By:  Lil White Fox  Ongoing
Language: English
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Death is always a part of life, unfortunately there are those who will always be surrounded by death and misfortune. It has been two years since the death of her friend, during that Chloe was left forcing herself to pick up the pieces of her broken life. To make it worse she is constantly plagued by voices, voices that only she can hear and refuse to leave her alone. Resulting in having to deal with isolation and misfortune. Now in college Chloe is now faced with another dilemma- the new student Daniel. A mysterious guy who immediately takes an interest in Chloe.

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6 chapters
Chapter 1
Blood stained her stunned form, her face was filled with pure horror from what she had seen, leaving her feeling sick and deprived of air. Just forcing herself to breathe hurt her lungs as they pressed against her chest, she remained frozen from seeing the form of her best friend lay on the remains of her parent’s glass table. She never knew how it happened or why, all she could understand was that it did. She trusted him and yet maybe it was the beer he brought talking, but he had come on to her. They had known each other since secondary school and now they finally graduated to achieve what they truly wanted, finally able to enter college in order to achieve their own dreams. Dreams not many people knew of nor cared to ask, but now. Now it had to be
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Chapter 2
It had been two years since her friend’s death, the dreaded memories had never once left her mind.With every dream she would see blood, see his disturbing face as it screamed in agony.Just looking at where the scene had took place sent shivers down her spine, bile occasionally rose to her throat.Threatening to make her throw up from the traumatising scene she witnessed.At times she wanted to push those images, the sounds she heard from her mind.To claw at the memories in hopes of scraping them out of her mind, but alas Chloe knew it would never go and no amounts of washing would ever help her feel clean ever again.His blood would always remain on her no matter what.Not that she could ever escape the scenes either, mostly thanks to the long hours at the police station only to be released due to the lack of evidence.The media on the other hand
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Chapter 3
After all, she allowed her friend to enter their house- a teenage boy of all things and now he was dead.Maybe it was because of everyone’s words that had finally got to her parents and it was what encouraged them to slowly stop believing in her."Why you had to bring that boy here Chloe is beyond me! Now look his dead and you’re being branded as a murderer!" Her mother screamed at her.The same day that the media started to spew new theories and comments about what happened that night causing her parent’s friends to stop talking, eventually distancing themselves from them.This in turn made it very clear to them that even their friends wanted nothing to do with a suspected killer or her family."Rumours Chloe! They’re spreading rumours about us as well, saying we were in on it and it’s all your fault!” Chloe’s mother screamed at her angrily in the kitchen.<
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Chapter 4
Chloe turned to look at her simple oval mirror that rested on the other side of the room.This allowed the black-haired brown eyed girl to see an image of a blank faced pale girl looking back at her, distain filled her from seeing a ghostly like girl standing before her.The mirror image reflected her wearing a black jacket over her waist length faded grey shirt, black trousers that were a little messed up and frayed around the ends thanks constantly tripping and running.It had been because she had tried to escape the media and occasional overzealous people who wanted to hurt her.Even now Chloe didn’t truly recognize who the girl was looking back at her in the mirror anymore, to think that two years could truly change someone who use to be happy.At times Chloe wanted nothing more than to cover her mirror or put it somewhere she couldn’t see it, only she didn’t have the heart to do so.<
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Chapter 5
Wearing his brownish suit as usual which appeared unwrinkled leaving everyone to wonder how he had managed to keep it in one piece.Smiling the teacher tilted the frame of his blue glasses as he tried to see who was in and who was not.“Good morning class, I hope you’ve all done your homework during the weekends” he said with a chipper voice causing the students minus Chloe to whine and grumble from his words, why he had to bring THAT up was beyond them.The teacher however seemed unfazed by their responses as he continued to smile at them.“I am happy to report that we have a new student today and he’s come all the way from America” the teacher said with a smile causing the class to either murmur while some were silent from the sudden announcement.Chloe however wasn’t bothered nor did she care since the results would be the same- hatred, isolation and gossip.Each thought was more
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Chapter 6
“Beats me” Chloe replied blandly causing her mother to give her a look of disapproval in order to show Chloe that she was not happy with her response.“Chloe…” her mother said softly while speaking in a near scolding tone, this caused Chloe to groan loudly and put her head in her arms as they rested on the table.“Mum I couldn’t care less” Chloe muttered with disdain in her voice, wanting nothing more than for her mother to drop the conversation.“No doubt it’ll be the same all over again- hate, rumours or he runs away because of what the people say about me” Chloe said weakly, sadly this left her mother giving her a sad look.“I know darling, but may this time it’ll be different, he might-” Chloe's mother tried to assure her daughter as best she could, only Chloe remained stubborn thanks to her experiences.“Mum I doubt that it ever will! Besides I have no time for romance nor do I want any friends
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