4 Chapters
Ex OR Next? Past Or Future?Melissa Morris Is stuck between her past and future. One day she finds herself stuck between her past and future... She goes through pain and things she didn't wanted to go through again. In those times whom will she choose? The one who showed her what love is or the one who taught her what love is? -------- Melissa Morris , Perfect definition of "Beauty with brains" .The only daughter of the most famous industrialist and Doctor . -------- Melissa Morris21 years old.Last year of Graduation.Loves books and cats.Good
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chapter 1
Mellisa Morris "RINGGGGGG!!!!!!" "RINGGGGGGG!!! " "RINGGGGG!" "Ahhhhhh!!!!!" I groaned as I turned of my alarm. STUPID ALARM!  I NEED TO SLEEP BUT THIS ALARM I closed my eyes again to go into my peaceful sleep. I love sleeping... It's the best thing in the whole world. My name is Melissa Morris, I'm 21 years old. And my life is perfe- . Wait no one's life is perfect. Well, I have two bestfriend who have been with me through thick and thin since 10 y
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chapter 2
Soon, I started running as I was wiping my teary eyes and I bumped into someone. It hurted, it hurted a lot. I looked up to- I looked up to see Stephen, Stephen Reed. Hottest boy of the college. He is captain of the football team and he plays guitar. He's has perfect a perfect smile with a perfect body.He's also good in studies. Every girl has a girl crush on him. Every girl! That includes me of course. I have a crush on him but that doesn't mean that I'm like that other girls who stalk him o
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chapter 3
"Don't miss much" "I won't miss you. Infact, I'm so happy. I'll finally have some peace" Honestly, I'll miss you the most. Please don't go. "Yeah yeah, I'll miss you to" he said kissing my forehead. "Have a safe trip" I shouted as he made his way outside the house. "I will" I heard back. I chuckled lightly as I went back to my room. I went into my room, throwed my bag away and laid onto my bed. No one's know how alone I felt.

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