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Hello guys, it Pleasymatt on this author of Societal Status, Married to arrogant billionaire, young love, Identical and the likes. No my books are not edited yet and I think I need help with that or maybe I might just take my time🤷 Pleasymatt is just a young lady pouring out stuffs in her head into books, I'm not a professional so there will always be mistakes but feel free to correct. This book contains court scene and stuffs, trust me I did the little research I can but my court scene is not close to perfect. I hope you enjoy this book because I put a lot of effort in it. This book is a total result of my imagination it might coincidentally seem like one you have read somewhere but this is totally mine and was inspired by "You belong with me" a song by Taylor Swift. Like I always say your comments and votes moves me to want to be better and consistent. With love,
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Tunica I walked into the house humming, Mama was in the sitting room watching a particular series she been watching for weeks now, I don't even know it's title since I am not even interested. I stared at her again and can't help but wonder how beautiful she was at her age. I don't look anything like her just the brown hair we share, I stand two inches taller than her 5'3 figure and takes after my grandmother's curvy body and brown eyes, I love the oblong shape of my face and the long wavy hair my mother envies a lot. "Young lady, what is making you so happy?" Mama asked making me smile, how does she know me so much? Well I guess it is just the mother-daughter connection. "Is it so obvious?" I asked her, she nodded placing her movie on pause. "I met this really great guy mom, just a few weeks ago but I feel he is the man for me, the best thing is he feels the same" I explained to her but she only smiled. "I hope he is not in anyway possible lik
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Tunica I heard someone making noise from outside my room, the voice sounded familiar and I wondered who it was, why can't this person just let me enjoy my sleep for Christ's sake, the voice became clearer and I just realised who it was. Mama!! "Come on Tunes, you are going to be late for work" she yelled, hitting my door pretty hard. "Go away mom" I yelled back, sluggishly getting out of bed. I can picture her look right now, she is angry. "How many times have I told you not to call me mom" She said making me smile, she prefers mama to mom because mama is actually her pet name and mom makes her feel older than she is, makes me wonder why these old people hates feeling they are old. "And how many times have I told you not to call me Tunes" I asked in reply opening the door only to see her grinning widely. "It's ten minutes past 8 o'clock Tunica!" She stated, my eyes widened at realisation, I am really late for work and Stanice will be s
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Tunes (she will beat me if she heard) Seated in his office with Stanice, Stanley refused to even listen to anything, I never liked this guy for anything and I think he should be grateful our Tania wants to even sing with his Charles, both of them have worked so hard on this music to just put a stop to it, the collaboration would have been the best thus making a hit song but what does he know? His selfishness and pride is everything there is to him. "Have you considered what he wants?" Stanice asked but Stanley is crazy, I think they both have something going on with them but I'm not so sure. "It is what I want here and not what he wants, he is under me" Stanley arrogantly replied, it was starting to annoy me here. "This song belonged to Charles originally and I am not sharing the glory with anybody most especially You!" He added. "Yes no wonder it is Tania Hunt featuring Charles Carlway" I butt in and please note the sarcasm. "And who is this
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PLEASE before I start, I will like to say this: Don't be a ghost reader, let me know your view about what you are reading, let me know what you are anticipating, help cast give replies to harsh comments they get and most of all correct me where I go wrong. Thank you   Tunes I walked into my eyes carefully wondering what was happening but nothing seemed unusual except the cellphone on the dinning which I recognised to belong to Jerry. Okay this is quite unusual, Hilda is not here watching movies as always or did she go out? How did Jerry get in then?  I looked up the stairs and there was no sign of anyone, I decided to check Hilda in her room maybe she can explain all these. As I walked up the stairs, I noticed something but fought my head for such thought, it just can't be. I found a piece of clothing on the floor, a black shirt! No way! I haven't seen any man with mama of recent, I just kept praying I was wro
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Tunes On a regular Thursday I wake up to an alarm or mama's yelling not a hot sexy man in my bed.  Sometimes I wonder why I'm not in love with this crap headed guy but like I said crap headed.  I just stared at his face tracing my hand down his nose I smiled "who will say he is so troublesome sleeping like a baby" I thought until I felt something grab my hand. "How many times have I told you to just accept that I am just ever handsome than sneakily admiring me in my sleep"He said with his eyes still closed and his voice husky from his asleep. "Well good morning to you too" I replied sarcastically and got out of bed "Wow I slept in" I muttered looking at the time 10 a.m. "I am your sedative, you sleep in when I am beside you" Asher said also getting out of bed in just his trouser and bare chest. "Alice in Wonderland" I said packing my hair into a messy bun, I went to the mirror and my eyes were swollen from
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StaniceTunica walked into my office in a red knee-length dress, her eyes were swollen, it was so obvious even though she tried hiding it behind her makeup, I knew she was not sick when that cocky guy called yesterday but I could not ask anything, for all I know, I was a jerk to her even though she was always there for me."Morning sir, here is your schedule for the day, let me know when you need me" she said as professional as ever and turned to leave."Sir?" I loved it when she call my name, I was an asshole to take out my anger on her. She pretended not to hear me though, I knew she was mad at me."I am so sorry Tunica, I was not in my best mood and Stanley worsened it by just being a dick like always, I should not have transferred my aggression" I explained to her. She turned to me with a face so serious, I thought I was seeing another person, my heart was beating fast at the thought of her still being mad at me. She is my friend yet I hurt her.<
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Tunes"Get someone else" He said in anger."But he is good, why are you so against him?" I asked in reply, oh Stanice and I are arguing about my choice of Lawyer, he seem to be so much against Asher and I know Asher will be just great for this.Asher is a fan of Larry, Asher is a good lawyer, Asher would not want to let me down."I don't want him Tunica, get someone else" He yelled in frustration."Fine but you will be getting that someone else yourself and don't come complaining when Larry gets imprisoned" I told him as a matter of factly. He sighed shaking his head."Fine but if he acts all egostic around me, I will strangle him" he replied and I left his office smiling, I have a load of work on my hand.I have to meet Asher as soon as possible, Larry, his manager, Harrisa as well, I am not just the assistant to the CEO Stan entertainment but it was also my duty to make sure everything runs smoothly.I drove straight down to
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Ashes I walked into Harrisa's house and met her mother, a quite young woman but beautiful, she welcomed me warmly. "I'm so glad this will be resolved, I've really known Larry with my daughter and he is a good person" Mrs. Barny said and I just smiled. "Oh there she is" she said once Harrisa showed up. "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting sir" Harrisa apologized before taking a seat beside her mother. "No it is really okay, I am Lawyer Asher Hamilton in charge of Mr. Larry Manchester's case and I hope you don't mind me asking you a few questions" I explained being completely professional. "No not at all" she replied shaking her head. "Anything to get Larry out of this mess" she added. Taking a closer look at her, she seemed to have been crying and haven't slept well. I sighed. "Who is Mr. Manchester to you?" I asked her even though I was already aware. "He is my boyfriend" she replied and I nodded. "Boyfriend? Interesting,
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Tunica I sat out here expecting Asher to come out, they were spending so much time in there and I can't help but wonder if this is how long stuffs like this usually is or were they probably fighting already? I know so well they are not especially fond of each other but everything should be okay, right? While thinking all of these, Asher walked out. "That took a while" I told him and he smiled. "Your boss is hard work, I wonder how you cope with him" He replied placing me on my table and stood between my legs like we do at home. "You will be surprised to hear what I just found out" He replied getting me curious. "Tell me" I said eagerly but then he shakes his head. "You will just have to find out in court" "Really now? That's not fair" I whined hitting his chest but then someone happened to cough beside us. Stanice! "This is a work place in case both of you are not aware" He said angrily and I got off my table quickly, I don't w
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