Infinity and beyond: He is mine

Infinity and beyond: He is mine

By:  Mira Harlson  Ongoing
Language: English
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After the death of her husband Celine becomes depressed. When she employs Lucas a new driver who is immediately smitten by her she might see that there is more to life after all. But is she ready for the secrets that would be revealed about her husband?

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161 Chapters
The interview: CHAPTER 1
CHAPTER 1Celine's POVA cold shiver ran through my spine making me nauseous, I turned around and switched off the air conditioner on the wall behind my desk.This office still left a stale taste in my mouth even though I had used it for a month after the death of my husband, Adam.It had been his office while he was alive, the vast space with a well decorated living room consisting of black soft sofa's, a huge plasma TV, a library and the mahogany desk which I now sat on had all been his as well as mine for whatever belonged to him belonged to me by the virtue of our love and marriage.The office overlooked the city on the third floor of our law firm, "ADAMS LAW HOUSE." and although I had visited it so many times while he
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The interview: CHAPTER 2
CHAPTER 2Celine's POV"Aren't you too overdressed for this interview. I mean you are quite aware that this interview is for the position of a driver? Are you?" I inquired, tilting my head to the side.I noticed the silver watch slanting down his wrist. His muscles were well defined, one easily noticed this even if his loose fitted shirt gave some sort of disguise for it. From the waist down he had long legs and a flat ass. I shook my head, chiding myself for taking an interest in him enough to observe him. An interest more than I have shown anything today apart from the files on my table. He seemed to have become more uncomfortable with my question which was not my intent. I was just inquisitive. I expected less, he was a bit too overqualified for a driver but I knew better than to tell him no, simply because he was overqualified. If he was here looking for this job it only meant that he needed it
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The Interview: CHAPTER 3
CHAPTER 3Celine's POV"Did you bring your CV?" I asked, inhaling deeply. "Yes ma." He quickly replied, a small smile breaking through his lips. I noticed a small scar above his eyebrows."Can I see it?""Sure, ma." He said at once, unable to hide his happiness. Who gets so happy to be hired as a driver?He handed me a file and I placed it on the desk. "Why don't you take a sit."He nodded and sat down across from me, his eyes looking everywhere but at me. I noticed that his gaze was on a book, "The lost treasure." Sprawled on my desk."You can take a look at it, that's if you want.""Thank you ma." He said, gently taking the book from under the scattered papers all over my desk. "Don't worry. It's no problem." I muttered.I sighed and looked back down on his resume lying open on my desk. I was quite impresse
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Passion and duty: CHAPTER 4
CHAPTER 4Lucas POVThe sound of a cock crowing was distant, yet loud enough to let me know that I needed to be up on my feet. From a young age I had always been an early waker. When I don't have anything to do after waking I stare up at the ceiling for hours, sometimes I fall asleep, sometimes I paint. But I wasn't so good at painting, well in my own opinion, though others would beg to disagree. I guess it is a thing about creatives, we hardly see the beauty in what we create, but the beauty is usually glaring for others.Another reason I probably lost some touch in painting is because, I lost my parents after secondary school to cancer which had me fending for myself throughout university. I had to take up so many menial jobs and painting became one of them, anything to survive.Painting with a deadli
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Passion and duty: CHAPTER 5
 CHAPTER 5Lucas POVSidney looked at me sadly, the white of her eyes shining in the dark. With her hands now free she wrapped it around my neck. "Common Lucas. It's still a start." She consoled  massaging my neck. I moaned, loving the feel of her hands on my neck, although I wouldn't mind them somewhere else right about now. "Besides working with that woman is going to give you the opportunity to meet important people that would definitely help in your dreams. Its all about Network, put your eyes on the ground.""Just say you want me to lick ass.""If licking ass is going to get you to where you dream to be then lick it very well while taking all the shit.""You are disgusting." I said, making a face. She giggled, still softly massaging me. "You are getting better at this Babe." I praised.Read more
Passion and duty: CHAPTER 6
CHAPTER 6Lucas POVSydney's hands on my waist become even better, firmer. I moaned out loud, feeling the relief in my muscles. I didn't know they were this tensed. "Lord this feels so good!" I blurted out, not able to hide the pleasure I felt. Sydney knew exactly what she was doing and I loved it."I'm glad you like it." She kissed my neck trailing kisses from my cheek to my lips. I kissed her back tugging on her lower lips. I could taste the mint in her mouth, as we had both brushed late at night a habit we both had individually and cultivated as a couple. The kiss became more intense and my dick was fast becoming very very hard. My hands traveled down to her sweet spot and I touched it, gently. She gasped into my mouth, moaning loudly. Her eyes were filled with so much want and desire, It had me hard as rock. The alarm chose just that time to beep alerting me that it was 6:30 and time for me to get dressed foe work.&n
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Passion and duty: CHAPTER 7
CHAPTER 7Lucas POVI got dressed in less than ten minutes keeping the need to go to work early at the forefront of my mind. At first I wanted to wear a white shirt and black pants, so I look a bit professional like I did yesterday but then I remembered what my boss had asked. Maybe she didn't like the idea of her driver dressing professional, who knows. Thus, I settled for jeans and a black polo.Thinking back at her she looked very strict, and acted it with that tiny reading glasses above her nose and her hair in a tight ponytail. Although, even without make up and the exhausted cold expression on her face one could tell that she was indeed a very very beautiful woman. Too beautiful if I must say. Seeing her behind that desk on a fucking pedestal I had almost been scared of her and that's a first. But when I walked into the law firm the atmosphere was light and friendly some
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A tinge of hope: CHAPTER 8
CHAPTER 8Celine's POVThe sun poured into my room in vengeance reminding me that I had forgotten to close the blinds yesterday after star gazing until late at night. My eyes fluttered open, beads of sweat gathered on my forehead. I had also forgotten to turn on the Air conditioner. When did I become so forgetful. I sighed, gently lifting myself up to a sitting position only to notice a pounding headache crippling me. It was as though a lot of monsters were playing in my head. As if it was not bad enough, coupled with it my limbs ached badly, my eyes too.Fever was starting to set in, I felt hot both inside and outside my body. I leaned back on the comforter as tears gathered in my eyes at the terrible, bone crushing exhaustion I felt. My fear finally came to pass.&nbs
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A tinge of hope: CHAPTER 9
CHAPTER 9Celine's POVThese days my memory fails me a lot and it was getting really annoying. I suddenly remembered the young man that had come for the interview yesterday, I had told him to come exactly 7am and it looks like he had taken me by my word. If I wasn't so sick I would have been up and ready for work by now but it was obvious it won't be the case today. I contemplated asking her to tell him off, but that would be rude and since it was his first day at work I didn't want to show him that side of me now. He doesn't know me yet and if I did this he would definitely succumb to thinking that I am a bitter woman which I was now, but well he doesn't have to know that yet. I can just let him up and tell him myself how sick I feel. "Just let him come up." I said, a silent cough escaping my dry throat.She looked at me worriedly. "
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A tinge of hope: CHAPTER 10
CHAPTER 10Celine's POVI gently peeled off my grey nightgown from my body and dropped it on the tile floor. Mary will take care of everything later. Then I put on the shower and filled the tub with hot water, adding enough carot liquid soap in it. I soaked myself and washed off having no strength to sponge. I have never in my life felt so weak before. Whatever sickness this was I needed to cure it as soon as possible.I wrapped my pink towel around me after I felt satisfied with bathing. Indeed I felt better, at least strong enough to walk out with my own two feet. I opened the door gently and almost stumbled on Lucas who had been standing in front of the door for whatever reason. "Ouch." I moaned hitting my toe on the door. "Why the hell are you standing
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