marriage with a man who she had only met twice.

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382 Chapters
Chapter 1 Two Sisters Fighting Over a Man
T City. The second young lady of the Yin family was holding an open-air birthday party at the Tridecember Hotel but the air crackled with tension and it seemed like a fight was about to break out at any moment."Sis, how could you do this to me when I am your sister?" Yin Ruoyun was a picture of distress as she stared at Yin Xiaoxiao. Tears brimmed in her beautiful eyes and she struggled to hold them back. Her struggle to hold back her tears only made everyone else sympathize with her even more. "I know we're never close and you never liked me, so I didn't dare to speak to you often. But this doesn't mean that I don't love you! After all, you are my biological sister!"The lovely woman who stood in front of Yin Ruoyun looked young, and her beautiful make-up couldn't hide the fact that her face had turned pale. Her arms hung limply at her sides and even though her fingers had curled into fists; she couldn't stop trembling.Yin Ruoyun stumbled toward her and grabbed Yin Xiaoxiao's arm
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Chapter 2 She Has Loose Morals and Is of Poor Conduct
Yin Xiaoxiao's cheeks burned and she was overwhelmed with a sudden urge to cry.She was shaking uncontrollably and her hair hung loosely, covering half her face. Nonetheless, she was still intent on hearing Xiang Chen's answer. She turned around and there was still a sliver of hope in her eyes as she asked, "Tell me, who is your girlfriend?""Yin Xiaoxiao! No matter what, you are still the eldest daughter of the Yin family. I know you aren't fond of me but this is your sister's birthday party and this is also the first time she is introducing Xiang Chen as her boyfriend in public. Must you embarrass everyone in this manner?" Li Meng, Yin Xiaoxiao's stepmother, said. She trembled with rage, as though she found it hard to stand after the blow Yin Xiaoxiao had dealt to their image. "Xiaoxiao, let's speak later at home. Don't ruin your reputation along with your sister's!"Yin Ruoyun immediately ran over to her mother and put an arm around her to steady her. She pleaded on behalf of her
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Chapter 3 Call off Your Engagement to Yin Ruoyun
Yin Xiaoxiao finally realized what was happening and pulled herself out of the man's grip. She looked at him warily and said, "Thanks, Uncle Zhang. You should head back to the party."Yin Xiaoxiao was about to head into the private room to rest when Uncle Zhang, who had been a frequent visitor at the Yin family home recently, suddenly smiled. As he smiled, she could see the flesh of his chubby face jiggling and the sight of it made her stomach turn.Manager Zhang looked at Yin Xiaoxiao and had to admit that the eldest daughter of the Yin family was a stunning beauty. Out of the four Yin siblings, Yin Xiaoxiao was the fairest of them all. Her features were softer and more charming than those of her siblings and she would have been considered the kind of beauty who could lead to the downfall of men in ancient times."Xiaoxiao, you should stop addressing me as Uncle Zhang. I'm not that much older than you, so why don't you address me as 'Brother'?" Manager Zhang marveled at her beauty
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Chapter 4 Scheming Bitch and Heartless Bastard
Xiang Chen was surprised by Yin Ruoyun's sudden appearance and he immediately let go of Yin Xiaoxiao. He turned to face Yin Ruoyun with a slightly sheepish look.Yin Ruoyun tamped down her disgruntlement and looped her arm through Xiang Chen's. She practically plastered herself next to him and shot Yin Xiaoxiao a wary look as she said, "Why are you so insistent on stealing my fiancé? Shall I ask Mom to find you a suitable partner if you're that desperate to get yourself married off? Please, I'm begging you, please don't come between Xiang Chen and me..."Xiang Chen immediately felt bad when he saw Yin Ruoyun trying to make peace with her sister and felt her trembling beside him. He pulled her tightly into his embrace.Yin Xiaoxiao watched everything unfold with her eyes wide open, as though she wanted to commit everything she was seeing to memory. She would only be able to start life anew after her heart had been smashed to pieces. His honeyed words were like needles that pierced he
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Chapter 5 Don't Grab a Man's Towel Without Thinking
She found the towel wrapped snugly around her head before she could even react. She was completely numb with shock as she hid under the cover of the towel and didn't even dare to budge an inch. She remained in that awkward position on the floor and the only thing she could see were his long legs.She was nervous and a little embarrassed to see that the legs didn't move at all, but she didn't dare to get up. Finally, the man moved away and before long she heard the rustling sounds of him throwing on his clothes.Her head remained bowed even after he had walked back and pulled the towel off her.The man looked down at her, clearly upset, but her phone in her bag suddenly rang before he could even speak. Her ringtone was bright and cheery, but it only made her feel even more embarrassed.Yin Xiaoxiao immediately picked up the phone but her voice was slightly hoarse because of how hard she had been sobbing earlier. "Hello? Mom, are you looking for me? I'm not feeling well so I'm headin
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Chapter 6 Selling His Daughter?
Yin Xiaoxiao went home to collect some of her belongings before heading back to campus. However, she wasn't aware of what kind of troubles were lying in wait for her at home.Yin Xiaoxiao immediately noticed that the house was full of people the moment she returned. She wasn't surprised to see so many people in the house because she had taken a bus home while the rest of them had chauffeurs. Moreover, there was no way the birthday party could have carried on after everything that had happened earlier."Yin Xiaoxiao, you're finally home! What happened to you? Who did you hook up with this time?" Li Meng said nastily. Yin Xiaoxiao's brows creased into a small frown but she ignored Li Meng and bent down to change her shoes."I'm warning you, please stop blackening the Yin family name in public. I know you are shameless but we value our reputation. Your brother is such an outstanding young man that he needs to command respect wherever he goes. If you continue ruining our reputation, don
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Chapter 7 Shall I Let You Have Him?
Yin Baifan jumped up from the sofa and glared daggers at Yin Xiaoxiao. He pointed at her furiously and the tiny twinge of guilt he had been feeling disappeared as he yelled. "Yin Xiaoxiao, let me tell you, you will have to get married no matter what your wishes are! You will never be able to call the shots in the Yin family!"Yin Xiaoxiao immediately turned pale and all the color drained from her face, making her look very pitiful.Silence fell upon the room. Yin Baifan didn't leave after he spoke and stood quietly as he waited for his stubborn daughter to rebut his words. He was sure that he would be able to subdue the stubborn streak in his daughter. After all, he was her father!Yin Xiaoxiao finally understood the meaning behind the saying "when it rains, it pours". Her relationship of four years had ended that day and this had been quickly followed by her father heartlessly sending her away from the family even though she had never dared to hope for his affection! Was she that d
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Chapter 8 The 23rd Person
It was late at night and while everyone else was resting, Yin Xiaoxiao was extremely anxious in her quiet room. Her phone, which she had tossed on her bed, beeped with a message which she wasn't in the mood to read.She knew that Li Meng and Yin Ruoyun didn't like her and also knew that they wanted to use the fact that her elder brother wasn't home to kick her out of the family. It would be too late even if her elder brother were to rush home in an attempt to save her!Marriage?Why would she be willing to wed Uncle Zhang when her stomach turned at the thought of him? She felt like she was on the verge of losing her mind when she thought of his chubby body, his bald spot, and his perverse behavior.Her phone beeped once more, so she forced herself to calm down and picked up her phone.She tapped on her WeChat app and saw that it was a message from her elder brother."Xiaoxiao, what are you doing? Did Mom make things difficult for you?"Tears immediately sprang to her eyes when s
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Chapter 9 Do You Dare to Marry Me?
Yin Xiaoxiao's heart dropped when she saw that pair of shabby shoes. She guessed that the owner of this pair of shabby shoes was probably poor, so would she be able to get Li Meng and Yin Ruoyun off her back if she brought this man home?She looked down and gave the matter some thought.She hadn't thought too much about this the night before and just as Yin Ruoyun predicted, she had only planned to ask her classmate for a favor in hopes of getting her parents off her back. However, after the conversation she had overheard last night, she knew this wouldn't be easily resolved...Yin Xiaoxiao was willing to marry someone who was poor as long as he was honest and practical, but she knew that her family wouldn't approve. Nonetheless, she wasn't someone who would back down once she had decided to do something."Hm, I'm not sure. I don't care whether she wants to leave or not." She heard a familiar husky voice say.She instinctively looked up and realized that there was nobody on this s
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Chapter 10 Something Like Whirlwind Marriage
When Yin Xiaoxiao went back to his Land Rover, she couldn't believe that she had only seen this man twice and only ever ridden in his car twice. In fact, she had just learned his name moments ago and now they were... married?Jing Liyuan casually tossed their marriage registration booklet on the dashboard of the Land Rover. Yin Xiaoxiao thought that the bright red color of the booklet was as harsh as the sunlight that day, so she turned to look out of the window.Jing Liyuan started the car before he said calmly, "Where are you headed?" His voice sounded distant.Yin Xiaoxiao froze for a moment before giving him her address. She was just about to let him know about her predicament when his phone rang. She watched as he put on his Bluetooth earbuds in a leisurely manner."Jing Liyuan."He sounded very charismatic as he answered the call. Whoever was on the other end of the line would know that it was him. Most people would start the self-introduction with "You're speaking to..." bu
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