Mafia King's Unbridled Love

Mafia King's Unbridled Love

By:  LostpuppyJS  Completed
Language: English
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Warning: 18+Camelia's life was destroyed when someone forcefully took her and married her. She was tired of living at the tender age of 18. Her days were more agonizing than death. She was saved by the mafia king Lucifer Martinez. Naive, innocent Camelia began thinking of him as her hero. But was he really her hero? Or he was worse than the worst villains? Was Camelia walking into a one-way road with Lucifer? Will her story end happily or she will be just a playtoy of Lucifer?Read this story and be a part of Camelia and Lucifer's journey.

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69 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Kidnapped!
Mafia King's Unbridled Love Camelia's POV: When I woke up it was almost noon. But I was still lying on the bed. I couldn't get up.  "Mam, you should get up and have something." One of the maids entered the room. She untied my wrists. Her name was Flora. I moaned in pain when I tried to turn on my back.  "Ahhh." I winced.  "Mam, careful!" Flora cautioned. I sat up on my butt, a sharp pain shot between my legs. Even though she was just a maid, she was extra sympathetic to me. I forgot when I passed out. But sensing the pain all over my body, I think he didn't stop even after I lost consciousness. He had his way with my unconscious body.  My ripped clothes were lying on the floor scattered. I was sitting naked in front of a maid. I gave up on my shame a long ago.  "Pl
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Chapter 2 - Lucifer!
Lucifer's POV:   "Fuck!"   "Derek the piece of shit! How dared he!" I screamed.   I knocked down the chair with a kick. I clenched my jaw so hard my gum hurt.   My blood was boiling and everything before my eyes, I saw red.   Anger wouldn't dissipate until I that bastard kill him with my bare hands.   One of my drug cartels was blown away. Derek Dawson was behind it. I always knew that he would try something like this. Dawson family couldn't accept their defeat. Twenty years ago, my father destroyed Dawsons and flourished our Martinez Mafia legacy.   After I took over, everything changed. I strengthened his empire to the point that we became filthy rich. I was way crueler than my father. Drug, weapon, money laundering- I left no way of earning. Whatever gave me profit, I did.  
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Chapter 3 - Who Is Camelia?
Lucifer's POV: "Don't tell me you killed her?" I questioned skeptically.  "Um. No, boss. She kinda became strange, then pissed herself and fainted. I think we need to see her a doctor." She said.  It was an extra headache. But I needed information.  "Okay. Call Tris for now and let her check if anything is wrong with her and treat her if needed." I ordered.  "Okay, boss." Cindy replied. Tris was another female workers of mine. She had a medical degree but chose this profession after she killed the professor who tried to rape her.  "How is everything going? Have you found new strippers?" I asked, Eddy, the manager of this club.  "Boss, going very good. People are spending money here on the strippers like it's paper. But one problem-"  "What?"  "I have noticed two rich guys coming
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Chapter 4 - Let Me Go!
Lucifer's POV:Am I breaking someone who is already broken?I didn't know what came over me. I did take two most stupid decision ever. "Uncuff her," I ordered. Tris quickly uncuffed her wrist. Walking to her bed, I bent down and scooped her in my arms. Tris's eyes widened but she kept her mouth shut. I didn't need to give anyone any explanation. My word was the law in my world, I was the God here. I walked out of the shitty warehouse, carrying her and reached the garage. I opened my car door with the remote control key and placed the fragile girl on the seat. Her unconscious body was swaying, so I strapped the seat belt over her. Hopping on the driver's seat, I drove away to my house. After reaching my mansion, I opened the door and headed inside, taking the little thing in my arms. It was the
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Chapter 5 - Wild Imagination!
Lucifer's POV:"You have to stay here. No one will hurt you. But now tell me do you feel any pain or discomfort in your head?" I questioned. She didn't speak but her lips trembled. "I asked you SOMETHING." I pressed feeling annoyed. I had to repeat everything with this girl.She shook her head in negative. For now, I was satisfied with this. She was still in shock. But later, she must use words to answer my every question. "Anywhere in your body?" "I-in my chest, ribs, knees and elbows." She answered. Cindy beat her badly."Okay. Soon maids will bring your dinner. After having them, take these medicines. Then sleep. Tomorrow the doctor will come." Informing her, I left her room. I strode to my room, looking at my right hand hard. With this hand, I touched her cheeks. Then looked at my left hand. With this, I h
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Chapter 6 : Predator And Prey!
Camelia's POV:I forgot when I slept so peacefully last time. Every night was nothing but horrid torture to me. They took me and most of the time I used to pass out. But it didn't stop them from having their way with me.I was a doll to sate their sexual needs, perverted fantasies, nothing else. My opinion, my feelings, my pain were never considered. Each morning I could see, I could feel the vile traces of their lustful torture all over my body.However, I woke up in this new place and went to the bathroom. To say the truth, I was feeling a lot better. Even though my body still hurt, I was feeling better. The pain lessened. After getting fresh, I returned to the bed and saw a maid was already standing there. "Good Morning, Miss. It's time for your breakfast. We have made pancakes, bacon. If you want to eat anything specific, please tell me. I will prepare
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Chapter 7 - Escape!
Camelia's POV:I didn't know this man but I got a feeling that he wasn't any good. When I looked at his handsome face, stared straight into his green eyes, I felt like he could see through me. I would lose myself in his dark green eyes. The man was a mafia, no doubt that he was ruthless. I was already hurt by him, he didn't believe me when I said I didn't know anything about Derek. He ordered that female monster to beat me up. There was no assurance that he wouldn't sell me or rape me himself. I had tolerated a lot and I didn't want to face the same pain again. So, I already decided to escape from this place. After finishing dinner, I didn't take the medicines. There was a sedative in these and once I taking this, I would get very sleepy and wouldn't be able to escape anymore. I hid the medicines under the pillow and pretended to sleep. The maid returned and checked t
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Chapter 8 - Lover Or Personal Slut!
Lucifer's POV:I knew Camelia wanted to leave but didn't think she would try to escape tonight. She wasn't even completely healed. I felt so angry when Melissa told me Camelia wanted to leave. Tonight, when she was caught by the guards, I was enraged. But she was already so scared and trembling. Seemed like if I scare her a more, she would piss on herself again. When I caught her, she was shaking and crying. Watching her beautiful heart-shaped face, stained in tear, I felt something weird that I haven't felt before. I felt bad for her, wanted to take her in my arms, wipe her tears and at the same time, fuck her hard.Sounds crazy right? I knew it.While struggling on the bed, my hard body pressed against her soft, delicate, small one, sent desperate pleas of need. Her dress rode up to her sto
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Chapter 9 - I Can Bring the Hell On Earth!
Camelia's POV:I finished my breakfast hurriedly and followed him inside the car. After getting married to Derek, it was the first time, I was outside. I was looking at the outside scenery of the car. Even though I was going to the hospital, it felt refreshing. It would be nicer if I could open the window. Suddenly, I remember that I still didn't know his name. I turned my head to see that he was furiously typing something on his iPad. Should I ask him? He seemed busy. I was fidgeting with my fingers. Just let it go. I already wasted his time. Besides, I wasn't comfortable talking with him. The way he looked at me sometimes, I felt scared. Felt like he might want to eat me whole. This man was a mafia. But his extraordinarily handsome face didn't look like a mafia. Here, he was sitting wearing an Arma
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Chapter 10 - Will Take More Than I Will Give!
Warning: This chapter contains violence and sensitive readers are warned!Lucifer's POV:It was almost evening. I was supposed to go to one of my Night clubs to attend a meeting with a local gang leader. But I changed my mind and canceled the meeting tonight. I got a call from Melissa a while ago that the results of the blood tests already came out. She gave me a call as soon as she got them. She found traces of Morphine in her blood. My blood was boiling.Camelia's CT scan, MRI and X-ray reports weren't ready yet. Camelia opened up about something; she told Melissa that sometimes when she cried or screamed much from the pain after extreme torture, they gave her an injection so that she would stop. That was indeed morphine. Derek, fucking bastard! How dared he?Fortunately, she still didn't grow any dependency on morphine. Or els
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