54 Chapters
Chapter 1
For as long as I could remember, everyone called me Plain Jane. It wasn’t my name, but I had long since forgotten my real name. This was supposed to be my third, and last, reaping. If no one picked me this time around, I’d either be sent away to live the life of a rogue, or I’d be killed. The final decision lay with Alpha George. In rare cases, if Alpha George thought the rejected girls would be of any use, he’d employ them in the kitchens or as a trainer for the younger girls. Sometimes, he took the prettier girls as his breeders, but most of the time he killed them. And in not such a nice way. He wasn’t a good guy, our Alpha, and he enjoyed a bit of torture. Or so I’ve been told. I didn’t actually know if there was any truth to the rumours, because we weren’t allowed to leave the red palace until we were picked or kicked out, and we had no contact with any men until the day of the reaping. “Good morning ladies,” our dorm mistress chirped and banged the door to our room open. “Bi
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Chapter 2
We rushed down the corridor to the reception halls at the back of the red palace where the buyers were no doubt already waiting. They called this place the red palace because of the red bricks used to build it. From the outside, when the sun caught the building just right, it glowed crimson. It was a beautiful sight. It was probably the only thing I’d miss when I was gone. That, and Gloria. We were never allowed to leave our dorms. We lived, ate, and worked with the same group of girls every day. Each dorm had its own little garden where we grew our own food and spent our summer afternoons. There wasn’t much to do at the palace. We weren’t allowed an education, apart from being trained in the arts of pleasure, and later, childbirth. Nor were we allowed to watch television or movies, since the overseers thought it would corrupt us. All we had was each other, and that never lasted long. The girls quickly figured out what was what, that some girls were preferred over the others, tha
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Chapter 3
Roman's POV I sighed heavily as I got out of my limousine and looked up at the red palace. I hadn’t been here for more than a hundred years. I despised this place, despised what we’d had to do to prevent our species from going extinct. I hated being reminded of the decision the Lycans had made three centuries ago. I was against it, but at the time, I saw no other way out. In the beginning, werewolves, were the offspring of the immortal Lycans and their human mates. A werewolf pregnancy was always fatal for the human woman, and we outlawed such unions because of it, but then our women started dying too. The pups almost always survived, but their mothers never did, and fairly soon we started to run out of she-wolves. We had to do something. And that something was the red palace. A place where we kept our Lunar virgins, which was just a more palatable description for breeders, until they were old enough to produce heirs. We kept them here for their own safety, away from brutes and rap
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Chapter 4
I stared at the wolves surrounding me, all of them kneeling before the three Lycans, baring their throats in submission. I’ve only ever heard about Lycans, but never actually saw one. From what Mistress Katrina told us, they kept to themselves and lived in their ancient castle, from where they ruled the rest of us. The three massive men were as different as they were alike. All three of them were taller than even Alpha George, with broad shoulders and powerful auras. I figured the tallest of the Lycans, a man with raven black hair that was slightly too long and piercing blue eyes, was our king. Every feature was perfect, from the angular cut of his jaw to the straight nose, full lips, and high cheekbones. And for some reason or the other, I found myself wondering what it would feel like to have his massive, perfect hands on my body, caressing my skin. I shuddered at the thought and violently shook my head as if that would help to clear out the unwelcome images that suddenly invaded
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Chapter 5
Roman's POVGabriel tossed Jane over his shoulder, and Connell disappeared back into the grand hall to retrieve Gloria. I stared death at Alpha George. “When I come back here, and I will be back, I expect to see an improvement, or there will be consequences.”“Yes, King,” the Alpha muttered.Most werewolves hated us, but they feared and respected us at the same time. It was an unpleasant dichotomy we all had to live with. They couldn’t kill us, but Lycans could kill them with a mere thought, and very few wolves had the courage to test our patience.I nodded at Gabriel, who spun around and marched out of the reception room with Jane who hung over his shoulder like a dead deer. Connell joined us a moment later, his hand on Gloria’s elbow, guiding her to the car. “By all means, send me a bill for the cost of the girls,” I say. “I will compensate you.”“Yes, King.”I turned on my heel and followed my two advisors out of the red palace and into our waiting limousine. Gabriel waited until I
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Chapter 6
It was night by the time we pulled up to the massive, ornate wrought iron gates. I couldn’t see much, apart from the beautiful gates with their swirly patterns at the top, and the thick iron bars below, but from what I could tell, the stone wall surrounding the castle was at least three metres high. We stopped twice on our way here, mostly so Gloria and I could use the restroom. Every time, Connell escorted us inside while the king waited in the car. All I could think was that the man must have had a bladder of steel. The drive from the gates to the castle took ten minutes over a cobbled driveway that vibrated the seats, which made my numb butt cheeks tingle and buzz. I squirmed in my seat, trying to ease my discomfort. The king suddenly looked up at straight at me. He shook his head as if he couldn't believe I existed, then looked out the window again. At long last, the limousine pulled up to the castle. I fell out of the car, shaking my legs, trying to get the circulation going, w
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Chapter 7
I stared at the stunning brunette in sheer disbelief. Why was she going off on me as if I had any say in the matter? “I didn’t…I didn’t choose this,” I tried to explain, but my feeble excuse fell on deaf ears. “What did you do? Did you use some kind of magic? A potion? Tell me, bitch.” “I didn’t do anything.” But it was weird, I had to give her that. I wasn’t king material, anyone with eyes could see that. The brunette’s nose turned up like she was smelling something bad. “What does he see in you anyway?” Since I didn’t know the answer to that question, I didn’t answer her. “Hm.” She sniffed loudly. “You’ve come to a dangerous place. I’d be careful if I were you.” “Harriet,” Kenneth said from the hallway. “You were told to leave this wing.” I expected Harriet to argue, but she turned around and ran down the corridor, leaving me alone with Kenneth. I took a step away from the wolf. Always that reminder that I was vulnerable, that males only use us for one thing. “The king sent fo
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Chapter 8
I wanted to tell him to stop. I saw his claws earlier, saw how easily he punched into the old Omega’s chest – no human can do anything like that -- but the words wouldn’t come. A steel hand gripped my throat and tightened around my vocal cords, making it impossible to speak. King Roman hooked his thumbs around the top of joggers and bent over, pulling his trousers down as he did. He lifted his head and looked at me through the fringe of hair that flopped over his eyes. He was absolutely breathtaking. Until he came along a few hours ago, I never gave men much thought. In my head, they were nothing more than brutish rapists, not handsome, arrogant, yet somehow also charming, kings with a slight anger management problem. My overtaxed heart started beating in my throat, and blood rushed through my veins so fast that I was dizzy from it. Blinking at him, I took in large gulps of air in an effort to slow down my galloping heart. The king straightened and threw his trousers on the couch n
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Chapter 9
Roman’s POV I couldn’t sleep. Jane’s image haunted me. When I touched the rune on her neck, I almost lost my damn mind. I sent her away soon after. I was too afraid of myself and my reactions to her, afraid that I’d get swept up by the bond, that I’d forget myself and do things to her. She was too pure, too innocent, for a wolf like me. I wish I knew what the Goddess was thinking, sending me such a mate. But Jane was the one she gave me, and there would be no denying her. There wasn’t another one out there waiting for me, and I had no plans on waiting another six hundred years for my second chance. When the grandfather clock in the hallway outside my bedroom chimed five times, I gave up on my battle with sleep and got up. After a long shower, I returned to the living area that also served as my private office where I did my work by the window that overlooked the garden Lilly loved so much. I couldn’t actually bring myself to look at it, let alone go down there, but it was enough
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Chapter 10
It took me a while to find Gloria. The castle was easily three times the size of the red palace, and I kept getting lost. When I somehow made my way back to the lobby for the fourth time, Kenneth took pity on me and took me straight to Gloria’s door. Unlike me, she didn’t wear a servant’s uniform. She wore a pretty pink dress and matching sandals, perfect for a warm summer’s day. “So you are a trophy?” I asked right away. “No,” Gloria replied. “I don’t know what I am.” She gave me one of her dazzling smiles and gripped my hands in hers. “But isn’t this grand? We won’t die as breeders!” I nodded. It worked out well for both of us. So far, the king hadn’t made any moves on me, but even if he did, it was still infinitely better than being breeders. “Are you a servant?” she asked, taking in my attire. “Yes. I’m the king’s body servant.” “What’s that?” I quickly explain it to Gloria in the same way Milly did. “But, he said he doesn’t need me, so now I don’t know what his plans are.”
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