Billionaire's Fake Wife With Benefits

Billionaire's Fake Wife With Benefits

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New book: Alpha's moonborn mate is OUT now. Read it today8-) ____ "Raven, love me. I want to feel you more and more inside me. I want you to love me the best you can." She dragged themselves near a wall across. She stood sandwiched between him and the wall while directing his lips down to her neck in urgency. "I want you now." Kiara grasped at the bust of enormous feeling. His first two fingers went in and out of her hole while the water overhead did its perfect work of giving a push to his rage. Raven groaned pinching her p***y lips between her legs that resulted into making her open her mouth at the beautiful pain that gush down between her legs. Kiara moaned while Raven accepted this chance to ravish her mouth. He kissed every freaking inch of her mouth closely sucking her tongue. He brought his hands together pressing both her boobs at the same time with such aggression that she kind of jumped arcing her back. He pinched her mounds lifting her up until her pink nipples were rubbing on his wet lips. "Uhhh, Raven!" She screamed feeling him inside her. "He's going to break you!" Her heart warned. "But I'm going to love him anyway." She replied back. ________ He broke up with her in the last year of their college. She begged him to not do it. Cried badly for nights craving for him but he didn't listen. However, after almost three years of separation he appeared in her life with a proposal... A proposal that changed her for real bad. Love will be deceived, hearts will be broken, lives will be destroyed and souls will be ripped apart in this journey filled with secrets, obsessions, relationships, greed and lost love!

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63 Chapters
0. Prologue
Prologue    Amsterdam,  Late night,    A tall and a dark young man stepped out of an Audi R8. He straightened his black coat as his mouth pressed in a thin line of irresolution.    His eyes intriguingly stared at the tower in front as he sighed nervously. He'd never thought he'd come here to visit her. But here he was. After pocketing his iPhone he moved inside of the tower slowly.    The night was slow and silent. Yet the moon in the sky shone bright. One could clearly see the spots it has amidst the dancing black clouds. He pressed the button of '9th floor' and stood silently against the mirror behind him looking at the small screen above the elevator doors that screened the number of floors he crossed by.    The doors unlatched with a ding, he bit his lower lip exiting the same. His emotionless peepers gazed at the door of the flat located
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1. Meet Kiara Diaz || 2. Meet Raven Carter
 CHAPTER 1…Meet Kiara Diaz  There was the pen held in between her index finger and thumb, she laid on her tummy and legs bent from the knees and raised up in the air, hairs still in a bun and the jacket she wore earlier was removed and now rested on the couch nearby, her eyes incredulously, with a jumping heart stared at the papers. She smiled sheepishly like an idiot reading the first few lines again and again that read, ‘Kiara Diaz an independent woman, living in so and so place agrees to marry Raven Carter for the span of one year.  If needed the period of contract shall be renewed further after the date expires and if it requires.’ She rolled over on her back and raised the papers up in the air and smiled yet again reminiscing the moments when she met him in life. The encounters were small but special, hurting but hot, lively but painful. She closed her eyes pulling t
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3. Her fear, Girard Carter
    CHAPTER 3…   Her fear, Girard Carter   She tried her best to get out of Raven’s hold. There was sweat running down her forehead speaking of her anxiety. Kiara banged her fist on his hard chest giving him hard time in controlling her. “Ehhh… Kiara, calm down, he will not hurt you. He is changed now.”… He spoke assuring near her ear rubbing her back.    There was no way to calm her nerves down. “I want to go, let me go Raven.”… She said sternly yet difficultly between her heavy breaths. The dark pair of black eyes that was staring her keenly with a chaste smile was intrigued and reading her behavior. She’s not changed at all. Three years but still thebehavior, nervousness, fears… everything was just the same as it was in the old times.    “I don’t trust him, nor do you. Now let me go.”… She glared him, just being on the verge of crying. The advocate who was suppo
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4. The irritating bully
CHAPTER 4She tried her best to get out of his hold. There was sweat running down her forehead speaking of her anxiety. Kiara banged her fist on his hard chest giving him hard time in controlling her. "Ehhh, Kiara. Calm down, he will not hurt you. He is changed now."… He spoke assuring near her ear rubbing her back.    There was no way to calm her nerves down. "I want to go, let me go Raven."… She sternly yet difficultly said between her heavy breaths. The dark pair of black eyes that was staring her keenly with a chaste smile intriguingly read her behaviour. She's not changed at all. Three years but still her behaviour, her nervousness, her fear… Everything was just the same that it was in the old times.    "I don't trust him, nor do you. Now let me go."… She glared him, just being on the verge of crying. The advocate who was supposed to get the
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5. Her hurtful past
CHAPTER 5"Don't look at me like that Diaz… Ahh correction… I mean Carter!"… Girard aforementioned whilst settling in the front seat beside the driver. He faked a glare towards Kiara by sitting slightly crossed such that his back was resting against the door. He trailed his tongue round the circumference of his teeth staring Kiara continuously.    The situation was funny yet very interesting! There was fear, a slight attitude of being in power by becoming Mrs. Carter (his wife) as well as her confident was modified nevertheless, still there was panic and insecurity in her eyes. "Don't look at him."… Raven made her hide her face in his neck pulling her close. His one hand was around her shoulders pulling her in his safe protection while the other one covering her eyes such that she could avoid seeing his face. Yet, she peeped through the gap between his fingers at his brother's face that was craned
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6. His betrayal
CHAPTER 6Kiara swigged her saliva gazing at the guy in her front, her expressions were as if she was seeing the world’s worst guy, “What are you doing here in this dark night standing alone on the gate?”… He flirtatiously asked trying to touch her bare shoulder. Left eye as well as ear pierced with metal ring, he ruffled his hairs those seemed to be wet. He was Payton, college’s bad boy!  Kiara rolled her eyes moving away from him with clenched jaw, her eyes were red already, having waited till so long she did not know what to do. “Go to hell Payton. Fuck you!”… She showed him her middle finger with a cunning smile making the looks on his face to change from smirking to heck serious.  This girl was something to play with, something to taste slowly with ecstasy. Her tongue was sharper than a butcher’s knife. She could kill anyone with her killer be
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7. Hurt again
CHAPTER 7Hurt again!  Kiara’s point of view…  He opened the door for me. His brother Girard swiftly exited the car and entered in the house leaving us alone. I was happy and felt light hearted to see him not near us any more. His presence was making it difficult for me to breathe. He did not seem the old Girard any more yet his facial expressions were the same. It refreshed my old memories. That was haunting!  I lightly breathed a sigh feeling my body relaxing in comfort at his departure. I was so much lost in myself that I totally forgot Raven has been standing there with an open door asking for me to get out, but his voice could not reach me, I was too into my thoughts. When I nervously gaped his face that was slightly getting into the mode of annoyance, he just looked away.  This was his way to ignore his frustration toward me.  As
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8. The bully wants to play a game
CHAPTER 8I was in the room alone. Afternoon’s blazing sun was overhead, Raven has got a call and left for some important meeting immediately. I attempted to ask him what was the matter notwithstanding he only said, “I will tell you everything once I am back, trust me. There are so many things I want to discuss with you.” And left not before giving me a feathery kisson my neck. And guess what, I was alone in the entire bungalow with Girard. I begged him to not go, I was sure his brother would do something to me once Raven will leave. And that was why I locked the door, to be on the safer side I placed a table across the same to take every possible measure to keep him away from me.  As for now, I was on the bed in my gown with folded legs, I have had curled my hairs into a bun and washed my face. Wearing make up has always been a concern for me. It bothers me, what if acne and rashes appears on my face if I keep
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9. She is innocent!
CHAPTER 9Kiara point of view…. My throat went dry, the way his eyes narrowed and glared me, I was almost on the verge of passing out. He is handsome, six pack abs, challenging personality but the thing that makes everyone hate him is his nature. That bully nature. Even today when the old friends or old classmates accidentally stumble by and see him, they sweat only by getting a glimpse of his face.  The time really had flown by but his old self still holds that dread that can kill anyone!  “I…. I” I fumbled.  He slightly bobbed his head allowing me to go further unfortunately, I did not know where to start from. His eyes were enough for me to start sweating!  Honestly I was never courageous enough to open my mouth in front of him. He threatened me like the monster of any horror movie with disgusting teeth, long nails and lips
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10. A drizzling night
CHAPTER 10A drizzling night! The clouds were slightly drizzling, there was fog covering the area while the dew condensed on the transparent glass of Kiara’s window was slipping down. The atmosphere was good. Perfect one to sit silently near the balcony with a hot cup of coffee and talk. The lights were switched off, only the ceilings lights were turned on that made all the object, show pieces to gleam in its light. Raven was in the wash room changing his clothes. While Kiara stood across the balcony enjoying the beautiful scenery there, many a thoughts struck her mind!  The month of October with winters approaching was best. The heater was on, how everything unlike a new couple’s bed, their bed was not decorated with flowers! There were no fragrance candles too. Even he did not make her feel as though they would be having their first night tonight!  She let out a sigh leaning on
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