The Killer Has No Face

The Killer Has No Face

By:  Judith O.  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jerome Richards had impulsively joined the Nation's Aviation Team and in accordance with fate, he meets the custom made opportunist, Isak Matthews and the cunning, Jackson King. At the instant, the trio bonded on their first meet, forming a close knit friendship afterwards. Though, unfortunately, they had foolishly and mindlessly not bothered to first learn of their individual pasts... ***** It had all started on the day of their induction. Things had begun to go wrong in the lives of these three males as; Jerome formed a courtship with alcohol, Isak secretly learned something that could change his life for good and Jackson's wife, Rachel might have finally been on to him and his deceitful ways. In short, people from their past lives had come to haunt their presents and with a series of premature tension, the murders set off. Alas, the ill fortunes had become incessant, the secrets disclosed were inconceivable, and even the unimaginable conspiracies spawned were heart stopping but the one thing that had been on everyone's mind was...'who did it?'

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