Fallen For The King (MxM Romance)

Fallen For The King (MxM Romance)

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
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"You will be mine." He whispered huskily while moving to my back, and start kissing the back of my neck. "Give in to me Rain, let me satisfy your every needs." He seduced me like the true sexy demon that he is. ***** When his mate passed away, he was ready to follow his footsteps. But then he felt the desperate needs to avenge his lover's life, doing the one thing he knows best.Until it brought him to hell and meet the king himself. His wolf resisted him, he was confused with himself. He felt like a traitor to the one man he ever truly love. Ranulf was the poster child who was sent down to hell, he was a fallen angel due to his sexuality which causes havoc up above. He was a wise King and a better lover. Until one day a human werewolf intrigued him and made him second guessed his beliefs in monogamy. Will Rain settle for his lifestyle? Will Ranulf bends the rule for his love?Join me for the Epic love story between two strong and very hard-headed characters. Love knows no worlds. Love knows no boundaries. Love knows no gender. But it will conquer all

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47 Chapters
1. The Ending
I will tell you about the story of how my life was turned up side down. How fate decided to toy with me, and treated me like a ragdoll. Tossing me upside down, taking me to my breaking point. Over and over again.This is not a book for the faint hearted. There will be tragic sadness loss of a mate. The gruesome demon slaughtering. The struggle and realization of a vain reality, of what we presumed our life to be. This book will be deep, dark and sensually erotic.I'm the werewolf who lost his mate. I'm the werewolf who will struggle for life.I'm the werewolf who will fight for love.Because after all that had happened, I still believe that love conquers all. That I deserve a happy ending. And that I will fucking get it, even if I have to die trying.Cause nothing matters, nothing is worth living for when you don't believe in your own stupid damn luck.This is why I decided
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2. The Memory
It was one week later when I could finally function. Grant had been communicating everything with me, he was the next Alpha and he has fill the role perfectly. The pack has the same respect towards Grant, as they did to Don.Don..."Hey...Rain, look you've made it through the week. He would be very proud of you. Come let me get you updated with our findings. I know you wanted to know about this earlier, but I think you're definitely ready now."Grant let me into Don's working quarters, which was his now. My heart still breaks when I saw bit of pieces of our memories in that place."Grant, I can't...not here please, still too much for me." I walked out of his quarters and into the common room. The place was empty, and I was glad for it. Then I heard Grant cursed behind me."Shit! I'm sorry Rain, I shouldn't...okay, let's just do it here. Let me get...""I'm mo
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3. The Healer
 "Shit Rain don't do this alone, I told you...I'll help you, the pack will help you. Anything Rain. This is not the fucking way!"I could feel his rage, I could feel my body was being carefully carried back into my room. I saw our pack doctor, and then darkness came again. I didn't know how long I was out, but the sun was shining when I see Grant was pacing on my doorway talking on his phone.I grunted as I try to get up, but then my thigh feels like it was going to rip apart. Grant quickly move to my side and gave me a glass of water and some pills."Drink this, to numb the pain..." he held my back to help me sit and swallow the pills."Thank you. I'm...""First of all... promised me you won't be doing that kind of stupid thing again without me or Grey. I'm not going to tell you again. Don would have my head for what just happened." He said in his stern manner."I kn
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4. The Revenge
I was actually feeling better the next day, and was already up and about ready to start the summoning. But Grant insisted that we do it the next day.As he was the Alpha, I obviously relent to his wishes. Grant was at my place the next day, while Grey never leave my side since the day he arrived. "Okay, let's do this. Keep the demon in the circle then we will shackle the beast. Let's do this quickly, then use your power to questioned the demon. We need to make sure that the northern pack was the one who sent them. We have war in front of us and we have to make sure it's really them."The ritual had been set up before his arrival and Grey was already in his position. I started lighting the candles and burning the incense. The book was in front of me, I was making sure that everything goes as planned.Then it happened, moments later the demon appeared and almost got me. But Grant was fast, and together
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5. The Solitude
I feel that this story is taking turn for the worst with every chapter, it has been a very sad beginning for me. But you have to understand that Don was my mate, he was my everything. He was supposed to be my ever after.That was until the Gods decided to fuck with my life, and screw me the hardest way possible by eliminating my one and only love. Yes, they were cruel in their own way.But months after the tragedy, I was feeling better. I was functioning like a normal human being... most of the time.Laurie would come and check up on me from time to time, since I was no longer living with the pack. I had moved out permanently into my own house, couple of days after they avenged Don's death.I would see Grant and Grey every couple of weeks, for a gathering or pack meeting. I was moving on with my life, slowly... but I was coping and healing with the help of Laurie for the first month. Then
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6. The Journey
I could hear Shani was arguing with the fallen angel, but I was done with everything at this stage. I wanted everything to be done with."But you! I don't care that you're the king of hell. He's hurting bad... very very bad, you need to..." she was defending me, and that's how I know that he was the King of hell.I decided to block their conversation and get back to my task. I was opening my book, then laid out all of my stuff on the dinning table. I didn't stop, I didn't look at them. But the memory of him would sneak up to me from time to time.Wiping my tears roughly, I took a deep breath then start placing everything on the table, and continue on with mixing all the ingredients. I could feel the King was watching me
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7. The Urges
I didn't know what time it was, but I was still in hell. A very comfortable one. The bed moved and dipped on my other side, I was about to get up when I feel the feathery touch of his wing pulling me closer to him.Then his hand snaked to my stomach, while his low sultry voice resonates to my ear."Morning...how are you feeling today?""How do you know it's morning?" I turned to face him, he pulled me in closer and kissed the top of my head.It has been months since I lay with another man in bed. I was feeling cozy being engulfed in his embrace. And I snuggled in closer to him, making him chuckled."You just feel it, you will know the difference in a couple of weeks."
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8. The Realization
His words lingered on my mind. Why deny the feelings?After we're back from the royal bath, he didn't leave my side not until I agreed to stay in hell with him. And I finally did, only after he assured me that I could leave anytime I wanted.Though honestly I was torn in half, my mind was telling me to go back up. But I also know that there was nothing for me there. I didn't have anything to go back to on earth, except long years of a solitary life until my dying days.But here my wolf was tortured, and he was getting more violent with every crawlers life he took. I got agitated more easily, yet every time Ranulf was in the room I calm down instantly in his arms.Couple of days went by, when he told me that Shani was having i
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9. The Satisfaction
He left me, my wolf growled at me and vanished leaving me confused with myself. I hugged my knees as I close my eyes, but then all I could feel was his touches. His deep sexy voice, his kisses and his handsome face.Shit!That day I busied myself assisting Shani, with her second attempt to communicate with her elders. Arkael joined us, I could see she hesitated but try to remain calm and carry on with the ritual.It took almost two hours, but it finally ended. She was draining Arkael's energy, he fainted and become very lethargic to the point that she was having a fit.Maven and the nymphs were helping her, I was by her side until she was laying beside him as he recuperated. And that was when I decided to leave her, and give
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10. The Tragedy
"You two lovebirds decided to finally join us." Ranulf said casually as his hand was rubbing my back. I was not comfortable with his casual public display of affection, but he wouldn't let me move away from his side."You look like you're enjoying yourself too my King." Arkael said smirking at my fallen angel.My what?"I'm not complaining. So, Shani... Rain here had explained to me about your elders saying they want to restore balance to hell. It's an easy enough task that I can help you with. Though I gather that they were more into wanting to secure their realm..." Ranulf started to explain himself, as I sit comfortably by his side."...since I actually think and believe that Rain is very good at what he do, he can help yo
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