33 Chapters
Chapter Eleven
Avery wiped the tears from her cheeks as she tried to take in Meredith's words. It felt weird how much the woman's explanation sounded like a confession as if she didn't want anyone to find out or swore to take the secret to her grave. "When I found Ellie in that village, she was sure you died with your mother and had no idea you survived. She hadn't spoken to the Coven since she left, so we came up with a plan. I couldn't keep running with you; that wasn't a life your mother wanted you to have, so Ellie and Jon adopted you before moving back to Avalon. We decided it would be easier to hide you from them right under their noses. Besides, since your mother and Ellie were twins, no one questioned Ellie and assumed you were her biological daughter because you took after your mother. The Coven thought you were Ellie's and Jon's biological child. They had no reason to dig into it as they believed I was still on the run with you, and they knew Ellie was pregnant when she left the city."Av
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Chapter Twelve
Once they reached the university campus, Avery walked Becca to their dorm apartment with Aamon close on her heels. He didn't back away from Avery even when she grabbed a few things she would need while she spent time in Aamon's home. Then, once Avery and Becca shed a few tears and hugged out another goodbye, they promised each other that they wouldn't stay apart for long this time. Aamon never tried to rush Avery or act as if the girls didn't need their shared moment. About ten minutes after they had arrived, Aamon walked out of the university dorms with Avery, following close by. They got in their cars and drove back to the North side of the city. Parking in front of Aamon's apartment building, Avery noticed the valet she had met a couple of times; she handed her car keys to the valet, the same as Aamon did and nodded before the guy sat in her car and drove away. She hadn't noticed when Aamon took her bag from the car, and honestly, she was more than grateful that he did because A
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Chapter Thirteen
TWO WEEKS LATER…Avery had spent most of her time with Meredith, training and learning how to control both of her sides. She was eager to learn more about her full potential, but she knew it would take longer than the week and some days they had spent together. Meredith had been showing Avery different ways to use her powers and strengthen them, along with how to protect herself and those she loves if needed. During this time, the Coven witches had been randomly showing up at Avery's university, looking for her, and trying their best to get Avery to join them so she could merge her power with the Faewood Coven. Avery knew that Agatha and the rest of the Elders had nothing but selfish reasons when they kept asking for her to join them- the more powerful witches they had, the more powerful and influential the Coven would become. Who knew, the Coven Elders could go as far as to attack other Covens if they became stronger than they already were. Becca held her promise and called Avery
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Chapter Fourteen
Avery woke up around the middle of the night. The sitting room was dark; no one had bothered to switch on a lamp for her to navigate around if she were to wake up before sunrise. Rubbing the remnants of sleep from her eyes, Avery grunted at the slight ache in her back. She had slept on the couch, and the pain in her back was reminding Avery of an uncomfortable position in which she had spent the last couple of hours. She couldn't get rid of the weird sensation that made her feel as if her mind was awake, but her body refused to acknowledge the face. Before Avery attempted to force her body awake, she overheard Aamon and Meredith talking in hushed voices. Avery listened in, and soon she was sure that her godmother and the demon were arguing over something, so she decided to pretend she was asleep and listened in on their conversation. Whatever was the reason for their argument had to be a big thing, especially since those two weren't on the best terms, but they still tried to hide s
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Chapter Fifteen
The following morning, Avery woke up alone, missing the embrace of Aamon’s warmth she had managed to get used to and carved more than anything. At this point, she knew she had grown so addicted to him, it had to be unhealthy. The first thing Avery did was reach for her phone as the screen kept flashing. Aamon had probably brought it to her from the bedroom since Avery had a habit of calling her best friend every morning since she had practically moved in with Aamon. With her eyes squinted as she stared at the bright screen, she noticed she had five missed calls from Becca. With her hands shaking, Avery fumbled with her phone, quickly hitting redial, well aware that Becca wouldn't call multiple times unless she had a serious reason. Biting her bottom lip, Avery listened to the phone ring, but the call rang out and sent her straight to Becca’s voicemail. Her heart pounded against her ribcage- this had to be the first time since forever her best friend didn’t answer the call. Worried
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Chapter Sixteen
After the call with Agatha, Meredith asked Avery to give her a day, but since then, it’s been a whole week and still no updates or news.Becca had been locked away from everything she knew and loved for a week now, and Avery felt like she was failing her best friend and their bond. They had promised each other to look after one another since they were kids, yet once Becca truly needed her, Avery couldn’t reach her. Another day passed until Meredith finally showed up. She told Avery she had planned to merge her magic with Avery’s, but what she failed to mention earlier was that once their magic was merged, Avery would be left powerless. How was she supposed to protect and save her best friend if she couldn’t do as much as create a light mist for their cover? How would Avery fight a whole Coven of witches with her bare hands?Avery actually considered Meredith’s idea, but once she thought a little more about it, she came to a shocking realisation. That had to be Meredith’s plan all alo
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Chapter Seventeen
The Coven house wasn’t what most people would imagine to be a headquarters of a whole Coven of witches. It didn’t look like any prehistoric building like some TV shows suggested. No cobwebs and rodents; it wasn’t nearly as dark and eerie as people would expect. As a matter of fact, it was a fairly new building in perfect condition, and it always was so darn clean, Avery would have sworn someone had licked the floors to check there wasn’t a speck of dirt. The house itself was white, with a huge cul-de-sac driveway and a colossal cauldron fountain out the front in the middle of the driveway. The property was surrounded by trees, providing a perfect hideout and privacy from the human community. Avery remembered the greenhouses out at the back, which had to have the wildest varieties of herbs and plants in them, because they looked more like a tropical rainforest than typical greenhouses. She had always hated the Coven house, and now, Agatha gave her so many more reasons to hate the pl
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Chapter Eighteen
Avery noticed Becca staring at the front door in terror and instantly turned to look in the same direction. Michael still blocked their closest exit, but unlike earlier, he didn’t look as serious anymore. Now, he had an ugly, twisted expression on his face, as if he was enjoying Becca’s fear and desperate whimpering. Then, Agatha motioned towards Avery and Becca, sending her sick goon their way. The slight hand gesture conveyed a silent instruction. His tall, imposing figure stalked over to Avery like a predator about to kill its prey. The man towered over her, which made Avery feel small and unimportant near his intimidating posture.The difference in height alone was enough to say she didn't stand a chance at fending him off. Once Avery had to think about their experience in using magic, she paled. The man who helped Agatha kill her mother stood right before her, and Avery couldn’t do a single thing about it. Behind Avery, Becca whimpered louder and cowered away, fighting the exh
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Chapter Nineteen
Looking around the living room, Avery could recognize every single detail about. Each of the things around her felt so familiar, yet they were different and forgein in a way. She felt different herself, the air around her was thicker, it no longer felt like her and Aamon’s little hideout, the place she started calling her home. Now, the room and the apartment made her feel claustrophobic, which possibly was because of the tension that enveloped Avery. Aamon removed his hand from her shoulder, but she didn’t move or react to the loss of contact with the demon. Avery still kept the same position she was in back at the Coven house, still clutching onto thin air that was once Meredith. The two necklaces, which were once hanging around Meredith’s neck, were now hanging from Avery’s hand. She clutched them tighter, hoping they would make Meredith’s spirit stay, or even better- make her godmother come back, return from the dead and smile at Avery for at least one more time. The only nois
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Chapter Twenty
Her mind raced as Avery laughed at the new insight she had of the world. Her entire perspective has changed. A Coven was supposed to be a family for all those wandering souls that sought one. It was supposed to be a place of belonging, where genuine power grew more potent and morphed into something wonderful. It had to be something that drove every witch to become better, learn and improve everything nature gave them, not an engine of greed and drive of power where the higher-ups pumped the life out of those who weren’t worthy in their eyes or didn’t fit their understanding of how witches were supposed to be. But now that she had the knowledge of their ancestors weaving its way through her veins, Avery could see the history and how things used to be before her. How things still should be. The Covens were united, they became one and stood by each other's side to protect themselves. Before greed and betrayal took over, the Covens were exactly like one Avery wished to be a part of when
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