122 Chapters
The Sniper
LOCATION: RED WINE GALAXY, PLANET DARTH. "Okay, I think my nose just died." Ryker pinched his nose as he and Jackal walked through the cyberpunk-style planet."What? Nonsense, that's adventure you're perceiving, snow-white." Jackal deeply inhales and breathes out through his mouth. "If this is how adventure smells like... I'd rather take my chances with a black hole."Jackal smirked. "Well, if you want. You can go back to the ship to help Ming with some maintenance."Ryker felt a chill run through his spine. The mere thought of working with the android whom he despised made him feel like throwing up. Or maybe, it's the stench around him. "I hate you." He muttered.  "What's that?" Jackal perked his ears."What are we doing here anyway?" Ryker scanned their surroundings. They were currently at a marketplace. "This place is filled with notorious criminals... Pirates, mercenaries and thieves. I re
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"Finally!" Ryker exclaimed as he spreads his arms apart. "I can breathe fresh air again!" He, Jackal and Zera have made their way back to the Black Stallion. "Well?" Jackal turned to the vampire. "What do you think of Stally?" He asked with a grin as he puffs out his chest. Zera scans the cruiser momentarily before setting her gaze back to its captain. "She's as vibrant as ever." She remarked with a smile. Ryker wore a stoic expression as he glances at the two. 'Why are they talking as if the cruiser is a living thing?' Just then, Ming approached them. "Ming..." Zera said in a cold tone. Ryker felt a chill run down his spine. She gave off the same vibe as earlier when they met. The look was aimed at the android yet he felt restless. "Zera..." Ming responded in a similar manner. "I see Jackie still
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No Friendship In Business
"And that is everything I know, my mistress."   Mysty was kneeling in front of the Black Stallion crew.   "Good servant." Zera patted her head.   The A-grade hunter had become her slave and lost all her free will. Her irises were devoid of life, she was like a mindless zombie.   "That was easy," Ryker stated.   "Hmm..." Jackal rubbed his chin. "Did you get all that, Ming?" He turned to the android.   After Zera warped the hunter's mind. She commanded her to tell them all the information she had about the BSA.   Mysty rambled for nearly an hour and thus, it proved difficult for them to recall everything she said.   "Good thing Ming has an inbuilt recorder." Said Ryker.   He crept closer to the mindless Mysty and squatted to her level.   "How does it feel to be the pawn now, wit
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Arrival 1
Clank!Sparks flew as the hard metallic boots clashed with the sword made from an unbreakable substance. Reginald was breathing excessively as he gazes upon his opponent who was also trying to catch his breath. They have been attacking and canceling each other's attack for ten minutes now with neither side taking any hit.Neither has taken damage but they were both exhausted.For one, both of them couldn't use aura techniques which can only be used by individuals with massive ain reserves.They focused on using doping to boost their physical abilities past the human limit thus putting a lot of strain on their bodies.What's more, the two were both overlapping their doping with the power of their relics.The boots of Hermes which grant near-lightspeed powers and the Hat of Lupin, which copies the abilities of relics which in this case, was copying the powers of the boots. Transforming into
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Arrival 2
The crackling of electricity filled the room containing a large man wielding a hammer and a thin man holding an oddly shaped mace. The two objects were channeling electricity as the two fighters charged at one another. Clank! Thud! Clank! The two massive weapons collide sending sparks all over the room. These two have been fighting for nearly forty minutes now without rest. "Former district commander Vorus, your talents precede you." The thin-looking man commended his opponent. This man was Falkner, wielder of the Vajra relic. In Hindu mythology, Vajra is the weapon of Indra, the god of thunder and king of the devas. The vajra is a powerful weapon having the combined features of sword, mace, and spear. It was created out of the hard thigh bones of sage Dadhichi who gave up his
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Arrival 3
The blackness was perfect, a sort of visual silence that could send chills through anyone's spine. The two captains were squaring off in the void dark room. Ace, being able to use seismic sense was freely maneuvering through the darkened room. Rhea on the other hand was barely able to block some of Ace's attacks. It was truly a one-sided battle. The room was completely pitch-black and she was being forced to heighten all of her other senses in order to keep up with Ace. Black zone was one of the techniques that Ace used proficiently as an assassin. The fact that he was using a technique that he swore never to use again shows just how formidable Rhea was. At the start of their confrontation, Ace had taken considerable damage from Rhea's scythe which drains power from the victim's soul directly. It
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Arrival 4
"Ack! What are you doing!?" Ace who had arrived with Rhea at the nick of time grabbed the blade that was aiming for the captured General's chest. Before anybody could react to the sudden appearance of the ex-assassin, he sent Rohan flying with a punch. "What in the world do you think you're doing!?" "Tsk, it's none of your business." Rohan scoffs as he looks the other side not wanting to make eye contact with Ace. "This is the only way for justice to prevail." He got back up and wipe Ace's blood that splattered all over his face from when he stopped the sword with his bare hands. "Justice? You think killing him is justice?" Ace takes a few steps forward till he was standing face to face with Rohan. "Rhea, what are you doing here? Did you bring the enemy here?" "Jake, I know this may sound selfish, and I know how far y
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The Noble Darkness 1
Inside a shaggy tent in the middle of a forest, a bandaged Rohan was starting to regain consciousness. "Argh, w-where am I?"    He sits up and holds his head, wincing in pain as he recalls the incident that transpired which led to his current condition. Rohan clenched his trembling fists, releasing his aura in a fit of rage. He planned on having his brother return to Cronoa with him so he could face his crimes. "That mad man is loose out there and it's all my fault." Rohan managed to eventually calm down a bit as his aura disappeared. "Caww!!" He hears the cawing of a bird from outside the tent and decides to check it out. As he steps outside the tent he sees a rainbow-colored bird flying towards him and spots an old man trailing not too far behind.&n
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The Noble Darkness 2
"Adacus!" Maggie and Vorus ran up to the fainted old man. He had single-handedly slain 230 clones. He had taken a considerable amount of damage from them and passed out due to fatigue. The clown planned to take care of the strongest on the field. 'If I don't knock him out, he'll reveal my secret.'    Vorus picked him up. "I'll get him to safety." He scanned the battlefield for a safe place to keep the retired Saint but to his disappointment, the entire outpost was completely ravaged. He decided to make his way back to the city where it's safe. He dashed towards the city with Adacus on his back. He reached there in no time due to him using speed doping. "There. Now to ge-" "Leaving so soon?" Vorus'
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Noble Darkness 3
The battlefield shook with the vibrant cheers of everyone.Thanks to Conroy's quick actions in getting doctors, the fatally wounded received rapid first aid and were taken back to the city first.The total number of casualties on the ally's side was a mere 30 from the 100 that started the war and the 50 that provided backup with Ace.Although the casualties were below half. The allies still grieved the death of the others. It was one thing if they were only soldiers, but some of the citizens volunteered to join the war. "They fought valiantly for their freedom." "Their sacrifices were not in vain. That's what's important." The enemy side suffered a whooping casualty of 300. The soldiers were taken, prisoners."We'll have them all lend a hand in rebuilding the districts."Reginald, Jake, and Kaz having suffered the most from being stabbed spent three days in the infirmary."Hihi. Regi's awake guys!"
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