1 Chapters
01- Lust and Loss
   An innocent night gone wrong would be the most fitting description for last nights happenings.Somewhere in the back of my head I remember walking into the club with my girlfriends and laughing over mini cocktails and champagne because why not? It was my birthday after all and they'd convinced me to let loose for once in a long time and I wanted to.But what I am still trying to comprehend is how I had managed to land my self in the back seat of a young mans car playing a little game of who can ride it higher.I remember exactly how the tick hardness of his masculinity drove hard into me from behind, how he'd gripped my hair in one hand and massaged my breast with the other shoving himself deeper and deeper into my feminine walls.The heat sprung around the atmosphere reflecting down in beads of sweat that leaked down our bodies but it only made the moment more sensational. The sound of our moans muffled in
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