You Came Like Star

You Came Like Star

By:  Mu Muyu  Completed
Language: English
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"There was nothing Su Kexin wanted more than to marry an ordinary man. So, who could explain her sudden ascension as a CEO's wife? He promised her a lifetime of happiness, flooded her with endless affection, and treated her like priceless treasure. She thought that perhaps, this was her happily-ever-after. Yet, he threw a stack of papers in front of her one day and said, "Su Kexin, lets divorce." She finally understood how it felt like to fall from high above and crashing onto ground zero. Five years later, she returned and encountered him again. This time, however, there was a moe little bun of a child at her side. The little bun blinked at the man and said, "Mommy, this mister looks a lot like me."

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507 Chapters
Chapter 1 Blind Date With A Strange Man
When she walked into the restaurant called Little Jiangnan, Su Kexin was actually quite surprised.She had heard of Little Jiangnan before. Each dish cost almost a thousand bucks; it was basically a place for rich people to spend their dough. She never would have expected her blind date to choose this place for their first meeting.It was not that she never came to places like this. The problem was that this was her fifth blind date in three months, and all of her previous dates had chosen regular cafes or even KFC. Now that she was suddenly at such a high-class place, it made her feel a little ill at ease.Still, that meant he was serious about this.With that in mind, Su Kexin straightened out the corner of her skirt that had been crumpled on the bus ride here, following the smiling waiter into the restaurant.The man she was meeting this time was Feng Zheng. He had arrived a few minutes earlier than her and was already waiting for her at the table.To be honest, although Su Ke
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Chapter 2 You’re That Su Kexin?
Whoever that man was, the restaurant’s floor manager greeted him passionately as soon as he entered. The manager even wanted to push his wheelchair for him, but the man just lifted his hand slightly and stopped him.The man’s expression was extremely cold, with a sense of distance that came from his very bones. Although he did not say anything, he emanated a powerful aura that made the toady manager and waitstaff surrounding him panic slightly.However, that man ignored their reactions completely, controlling the wheelchair on his own and slowly wheeling himself into the restaurant.“Miss Su, you took journalism at Z University?”Su Kexin was still staring at that unknown man when Feng Zheng suddenly spoke from opposite her, pulling her attention back to him.“Huh?” Su Kexin blinked for a bit before recovering. “Ah, yes.”“Journalism major… and you’re 26 too. In other words, could you be in the same cohort as my ex?” Feng Zheng looked a little pleasantly surprised, as though he h
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Chapter 3 I’ll Pay For This Young Lady
Su Kexin knew that this restaurant was not cheap, but she did not think it would be this ridiculously expensive.“If you have questions, you can check the bill, miss.”Su Kexin was in no mood to check the bill. Of course, she knew that this restaurant would not try to scam her, but she was troubled because she just paid her mother’s medical fees yesterday, so she did not have that much money in her bank card. As for her credit cards, they were frozen a long time ago.“Um…” Su Kexin gathered her guts, her face burning red as she said, “Could I… put it on a tab first?”The waiter blinked for a bit, but then his expression quickly turned cold. “Sorry, miss, we don’t do that here. If you can’t pay, then I’m sorry but we’ll have to pursue other means to settle this.”Su Kexin grew a little anxious and was beginning to think where she could borrow that sum when she suddenly heard a deep and melodious voice from behind her—“I’ll pay for this young lady."Su Kexin paused and turned ar
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Chapter 4 Register
Su Kexin practically ran away from Little Jiangnan.As she left, back inside the restaurant, Gu Chi leaned against the back of his chair and watched her back as she left in a panic. His slender fingers tapped the armrest on his wheelchair, and his gaze was thoughtful.“President Gu.” Just then, a young man suddenly walked into the restaurant in a rush, going up to Gu Ch and saying softly into his ear, “Miss Li said she’s stuck in traffic, so she might be five minutes late.”“Tell her she won’t have to come anymore.” Gu Chi’s cold gaze was still trained on Su Kexin outside the window. “I don’t like women who act hard to get.”“But…” The young man who seemed like his assistant looked troubled. “The Old Master is really breathing down your neck…”“Investigate this woman.” Gu Chi did not seem to hear him at all, saying that abruptly and holding up his hand. He held Su Kexin’s name card between his fingers.“A woman?” The assistant was stunned for a second, and only then did he notice
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Chapter 5 Marriage Registration
"Huh?" Su Kexin was completely dumbfounded now. She could barely believe her ears. "A marriage registration?"Perhaps Su Kexin was being a little slow to react, so the man's good-looking brows furrowed slightly. He said, "Miss Su, you're in a real hurry to get married, right?"The man sounded so certain that Su Kexin knew he had overheard her conversation with Feng Zheng last night. Her face burned a little despite herself. "Coincidentally, I'm in the same boat," the man continued before Su Kexin replied, speaking as calmly as though this was merely a business transaction and not something that pertained to the rest of their lives. "We shall just take what we need. Is there anything wrong with that?"Su Kexin finally began to react.This man in front of her actually wanted to marry her.However, this was only their second time meeting each other. That was just ridiculous!"Stop pulling my leg, mister."Su Kexin wanted to take out the money and return it to him before leaving i
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Chapter 6 Married, Just Like That?
An hour later, Su Kexin walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau with the red marriage booklet in her hands. She felt all floaty, as though this was a dream.She had never expected that she would suddenly marry a man like that, and a man that she had barely known at that.Everything was happening just so unrealistically. Su Kexin had not even realized that, throughout the entire process of their encounter to their registration, the man had not once asked her why she had her household registration booklet with her.Su Kexin looked down at her marriage registration booklet and saw the two of them sitting side by side in the picture, the man looking distant and her looking uneasy, anxious. Underneath the picture, there were their names. It was ridiculous to think about, but she only found out her newlywed husband's name from her marriage booklet. Gu Chi.It was a simple but elegant name that really suited this man's aura.However, aside from his name and his phone number, Su Kexi
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Chapter 7 The Money I Owe You
Gu Chi had been about to leave, but Su Kexin suddenly called out to him, so he stopped his wheelchair and tilted his body to see Su Kexin running at him, panting. "Here's the five thousand I owe you." Su Kexin came to a stop in front of Gu Chi and held the yellow envelope in front of him.The whole marriage thing had been so sudden that Su Kexin nearly forgot why she was here. She came here to meet Gu Chi so she could return the money.Gu Chi looked from the yellow envelope to Su Kexin's solemn face and blinked.Soon, however, he chuckled out loud. Now Su Kexin was stunned instead. They had met twice now, but this was the first time she had seen Gu Chi laugh. Gu Chi was very good-looking, with beautifully chiseled features, but his expression was always too cold. When he smiled now, though, all the lines on his face softened at once. It left Su Kexin a little awestruck. "I can't believe you still remember." When Gu Chi spoke, his tone was less distant and a tad more amused
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Chapter 8 Wedding Ring
After Su Kexin arrived at the bus stop, she immediately called the company's human resources department. "I should be able to change my household registration to S City really soon, so when can I confirm my medical insurance? Yes, not my own, but the one that includes my family members. Yeah, my mom's in the hospital."Su Kexin talked to HR over the phone for a bit and finally settled the matter of her insurance.After she hung up, she heaved a long sigh of relief.Although the marriage today was a little hasty, at least she had finally solved the problem she had been most worried about.Once her household registration was done and she had her insurance, her mother's medical fees would be assured. The bus arrived soon enough, and Su Kexin Kexin headed right back to the company. Her marriage had been far too efficient, so by the time she arrived back at the company, it was not even time for the afternoon interview yet. While she had some free time, she took the card Gu Chi had
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Chapter 9 The President Is My Husband?
Su Kexin worked at a magazine publisher, and they were going to interview the president of the Chiyao Group this time.The Chiyao Group was something of a legend in S City.Three years ago, after the Chiyao Group's sudden founding, it quickly and ruthlessly carved out its spot in S City's financial world. Over the next three short years, this company that came out of nowhere rapidly developed into one of S City's biggest financial powers. Soon enough, it stood equal to the three families in S City with all their years of history. As for the president of the Chiyao Group, he was even more intriguing than the group itself. It had been three years now, but nobody even knew his name and face, much less any details about him.Nevertheless, the fact that he remained unknown did not dampen everyone's passions towards this mysterious president. Take Xiao Mei, for instance. The moment she knew they were going to interview the president of the Chiyao Group, she went to all those lengths
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Chapter 10 Are You Single?
Su Kexin felt as though her entire brain was mush right now. Before she could even react, Gu Chi gave them a small smile. "Style Magazine, right? Please have a seat."Su Kexin was still a little dazed until Xiao Mei gave her a tug from the side. "What are you spacing out for, Sis Kexin?"Only then did Su Kexin come back to her senses. She took a seat on the couch with Xiao Mei and the others. Gu Chi slowly brought his wheelchair up to them, and Xiao Mei asked excitedly, "President Gu, may we begin?""Go ahead." Gu Chi looked as distant as ever, and he did not even look at Su Kexin from the beginning until now, as though they did not know each other at all.His distant attitude even made Su Kexin doubt herself. Could this man just be someone who looked a lot like her new husband?"Um… President Gu, you've been so mysterious that we don't even know your name." Xiao Mei's little face was blushing hard as she asked nervously, "Do you mind telling us your name, sir?""Gu Chi." The t
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