122 Chapters
Noble Darkness 4
"Ace Shadows, you are hereby sentenced to death for the murder of Rada Khan." Before the confused-looking Ace could respond, Rohan charged at him with incredible speed. Only Ace and Vorus could react to this showcase of speed as the targeted Ace jumped out of harm's way barely dodging a slash from the attacker's Fellium sword. "Wait! I didn't kill Radakar." "Resorting to lies now are we? And it's Rada Khan!" "Ahhhhhhh! I've got to get to safety!" Conroy screamed as he dashed the other way. "Tsk that coward!" Reginal scoffed. Rohan and Ace on the other hand were exchanging blows. It was more like Ace was barely avoiding all of Rohan's attacks. "You're the worse kind of trash who can't even recall the name of your victims!" Rohan channeled his aura into his
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Life Is A Game
LOCATION: BOUNTY HUNTERS ASSOCIATION, MISTY TRAIL GALAXY HQ. "Congratulations on your promotion, Commander Sirius." The man identified as Sirius stood seven feet tall. He saluted to the Flag master who had his hands around his back. They were in the office of the Flagmaster. "For the honour of the BSA, I will uphold my duties with the utmost diligence, Sir!" "Yeah yeah," August lit up a cigarette. "Onto more pressing matters." He tossed the new commander an odd device. "The last commander, and your former superior, Kane was a loudmouth who failed to gather a good team. I hope you won't disappoint me as he did." Sirius gulped. He was well aware of what had happened to the former commander. He never liked Kane and always viewed him as a goal. Although that was the case, he'd never imagined the commander to face such an
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The Eleven Galaxy
Bam! Ryker slammed his back against the wall. "Huff. Huff." He breathed heavily before glancing over to his opponent. "Is that all you've got, bot?" Ming was stoic as usual. Not angry, not happy, her facial expression if anything expressed her dissatisfaction. It was aimed towards Jackal for making her Ryker's sparing partner. "No, I believe. Our match has only started." She rushed forward with her fist. Ryker instinctively activated his astral coating and blocked the attack. The impact from her blow forced his head to hit the wall. 'Tck, this stupid tin can is trying to kill me!' Looking over at his arms, he winced in pain. 'She almost shattered my bones, and that was after I put on my astral skin.' Ryker gritted his teeth. Ming smirked. "Should we stop?" "Tck, what do you ta
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It's Simple Enough
LOCATION: GALAXY: ELEVEN PLANET: DRASIL The planet Drasil is the largest and most populated planet in the Eleven Galaxy. Its size is nearly half of that of planet Jupiter but unlike the gas planet, this planet does contain lifeforms. Drasil is home to thousands of unique species of plants not seen on any other planet in the cosmos. Because of this, the inhabitants of the planets were known throughout the cosmos for producing renowned doctors and healers who could heal almost all diseases. "Finally landed." Jackal's Mini cruiser had just landed in a forest. The stars were like lucid snowflakes of silver as they sprinkled the night sky. The captain of the Black Stallion exited the cruiser carrying a bag around his shoulder. He awed at the serenity of the forest. "This place hasn't changed one bit,"
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The Mad Reaper
Ryker and Ming sat across one another in the dining. They ate in silence without uttering a word. Ryker would peek a look at Ming who was concentrating on her food. "Spill it?" She said without averting her gaze from her plate. "Eh?" The android sighed. "I know what's going on in that thick head of yours," She pointed at him with her fork. "How can an android eat?" She had always noticed Ryker giving her looks whenever they ate together. The white-haired man had always wanted to satisfy his curiosity. Ryker coughed. "I mean, it's not like I don't want to know..." He glances at the android. Ming placed her hand on her chest. "The Astro rock inside of me is like a battery." She stated. "By eating, I can recharge the said battery. I also have a taste sensor in my mouth which allows me to perceive the taste of the food I
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Reaper's Storm
"Reaper's Storm!""Incredible..." Ryker was fazed by the sight in front of him.Kinkaid had created what looked like a storm of purple-coloured astral blades with his scythes.The blades aimed at Ming and the android takes off dashing around the room in a desperate effort to avoid the attack."From a single swing of his scythe, he created this devastating attack... Astral could be used in a way like this as well." Ryker finds himself learning more about astral as their fight progresses.The blade storm ended with Kinkaid laughing maniacally. Ming stood across the room with several cut marks. "Even the bot couldn't dodge'em all," Ryker said nervously. "Kikikiki." Kinkaid snickered. "You managed to dodge over a dozen of those blades. Yes! It won't be fun if the prey doesn't put up a challenge." He wore a malefic grin as he spins his scythe over his head."Reaper's Storm!"He swung hi
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Ebon Bash
"Hahahahaha!" Kinkaid laughs maniacally as he sends multiple slash waves flying at Ryker and Ming. The two stallions run across the room in a bid to avoid the relentless assault. The scythe wielder was showing no sign of slowing down as he creates more astral blades with every swing of his weapon. "I thought facing you both would be more fun... Now it's getting boring!" Kinkaid paused. Wearing an annoyed expression, he raised his hand. "Five minutes. I'll give you guys five minutes to devise a plan to stop me. Hurry up now, entertain me further!" He finished smacking his lips. "Grr..." Ryker felt humiliated by the hunter's actions. "He's mocking us." He snarled as he balled up his fists. "His level of astral projection and manipulation is top tier," Ming stated. "That scythe of his is annoying! We have to get it off o
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Astral Shaping
"So, what do we do with him?" Ming asked Ryker as they stood in front of the unconscious body of their attacker. "Honestly, I want to kill him." He paused then scanned Kinkaid. 'He's about my age. We're of the same age, yet he's way beyond my league... For now.' "He has a higher rank than that witch. Meaning, he'll have more information than she ever has, we'll take him to Zera once our bastard of a captain returns." Ming silently looks at Ryker. The ex-hunter felt uneasy over the stare and glares at her. "What?" He asked taking a deep breath. "Over the short period that you've been here, you've changed. The old you would have wanted to throw this psycho overboard the soonest." "Yeah well..." He scratches his head. He had never expected to hear such words from her. "You two have rubbed off on me. Tell anyone I said th
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Night Fury
LOCATION: ELFIEM MAGIC TOWER "I couldn't believe it when I heard that the notorious Jackal Knight was in my tower." A young man with blue hair running down his back clad in a dark blue cloak approached Jackal. "Ahh, " Jackal exclaimed as he examined the man. "Who would have thought that such a young fella would become Kris's successor." He said stretching out his hand for a handshake. "Pleased to meet your acquaintance." The man accepted the handshake. 'For an elf, he has such a firm grip... Hehe, you're strong alright, I'll give you that.' Jackal thought to himself. "I've heard so much about you from Master Kris, Master Knight." "Master Knight huh?" Jackal rubs his chin. "I like the sound of that!" He stated with a grin. "My name is Aleister Reigns, student of the former Grandmaster of the magic tower, Kris."
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New Companion
"You need to learn to keep your emotions in check." Ming scolded Ryker. She had witnessed his outburst earlier thanks to the surveillance cameras that were in the cell room. "Tck, I didn't know what came over me." Ryker faced his plate. The two of them were having a meal in the dining. "Well, whatever it is. You have to be more careful. You were releasing pulses of your astral energy. Any more and you could have fried the circuits of the room thus freeing that psycho." "Sorry..." Ryker said. 'Hmm, no snarky comment? That shows at least that he knows to accept his mistakes.' "Well, no real damage occurred. But just be more careful please." "I will." 'I thought I had my emotions in check. Why did I lose control? He didn't really say anything to vex me that way.' Lost in his thoughts, Ryker was unawa
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