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Chapter 11
I wanted to date someone. In fact, I wanted to be loved. I was so desperate that I would even settle for someone pretending to love me.Because I didn't have much time left.I had no intention of wasting my precious time on unworthy things.I smiled at him and said, "It's none of your business."I went back to my car and started driving again. To my surprise, Dixon opened the door and hopped in while the car was moving, which was extremely dangerous. I pressed on the brake hard and couldn't help but shout at him, "Are you crazy? You could get hurt!"There was not a trace of fear on his face. I stared at him with a glacial look. I was about to tell him to get out of my car when he said, "Are you still in love with me?"It sounded like a question but I thought he knew the answer.What a shameless person! In three months, he was going to marry someone else, yet he was sitting in my car and asking whether I still loved him."Does he really think he can do whatever he wants?"Looki
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Chapter 12
Dixon's eyes were fixed on me. I really couldn't understand why he was acting like this."Why is he pretending that he cares about me? We are divorced..."I pulled my hand out of his palm, trying to calm myself down. "I don't know what to tell you. Maybe I've always wanted love. Since I'm rich, it has just occurred to me that maybe I could buy love with the money I have. Anyway, it's not like I've never done something like this before."I paused for a second as I stared into his clear eyes, then went on to say, "I've traded the Shaw Corporations for our marriage. Now I'm just trading money for love.""Then, let's date."I was so surprised that I dropped my purse on the ground. "What did you say?""I'll date you and pretend to love you. I'll spoil you and cherish you as if you're the most precious thing in my life. I'll make you happy and do whatever you tell me to do. I will be your perfect boyfriend until the day of my wedding."His last words woke me up. It was nothing but a d
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Chapter 13
Summer and I had known each other for a long time, since long before my encounter with Dixon Gregg, so she knew about my feelings for him from the very beginning.She knew that I had only one password for everything and it was related to the day when I met Dixon.It was December 27th, 2009. The first snow that year had begun to fall that day."Carol, you look pale. Stop forcing yourself to smile.""I'm not. I think it's just too cold."I chatted a little bit longer with her in the tea house and left. On my way back home, a strange number called me.I picked up the phone and asked, "Who is this?""I'm Mrs. Gregg, Gwen Worth."I sneered and said, "You are not even married yet."Gwen paused for a second and went on to say forcefully, "I know. It's just how I address myself. I'm meant to be Dixon's wife and you have held the title from me for three years. Caroline Shaw, I've waited for him and watched you be by his side for three years. Now it's time to finally set things straight
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Chapter 14
It had not snowed often in Wu City lately. Instead, it normally got rainy. I put my phone to my ear and heard Dixon's mild complaint. "It's just pouring outside. I got drenched. Won't you open the door for me?"When I listened to him carefully, I could hear that he sounded a little upset.I looked back around my room. "Why have you come to me?""Caroline, do you forget that I'm your boyfriend now?"So he did still remember this..."I thought you regretted it," said I."Why? Because I haven't called you?"I said yes in a low voice and sounded upset."Silly girl. Didn't I tell you that I'd be handling some company affairs? If there isn't anything important going on in the next few months in the company, I'll stay with you." Dixon paused and said in a gentle voice, "Even if I have to attend to something, I'll take you with me."His words made my heart melt, and he even called me girl. It was such an intimate form of address. I had always thought I was only a woman to keep him com
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Chapter 15
Dixon was just ridiculous. Our relationship would not last more than two months. In two months, he would become some other girl's groom, and now he was asking me if I loved him?Moreover, the two-month relationship was going to be an act for the both of us.It was more like charity to me.I circled my arms around his neck and said, "I do. You know that. The Shaw family is rich and powerful. Of course I chose to marry into your Gregg family back then because I loved you."From the beginning until now, I had not concealed the fact that I loved him.Hearing that, Dixon smiled. He held me tightly in his arms and gently stroked my back with his palm, smiling in a low voice, "Caroline, I love you."I was stunned and looked at him in disbelief.After a while, I realized that he had said that he would pretend to fall in love with me, to dote on me, would not upset me, and would even make me feel happy.Now, he was just keeping his promises.I could pretend it was real, but I could not
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Chapter 16
The phone call just took a few minutes.Dixon went out for a while, but when he came back, he looked worried.He looked at me helplessly.I asked him softly, "What happened?"He sighed and asked me instead, "I'll leave soon. You want to come with me?"I realized and asked him, "Is it because of Gwen Worth?"Dixon closed his eyes and said, "She got hurt in a car accident."I asked patiently, "So you're going back to take care of her?"Dixon fell silent, but his leaving had already answered me.Before he left, I reminded him, "We've agreed on this. During the time of our relationship, you're not allowed to see her. Don't you remember that?"He said in a deep voice, "I do, so I want to...""Ask for my permission?""Why does he think that I'll let him go?""Dixon, if you leave, I'll end this game."I stopped the movie, rose up, and smiled, "I won't stop you from leaving, unless you want to breach the contract. Dixon, I've never been as thoughtful as you think."Dixon stared
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Chapter 17
Dixon looked very shocked, as if he felt something really astounding in his heart. He asked in a murmur, "What did the abortion two years ago take from you?"He heard it clearly and there was no reason for me to repeat it."Just let go of Summer. She also has someone she loves waiting for her. You can only blame it on Gwen's trouble-making personality. Just take a look at what she did eight years ago, you'll know what she's done. She took someone's lover away. Now, Summer is simply taking her revenge. Plus, Gwen said something horrible to make Summer do this. Your fiancée is never as innocent as you think." After a pause, I said sarcastically, "I was wrong. You are Dixon Gregg, you can do everything. You know everything others have done. Now you are just indulging her."Dixon frowned and said indifferently, "I'll check that later, but you have to explain the thing that happened two years ago. What happened after you had an abortion?"What happened after I had an abortion?Even I d
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Chapter 18
"Let's pretend those dating days never happened."He wanted to withdraw his love for me, even thought it was feigned. I gave a resigned smile. "Hum, my exact sentiments.""Caroline, I agreed to the divorce then because I've always owed Gwen a wedding ceremony and I want to compensate her. It was never my intention to hurt you so I apologize and I'll be here if you ever require any help.""Seems like you still have lingering feelings for your ex-wife?" I snickered and reminded him. "There's nothing to be sorry about. You don't love me and that's that, there's nothing contrite about it. Don't tell me you're feeling remorseful after we've divorced and you're starting to develop feelings for me on top of having doubts about whether you still love Gwen! If that's the case, Dixon, you're pathetic."Dixon hesitated momentarily before responding. "Caroline, you don't have to use such a condemning tone. Admittedly, I wronged you previously, but that doesn't justify you overstepping boundari
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Chapter 19
Henry had been accompanying me the past few days and taking great care of me. I asked him one day, "When are you going back to S City?"He chuckled. "You want me gone so badly?""I'm afraid sister-in-law will be infuriated.""Your sister-in-law is still young, so she constantly fights with me over petty issues."My sister-in-law was younger than me and I'd heard mention of her previously. She sounded like a domineering girl indeed.However, she was not without reason or logic.Her overbearing times never just came out of the blue!People like Gwen Worth did not stand a chance against her as she was not one to bother herself with needless remarks. Thus, it was rare for Henry to be in the company of the opposite gender.On the other hand, I felt apathetic towards such characters.My indifference enabled others to make use of me.I quipped, "Brother, you should give in to my sister-in-law more often."Recalling some distant memory, Henry smiled endearingly and replied, "I've ne
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Chapter 20
Henry was was opposed to leaving Wu City but I urged him incessantly and obstinately stood at the door after he took me back home. He surveyed my stubborn stance and sighed. "You're really chasing me away?"The people around me were few and far between and my only confidant, Summer, was still stuck in prison.To be honest, I was crestfallen to see him go.However, he had been overwhelmed with calls recently.I was mindful of the responsibilities that he bore at home and would hate to hold him back.Furthermore, I was averse to him witnessing my passing.I dipped my head and dispelled his concerns. "Yes, give me some time to myself.""Were nine years of alone time not enough?"I was caught by surprise when the realization hit me that this year marked the ninth anniversary of my parents' deaths.The years had flown past in such a blur that I had done nothing for my own well-being.The only decision I had made had been the worst mistake of my life.If I could rewind time, I wou
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