Till Worlds Do Us Part

Till Worlds Do Us Part

By:  Miriam Mavuzi  Completed
Language: English
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How would you feel if one day, your whole life and the things you knew suddenly changed? How would you feel, if you were placed in a foreign place and you were the odd one out? Well, this is a story about one plane crash. One world lost. One world found and the odd one in it. A 24-year-old teacher on a flight to teach where the need is greater, does not know that the plane she’s on, will crash before she even reaches her destination. Fortunately she survives the plane crash but wakes up in a village. However, she does not recall anything. There are strict laws in this village, for example, unmarried people are not allowed to be close to each other or even seen together. If they are caught or suspected of anything, they are beheaded in front of the whole village. When she begins falling for one of the villagers, Yoké, no rule seems big enough to keep them apart.

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    I took out one of my earphone from my ear as I saw the airhostess walking towards my seat down the aisle. She kept pausing at a few seats as some passengers were whispering their requests at the side of her face. She was friendly and kept smiling and nodding at the passengers.When she got closer to me I raised my hand slightly to get her attention and she caught it.She smiled down at me. "Yes ma'am?""Uh, can I get a bottle of water, it's getting kind of hot up in here." I told her, feeling compelled to return her smile."That just means we are close." She said keeping that warm smile. "Sure, it's coming right up.""Thank you." I said returning my earphone back in my ear.She nodded and walked perfectly on. I looked at the passangers seated across the aisle from me. It was a young blonde woman sitting by the window and a brunette man next to her. He was holding her hand and she was saying something about her bright fingernails.I pressed t
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    1– The people
    The first thing I remember is laying on that bed with my arms flat against my sides and how difficult it felt trying to open my eyes. I felt as if I needed help opening my eyes. And when I did open them, it required energy to open them up again after each blink.What I saw was blur. Silhouettes of people gathered around me. I didn't see their faces clearly but I could sense that they were agitated, turning to their sides and looking at one another from time to time.Someone bent towards me and put something cold on my forehead. After blinking this time when I opened my eyes, I could see clearly. I saw the face of the person that put that cold thing on my forehead. It was a woman. A grown woman. She was very dark in color. She had black long hair that fell over me. I noticed that she had two bands around her upper arm. The material looked like cheater skin.The woman was looking down at me. She smiled warmly for a few seconds and then her face crumbled into tears. She wiped them quickly
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    2– Soft hair
    That night, I dreamt that I was sitting at some place. But I wasn't free to move around. I was confined to my chair. Something was not letting me move. I don't know where I was, there was darkness all around. I was looking around nervously as if I was scared. My chair then started rattling and shaking. I held on to the handles and shut my eyes. But it wouldn't stop. I started to hear screaming and shouting but I couldn't see the people around me as it was dark. The rattling of my chair got worse and I started to scream too. I was screaming at the tip of my lungs but my screams were muffled. I couldn't hear my own scream. I started struggling to breath all of a sudden. I was choking. I was suffocating. I felt like I was going to die. When I opened my eyes Furah was there shaking me in an attempt to wake me from this nightmare. She and the lady looked very frightened. The chief was also there. The lady wiped my face and put a cloth to my forehead. All of a sudden I felt very cold and st
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    3– No talking
    The healer was not too happy about my burn. He was a chubby old man with a big round tummy. He was wearing a long furry garment over his shoulders. There were white patterns drawn all over his face.He scolded Gamu for my burn. Gamu didn't say anything, she just kept her head down and her hands behind her back. She looked so submissive and quiet, unlike the carefree girl she was this morning in the forest. I felt really bad for her, although I did not understand the reason behind them locking me under that blanket with such hot water.I was sitting on the bed with my legs hanging to the floor. The healer was kneeling by my foot examining the yellow swollen bump on my foot. I kept looking at his round tummy. I had not seen anyone with a tummy that big in the village. The people I saw were all well built, with strong features and muscles.Furah and the chief were seated around on little benches watching the healer rant on and on. They did not interrupt the healer as he complained.Afte
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    4– Story time
    That next day Gamu prepared red vegatable-like food, with the same white and green looking food on the side. This time they did not let me eat on the bed. Furah, the chief and myself sat around a wooden table with our plates before us. Gamu stood aside and awaited any orders. After we all washed our hands the chief gave permission for us to start eating. I decided to start with the green vegetables as the white looking food did not go so well yesterday.I took some of the green and ate it, I didn't like the taste but I continued chewing anyway. I shut my eyes hard and swallowed. I tried a second time, and before the veggies were halfway down my throat it all came back up and I threw up on the floor.The chief banged his palms on the table and got up. He started to complain and shout. Furah just kept quiet and moved the food on her plate around with her fingers slowly. I didn't know why the food kept coming back up. I hadn't eaten anything in three days. I didn't even feel hungry anymor
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    5– The best part of the day
    I was regularly accompanying Gamu while she ran her morning arends. She would wake up at the crow of the rooster and enter the hut. She would then clean up the hut and would wash any of our dirty clothes. As she did things she would hum. She'd then take the three buckets and take me to the beautiful river to take a bath. Before we reached the river we always stopped in the forest to hear the birds and the trees and then she would sing and we would dance. And then we would move on to the other side of the river where all the other girls would bath and then I would watch her bath and play in the water with the other girls.We would then go up the hill to the well to draw out water. On rare days we would see Yoké and Uma coming to fetch water at the same time as us, or coming up the hill as we were going back down. He would greet Gamu and then me and him would talk or laugh about the stories he would tell me. Uma always stood closest to us and smiled here and there although he could not u
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    6– Closer
    Today was different, as soon as we stepped outside I noticed there was something different in the way everyone went about their morning. There was excitement in the air, like something was about to happen. Furah told Gamu to dress me up good today and she did. Today I wore material from cheater skin. When we went up, we didn't see Yoké and Uma today.I found out what brought the excitement when the sun was about to set.Everyone started going towards the mountains. Everyone but us. We waited until everyone left and then we also followed. We kept walking for a long time and I was a little bit scared. We were walking in single file with the chief leading, followed by Furah and then myself and then Gamu. We passed the forest and got to stony ground. We approached a stop, there was no more way. Just bamboo sticks forming a great wall. We stopped in front of the bamboo wall and I looked back at Gamu. She had no expression on her face, she didn't smile or make any face.The chief then look
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    7– Silent treatment
    That night I couldn't sleep. I kept asking myself why Abu did that? Why? Why did he do that? And why did he tell me that he would meet me at the well? I've never even seen him at the well before. I thought long and hard but couldn't get any answers.We were speaking nicely at the show so where did I go wrong with him? I kept replaying what happened in my head. I replayed it a thousand times and then started replaying what could have happened. I replayed those scenes over and over again until I fell asleep.And as usual, I had the same dream again and I woke up covered in sweat. It didn't make any sense. What did this dream mean? Why did I keep having this dream? The worst part was that whenever I was suffocating in the dream, I was struggling to breath in real life. I guess thats why I always woke up with screams.***As soon as I heard Gamu enter the hut that morning I jumped to my feet and ran into the main chamber. She just looked at me, frowned and continued working. I greeted her
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    8–Warm hands
    It rained that night. Gamu told me it was the first time that it was raining in Toko for 3 months. She said that that meant that their God was very pleased with them, that's why he brought rain again. She told me that since it rained after so long, tomorrow there would be a celebration in the village.Kids played outside in the rain until late that night. I could hear their screams of excitement muffled under the pouring of the rain on the straws of our hut. After that they were still... I assumed they all went back to their huts. Now only the sound of the pouring of the rain reined. I cried the whole night. I didn't feel the excitement of the rain. I didn't want to celebrate tomorrow. I just wanted answers. Why? Why? And why? Why Yoké said those things to me. Did he really mean them? Me and him had been speaking nicely ever since he came to interpret for me the first time. So what went wrong?Yoké couldn't just kick me out like that. He meant so much to me. He meant so much to me but
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    9– Hide
    Something strange happened. I went out with Gamu in the morning as usual, and I didn’t see Yoké at the well. Uma was there drawing water alone.We greeted him and he greeted back.“Where’s Yoké today?” Gamu asked him before I could.“Oh, he was called to the chief’s hut a few moments ago.”Gamu and I exchanged looks.“Why?” I asked.“I don’t know. A small child was sent to call him from the well. You didn’t see him on your way up?” I shook my head. I was worried now. “Besides interpreting, is there another reason why Yoké would be called for by the chief?” Uma shrugged. “Yoké is a teacher, maybe they want him to explain something. I don’t know.” “What if he is in trouble?” I asked. “What could he possibly do wrong? Unless it’s with you.” Gamu laughed. “Can you believe that this girl sneaked out last night to see him.” “Why are you telling everyone now? I told you not to tell anyone.” “Uma is not everyone.” Gamu said. “Tell her Gamu. I’m a good friend. Besides, Yoké already tol
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