81 Chapters
Chapter 1
I grabbed my duffel bag out of the upper compartment of the plane. I also pulled the suitcase for the woman who was sitting next to me. She was in her fifties and we had chatted most of the flight.“Thank you, dear. I never did catch your name.”I smiled at her, setting the bag down on the floor. “Vale, Vale Everfell.”“A beautiful name for a beautiful man.” She winked and I laughed. “Thank you for talking to an old woman like me. I know most people in first class take it because they don’t want to be bothered. I only do it for the leg room.”Shaking my head, I moved into the aisle and let her take up the spot in front of me. “Honestly, I think my mom books first class for me because she knows I talk too much and would annoy everyone around me. I can’t really sleep on planes. So I should be thanking you for dealing with a whippersnapper like me.”Her laugh filled the cabin. “Whippersnapper? Sometimes, you don’t seem your age.”“My Grandpa was a big part of my life growning up. There a
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Chapter 2
I turned off the shower and got out, rubbing myself down with one of the towels hanging from the rack. As I dried off, I grabbed my sweats and a shirt from my bag, throwing them on. Out the door, I started to explore a little. The house was small, only two bedrooms on the top floor. With an office as well.Opening up the other bedroom, I looked in to see the bed unmade, a stuffed bunny laying on the bed, and some clothes tossed on the end. My mom definitely made herself at home. My dad was the neat freak of the two of them. Outside the kitchen, of course. Mom in the kitchen she was a cooking goddess and everything had a place. More than once my sisters, Freya and Syf, got in trouble for messing up the kitchen.I headed down the stairs and sat at the kitchen island with Grandpa. He had a glass of tea in one hand, his cellphone in the other.“Frankie’s made his move.”My mom turned from the pot she was leaning over and signed: “What happened?”“Took over the southern region. Managed a f
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Chapter 3
***Two Weeks Ago*** Shit shit shit. I was going to be late. I had been searching for a book or really a journal from Alpha Killian, three Alpha King’s ago. I finally found it, but I had been so deep in my search, I didn’t realized it was ten minutes past the High Council meeting that was supposed to start. I raced through the long corridors the castle and up the stairs before turning into a door.I fumbled with it before I finally got it open and closed it behind me quietly. The main floor of the High Council had their seats behind a long table. From what I understood, the old High Council used to have robes they wore but now it was just formal attire. There were seats surrounding the high chairs and table. Those were for any onlookers, people who had come with the parties requesting an audience, or people like me who worked with or for the High Council.Rarely did I sit on the main floor. Usually, I sat in the balcony above. From below, you couldn’t see anyone sitting up in the balc
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Chapter 4
My eyes widened when I realized what I was thinking and shook my head. I wasn’t gay. At least, my only real sexual escapades was with Jess or another vampire named Emma. She was Jess’s friend and the two of them liked to gang up on me sometimes. Outside of that, there was nothing else, no one else. I didn’t even know if there could be gay mates. How would the moon goddess set up two men when neither of them could have kids? It didn’t make any sense.“Alpha King Vale, please step forward.”My heart fell. I didn’t want to step up. Naresh forced us to stand up. We stepped forward and I grabbed the railing until my knuckles where white. I looked down at the group, keeping my face blank, my lips in a thin line. I watched as the Alpha’s eyes raise to mine. We looked at each other and the room melted away. My heart hammered in my chest and I watched as his eyes grew to the size of saucers. For the first time, his scent filtered into my nose. It was pine. Pine and the scent of cracking openin
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Chapter 5
I closed the books and sighed. Looking at the genealogy book, I pulled it closer and opened it up. Flipping through some of the pages, I decided to go from the back and worked my way in. The last page that had any writing on it was my name, sitting at the top of the blank page.The next page was full of Dad. Logan Everfell and a fairly detailed recount of his time as Alpha King. It included the information that the High Council requested to collect him as a child. As a result, his entire pack was nearly wiped out. I could understand why my dad had no love for the High Council. It spoke of the war between his pack, the fake Alpha King, and the BloodHunter coven.It wasn’t unless you pulled my mom’s journals on the war that there was any detailed information of what happened. Though, all of it was missing the parts about her being the Alpha King. I flipped through the pages further in.Alpha King Reinard with his Luna Bethany.Alpha King Callus and his Luna Courtney.Alpha King Killian
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Chapter 6
Jess nestled her boobs against my neck and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. “It’s so cute the relationship you have with your mom. You guys are almost like siblings rather than mom and son.”I shook my head. “You don’t want to see how I am with Freya and Syf. They took it upon themselves to fuck with me at every opportunity.”“And your brother?”“In the beginning, he taught me what it meant to be a young wolf. How to be brave and strong. How to save the girls from the spider on the playground. He was there a lot until I was twelve. Then, my family just broke apart.”She rested her chin on my head. “Is the Alpha King gene that strong?”I nodded. “I was still learning to get a handle on it. My dad said he didn’t remember ever having an issue, which doesn’t help. But Mom said he rejected his blood from the beginning. He never really knew until he was in his mid to late twenties. But Mom taught me not only how to control it but to embrace it. It might make it stronger.”“You’ve never
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Chapter 7
'Vale Maximillion Everfell!'Before I realized it, I got a mouthful of pillow. Blinking, I looked over, my mom who was readying another pillow to hit me with.“Woah woah woah. What the hell was that…” I was still hit in the face by the second pillow. “…for?”'The first one was because you explicitly disobeyed my instructions on not to use your power unless it was an emergency. Not for fucking around because you wanted to impress your mate. Goddess, Vale, you could have hurt people.'“I know. I know. But I didn’t think it was…wait…you knew it would work on everyone?”A cheeky smile graced her face. 'Of course I did. Did you think that your grandpa gave you the last bite of cake for a year because he wanted to?'My eyes widened. “I was forcing Grandpa to give it to me?” She nodded and I threw up my hands. “No wonder he stopped eating cake around me. Mom, you should have told me!”Her eyes narrowed. 'What? That you are the most powerful Alpha King there has been and that you, as a fiftee
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Chapter 8
I jolted up in bed and shivered. Looking down, I saw I was covered in my own cum. Rubbing my eyes, I fell back on the bed. When was the last time I had such an intense dream that I literally came over myself?'You were fourteen. The 9th grade and the substitute teacher Miss Halloway.'I growled. 'That was a rhetorical question, Naresh. I didn’t actually need to remember.'He snickered. 'Good dream though. You think our mate felt it as well?'Rolling my eyes, I got up and headed into the bathroom, turning the shower on. 'Probably not. He was probably fucking his Luna at that exact moment.'Naresh whined and immediately regretted it. It was mean and uncalled for. 'I’m sorry, Naresh. I’m still angry about it apparently.'He didn’t say anything as he retreated into the back of my mind. Sighing, I stepped into the shower and washed my body off. When I turned the water off, I could hear movement in the kitchen below. My mom must have been up already.Pulling on some boxers, sweats, and a sh
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Chapter 9
She signed at the screen: “I’ll connect with you later.”“Alright! Have fun! Nice to see you, Vale!” Immediately, she cut off the call before I could even reply.“Mom?”'So the day after you called me, the High Council called and asked for me to do a mission. You didn’t tell me anything so how was I supposed to know?'“You can’t do that mission! That group is dangerous. It’s more than just one or two wolves. It’s a pack, able to give grief to an entire other pack. You think you can just waltz in there and fix everything?” My voice was serious but I was pissed that she agreed to the mission.'Sometimes I wonder if you know what I really do. I kill people, Vale. No matter the race, about 90% of my jobs are to kill people. I know what the mission was. I get briefed on it before I agree to it. Plus, I’m not going alone this time. I have a crew.'Shaking my head, I got up and started to pace. “Mom, you cannot be serious right now.”She sighed. Getting off the stool, Mom placed her mug in t
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Chapter 10
I looked around at the giggling werewolves I called my family. My eyes were wide as I looked at all of them. It was hard trying to keep a straight face as I pictured a chubby wolf bounding through the forest. Squeezing my eyes shut, I struggled and finally succumbed to the laughter. Naresh was already roaring in my head and I joined him.“How much weight have they all gained?”Hector cleared his throat. “Some…more than others.”“Alpha Týr is absolutely the worst. His beta is a close second.” Lucy’s nose wrinkled and I watched as Bryan put a protective arm around his daughter.“Then Logan is probably third with the rest following in varying degrees of severity.” Bryan added, smirking. “It helps he wasn’t at the pack house full time until the last few weeks.”Shaking my head, I gulped in some air. “But you can’t be putting that much in.”“Until you see the portions that they eat.” Hector giggled.'That was added in by your Grandpa. It hightens their appetite as well. So the normal werew
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