Before the Rain Falls

Before the Rain Falls

By:  CharlotteTownsend  Ongoing
Language: English
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Nerissa and Killian were once young and in love, but different dreams and ambitions separated them. Seven years later, they are reunited by a twist of fate when Killian returns to town. But Nerissa is keeping a dark secret, one that links to the ramblings of Killian's superstitious grandmother. It seems her ramblings are very real and soon begin to take a more sinister edge. A vengeful spirit is determined to drag Nerissa to the Netherworld to be with him. Will Nerissa and Killian finally get their happy ending or will Nerissa become a ghost bride for all eternity?

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12 chapters
“So you’re really leaving then?” I asked with a hint of sadness. I was happy for him, really I was but as Killian stood there clutching the official looking letter in his hands, I couldn’t help feel things wouldn’t be the same. “They’ve accepted my application Nissa, I’m really going to go to East Glendale!” He grinned, waving the letter excitedly. He’d always wanted to go to East Glendale, ever since he discovered his talents lay with technology. A degree from there, well, it meant everything to him. “I’m so happy for you Killian,” I tried to smile reassu
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Chapter One: Nerissa
“Miss Reed, here are the documents you requested.” “Thanks Kathryn.” I acknowledged as she put the stack down onto my desk. “Oh and Austin wanted me to pass on that he’s nearly done with today’s letters, so he’ll bring them in to sign in about in about an hour.” I let my eyes drift up to the clock. Sure I had a digital one flashing in the corner of the computer screen, but I barely looked at it. I much preferred the old fashioned ticking. It held a certain c
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Chapter Two: Killian
I liked Greta Gulack for two reasons. The first, she did her work quickly and effectively. The second, she didn’t fawn over me, flirt with me or make any advances like assistants I’d had in the past. So when she came into my office with a puzzled look, clutching something in her perfectly manicured grip, I was definitely intrigued. Greta Gulack was never puzzled. Cool, calm and efficient. They were the three words that sprang to mind when thinking of my assistant.“Can I help Ms Gulack?” I paused in arranging the financial spreadsheets the accounting department had just sent up.“I’m not sure Sir.”Read more
Chapter Three: Nerissa
“So then what happened?” Carmen asked eagerly, swirling her glass bearing the remnants of a white wine. “Well he must have received the letter because I got a text message from him.” Carmen looked practically giddy at the news. “And?” she trailed off, eyes bright. I took a sip of my own red vintage before answering. “Long story short, I’m meeting him tomorrow night, seven o’ clock at Italia.”

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Chapter Four: Killian
Greta, of course, had been efficient as usual in my absence. I’, sure she probably questioned in her head why I was running so late, something I definitely didn’t make a habit of. A simple text message, that’s all it was. Yeah, a simple text message that had had me smiling like a fool as I got ready for the day, taking my time and ending up having to rush out the door. I just about remembered to feed my sphinxes, Jasper and Janessa thanks to their insisting meowing before I dashed out.   “Your messages sir, and I’ve amended your calendar, the meeting with Dylite Incorporated has been moved to next Tuesday. Mr Dylite has unfortunately co
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Chapter Five: Nerissa
I placed the last few pins in my hair, carefully moving my hands away from the now elegant style. Assessing my appearance in the mirror, I was surprised by how good I looked. Suits and smart dresses were my usual day to day attire, followed by comfy t-shirts and leggings in the evening. I’d opted for a smart casual outfit, the age old classic jeans and a nice top. Though for some reason, I’d felt like doing my hair extra fancy. Oh well. It was a special occasion. Nerve racking, but special nevertheless.     Giving a satisfied nod to my reflection, I grabbed my handbag from the bed. It was one I seldom used, but the classy red and black design went with my crimson blouse. Prying it open, I
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Chapter Six: Killian
Of all times to be late! I’d never run late in my entire life but apparently the universe was making up for my impeccable record today of all days. Maurice came to a halt in front of Italia and I dashed out of the car, checking my phone. 7:15pm. Letting out a groan, I hurried my pace into the restaurant, barely glancing at the exterior. With rushed steps, I came to a halt in front of the greeting desk.    A waitress was already situated there thankfully. She looked up at my abrupt stop but before her lips had even parted in scripted acknowledgment, I blurted out “Table for two under Reed.” A flash of recognition swept across her face.    “Ah yes, your companion
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Chapter Seven: Nerissa
The dinner was off to a better start than I could have imagined, despite the slight awkwardness. And Killian looked good. Very good. Women must be falling at his feet. A burst of jealousy shot through me at the thought and I tampered it down. Killian wasn’t mine, he could see who he wanted. But right now, he’s here with you, my mind whispered. He was, wasn’t he? I resolved to make the most of this evening and his company.    The waitress from earlier returned with our drinks and asked for our order. “Can I get the bruschetta to start and then the ravioli?” I asked without missing a bea
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Chapter Eight: Killian
Was it something I said? Nerissa had grown very uncomfortable after I had mentioned Cyrus, even though she had tried to hide her reaction. Maybe it was the talk of death that had caused a shift in mood? I didn’t know whether she’d suffered any bereavement recently. Maybe the topic was still too raw for her. Maybe she still felt guilty about not attending the funeral. I just hoped she came back. God, what if I had messed this up?! Ok, if she comes back, I’ll apologise, I’ll pick a new topic of conversation, anything to put her back at ease. This dinner was going so well, better than I could have hoped for. Please, please, please let her come back.  
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Chapter Nine: Nerissa
The dinner had finished hours ago, after we'd indulged in a delectable tiramisu. Afterwards, we'd continued the evening by having drinks at the bar. One had turned to two and two had become three. Anything to make the night last longer. But now here I was, finally standing outside Italia wrapped in my jacket, gazing across at Killian and trying to hide my sadness. Just like seven years ago. It was late, close to midnight in fact. And yet I still didn't want the night to end.      This evening had proven that he was still the
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