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Chapter 21
  Lu Xianjian continued taking care of her and making sure she took her medicine. He really enjoyed her company, she was quite funny. A year passed by quickly but Lu Xianjian was unable to get intimate with Yin Mian. They were very good friends and she really trusted him wholeheartedly but he couldn't develop the courage to touch her.  They even slept on the same bed because she was scared of sleeping alone but he didn't cross his boundary. He had tried once, that day he had sung her a lullaby and she had gone to sleep. While she was asleep, he kept staring at her pretty face and he couldn't help it when he just kissed her. It was a light touch on the lips and he was about to go on when he heard her utter a name.  "President Chen." She said and turned to the other side. Lu Xianjian froze on the spot and never tried to do so again for fear that she might regain her memory. Besides, she was someone else's wife and doing such with her knowing fully well that she was not in her right sen
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Chapter 22
  He would have loved to spend the holidays with the children but that feeling telling him to go to Australia was stronger. He had the meeting and the contract was signed but before he left, his business partners from Australia invited him to a Christmas party they were having.  He first declined but when they pushed further, he accepted and he was sent the venue and the time.  Since the last party he went to with Yin Mian a year ago,he had never ventured to go to a party again. This would be the first time since the last party he went to with Yin Mian and he felt weirdly excited about attending this party, he couldn't understand it.  Lu Xianjian was also invited to the same party and he decided to go with Yin Mian. Yin Mian was very excited to go to the party. "Xian Xian I can't believe I'm going to a party, I want to look the prettiest just like a Queen going to a ball." Yin Mian said excitedly.  "Well my princess shall we go shopping for the finest attire for your highness?" Lu
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Chapter 23
  "Flower I've told you already, I was only trying to protect you.." Lu Xianjian couldn't finish before she cut in "Protect me from what? I'm an adult. I'm very capable of taking care of myself. I know you're hiding something from me,you know what I think? I think you're just jealous because as soon as I mentioned that Chen Qiangu was taking care of me and that he was so nice, your calm reaction changed immediately." Yin Mian told him.  "Flower it's not like that." He tried defending. "It's not like that? Why don't you just stop lying to me? It's freaking me out. I don't know if I can even trust you anymore. Who knows if you've just been lying to me and we're not married, what if you kidnapped me?" Yin Mian said in anger but Lu Xianjian felt his heart beat rise rapidly.  "Flower, why would you even say that, you know I love you very much." Lu Xianjian said, holding her hands. "If you truly loved me, you wouldn't be so possessive and let me interact with people and make friends. If y
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Chapter 24
  She pushed him away. "Stop this right now. It seems you're even worse than that man you saved me from." She told him. "Yin Mian I don't know what's wrong with you but try to remember, I'm your husband and you're my wife. I'm your President Chen" He said and brought out his phone. Then he showed the pictures they took together to her. He brought his wallet and showed her the picture of their family.  She held the picture and stared at it intently, she couldn't almost believe what she saw. It was a picture of her, President Chen, Chen Yiren and their little son in her arms. Her parents were also in the picture and so were Chen Qiangu's parents, it was a family photo.  "See,just look at that photo carefully. This is you and that's me, I'm your husband. These two, the boy and the girl are our children. That's your parents and these are my parents." He said and pointed at each and everyone of them.  "How can this be? This is just not possible, Xian Xian told me that my parents are dea
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Chapter 25
  "Please stop this, you'll kill him. You promised me that you wouldn't hurt him so keep your promise." Yin Mian shouted while trying to stop Chen Qiangu from beating Lu Xianjian up but Chen Qiangu wouldn't stop. "Stop!" Yin Mian screamed and President Chen stopped.  Yin Mian bent down to Lu Xianjian and caressed his bruised face, she kissed his cheek and hugged him. It hurt President Chen very deeply.  "Xian Xian please forgive me, I didn't realize that he's a bad man. I thought he wanted to help me find you but he lied to me and now he's doing the opposite. Do you know this man has gone crazy? He's been telling me that I'm his wife and that I have two children, can you believe it? He even showed me some pictures which I think are fake." Yin Mian told Lu Xianjian, he smiled  "Don't worry flower, he's just jealous because you love me so much." Lu Xianjian said, eyeing President Chen.  Chen Qiangu couldn't take it, so he rushed to Lu Xianjian to give him another beating when Yin Mia
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Chapter 26
  Who was lying and who was telling the truth, Yin Mian wanted to know so badly. She was beginning to understand now that Chen Qiangu had said the truth, she did lose her memory and that was why she couldn't even remember a single thing from her past.  But could Lu Xianjian be lying? She wondered, the man who had taken care of her so well and with love since she woke up from that hospital bed,could he have been deceiving her? The more she thought about it, the more it didn't make sense. She was still wondering who or what to believe when Chen Qiangu barged in.  When she saw him,she sat on the bed. He went and sat close to her. "I'm sorry for troubling you like this and though you might not remember now but you mean the world to me. My life was lonely and cold till you arrived and filled it with so much happiness and although we've experienced bad times in our lives,your presence always braced me up for the worst and gave me strength to face any challenge head on but when I thought yo
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Chapter 27
  She fainted, she was taken to the hospital and Hua Vao was there. "Yin Mian thank goodness you're awake." Hua Vao said and just then, Chen Qiangu walked in in the same audacious manner as he had done before and in his sexy voice said. "I saved your life." Yin Mian stared at Chen Qiangu intently as she tried to remember. Just then a nurse walked in to give her a shot. Chen Qiangu and Hua Vao decided that was enough for the day and it was best not to overstress her.  Both returned to Chen Qiangu's residence and discussed the next plan. "I think we should use a memory recovery drug. That would go a long way in making our job easier, don't you think?" Hua Vao suggested. "Yes, I agree with you." President Chen said and called the doctor, the doctor recommended a drug named memantine.  It would aid her in recovering her memory quickly. He Jiao was eavesdropping on their conversation and decided to use their plan to her advantage.  He Jiao quickly went to the hospital pharmacy and bribed
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Chapter 28
  He immediately woke He Jiao up,she yawned softly. "What is going on?" He asked, confused. "What does it look like? We were intimate last night." He Jiao snapped. "How? Why?" President Chen asked. He Jiao knew it was time to put her acting skills to the test.  She started shedding crocodile tears as she formed a cock and bull story. "I'm sorry President Chen, I tried to stop you but I just couldn't. You were too strong. I went to get the drug and returned with it but by the time I returned,you had only a towel on. I sensed you were drunk because you mentioned that you came here from a party. You advanced towards me and made your intentions known to me. I refused because I knew you were drunk, President Chen, you forced yourself on me." He Jiao continued wailing uncontrollably, you would almost believe she was telling the truth.  "What you're saying can't be true,I would never force myself on you no matter what state I'm in. I only had a few glasses of alcohol and I was perfectly fin
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Chapter 29
  Chen Qiangu signed it and took Yiren to the hospital. Luckily, the cut wasn't deep and her vein had not been affected. She hadn't lost much blood. "Don't ever do that again." President Chen told her in the hospital. "Dad I won't, I promise. Thank you for signing the papers. All that's left now is the wedding and it will be done in two days." Yiren said. "What? Two days?" President Chen asked.  "Yes, that's ample time, I won't let you change your mind." Yiren said and President Chen frowned. He Jiao was bursting with happiness, her plan had succeeded. She was really pregnant, that much was true but it wasn't for President Chen. It was for her boyfriend and she planned to get rid of it as soon as she was married to President Chen.  You could well say He Jiao was pure evil, the devil herself. He Jiao's friend who happened to be her wedding hairstylist reminded her that she shouldn't celebrate too much because Yin Mian was still married to Chen Qiangu and her marriage to Chen Qiangu wo
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Chapter 30
  At that moment, out of the blues, Yiren screamed. "Police! The police are here." He Jiao's heart thumped in her chest as she directed her gaze to the exit of the Church.  Yin Mian used the opportunity to kick the gun out of He Jiao's hand,Yin Mian was glad she had learned karate while in high school, she had just not found the right time to use her skills but this was the perfect opportunity.  The gun fell farther from where the both of them stood. Both raced to get the gun but Yin Mian was faster. She picked up the gun and held it,pointing it directly at He Jiao as she had previously done to her.  "No please, Yin Mian, you can't do this. You're not heartless, please forgive me, I'm pregnant." He Jiao pleaded.  "Don't worry I won't shoot, I'm not as heartless as you. When you were directing your evil blows at me, I didn't complain but the moment you directed them at my family my dear He Jiao, you took a tigress by the tail. I will do anything it takes to protect my family from th
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