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Barbara always gets what she wants except for one thing, freedom. She must not leave the house alone without being accompanied by at least one of her parents.Like a child.On the other hand, everything changed after she met Saga who claimed to be a vampire.Barbara is a wolvire, a crossbreed between wolf-shifters and vampires. However, that is not what makes it bad.She has holy blood targeted by some who are oriented towards evil. One of them is the Cursed.Will Barbara manage to escape or even hide from him? Will she manage to keep herself from being controlled by the devil to summon darkness?One day in a city in Indonesia, chaos struck. Darkness hung in the sky and seemed to be fog in the air. What is wrong? Is it related to Barbara?__________________________A gift is a gift.What makes it a curse is the apparent human desire for dark power. Fight, or all will be destroyed._____________________________Chapter "A" for first-person narrative (I)Chapter "B" for third-person narrative (he/she)Chapter "AB" for narrative in two points of view at once (I, he/she)

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84 Chapters
Blood flowed down from the neck of the man sitting slumped in the room. Wet the black tuxedo he used and the floor underneath it with a thick puddle. His gray hair was stained red and looked sticky, a drop of blood flowed to his forehead. The person's shoulders and chest did not budge. There was no sign of his breathing remaining.A few steps from the corpse, a woman on her back with an odd position and neck full of blood. Her pale face implies pain. Her lips were open, as if the woman in white dress had time to scream before someone were cut off her veins of her neck. Beside her, knelt down a man who was nodding with feelings of hurt; the man named Rudi turned his head as fast as a gust of wind, his dark eyes staring at another man who stood not far from him with hatred.“Opo sing mok karepke?”(What do you want?) Rudi growled low. Slowly and slightly trembling, he stood up.The enemy grinned under the hood of his black batik motif. The robe
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A1 (You May Want to Skip This)
Important Documents Regarding the ImmortalsBy Koba Vampire Research & Data Agency (Koba VRDA) 1. Report in the "Modern Journal" newspaper by Nero Saputra Vampires, creatures that touted as captivating and immortal human images of the Indonesian version, began to emerge in 2018 ago. By the clergy vampire lovers, it is said that the physical appearance and habits of vampires are the same as those of Western vampires, only which they are resistant to sunlight and are stronger. However, what is Indonesian vampire actually?Indonesian vampires are not really the same as most Western vampires. My personal experience because of witnessing firsthand one of them is what made me write this.The male vampire does not want to be mention here, because (as the vampire said) he was afraid that the Elders of the city where he lived would execute him because of exposing their lives
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A2: Fly to... Where?
MY MOM drove us to the airport, the window of the car we were riding in was left open. Phoenix city temperature 23° C, clear sky, blue without clouds. I wore my favorite shirt — sleeveless, white lace; I wear it as a symbol of farewell. The object I was carrying was a piece of parka… er, but this is Bella's story in the Twilight novel, not mine.Ha ha! I am sorry to Stephenie Meyers for brazenly copying the main paragraphs of her novels. I did not mean to plagiarism, really! I love her!However, of course Mom took me to the airport… with my biological father, not a stepfather. The airport is not located in the city of Phoenix, but the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. Regarding to the object that I was carrying… not just a piece of parka, but also a suitcase of clothes. Then another suitcase containing the rest of the clothes, books and other items that I thought were important.Then, smartphone and an earphone.What do y
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A3: A Detainee was Picked Up by a Thug
About an hour or so later, I was standing in front of a man who looked like a thug with a slightly wrinkled face. The man smiled as brightly as the sky of Pangkalpinang after putting my suitcases in the trunk. Some people seemed surprised by us, as if they were watching a scene of a thug yelling at a poor girl.Well, I am not a poor girl, by the way. Just… forget it.“Gran!” I beckoned to the thug. “Why do you have to wear clothes like this?!”My grandfather laughed. He guided me to get into the passenger seat, and then he himself got into the driver's seat and started the black Toyota Avanza.“I'm still fifty-one years old, you know,” my grandfather said jokingly. “I am still not old!”I scowled as he started to run his car. “You are still not old, huh? Seriously, Gran, you already know your age, and then you must understand the situation, are you not?”My grandfather preten
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A4: Let Me Try Sneaking Around
I sighed for the umpteenth time that night. I raised my head and looked at the cloudy sky. The swing with the reclining chair I was sitting on seemed to sway slightly as I justified my sitting position.I was in Koba City Park… the name on it was displayed, but Gran said, people prefer to call it the square. Whatever the reason, I am not in the mood to care about that.The song titled “Jangan Menyerah” (Don't Give Up) sung by D'Masiv thumped in my ears. However, that's all. I can only listen to that music without being able to watch them properly.“Ape-ape ikak ne!”                                             I turned my head. A few meters from me, Gran was joking in Bangka language that I did not under
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A5: Poor His Brain
“Ikak ni diem-diem nek nyari' tunang ka yang selingkuh, ok?”I was surprised and turned to the brash person who made my heart almost over. After making sure Gran was still chatting with his friends—now sitting cross-legged on the ground—I looked back to the side and glared.“I don't speak Bangka!” I said curtly.I tried to ignore the word “selingkuh” which sounded the same as “cheating” if interpreted in Indonesian.The brash boy's eyes rounded. He nodded as if he understood quickly.“Oh, you just moved here, huh?” the boy said curiously with a rather loud voice, acting out the voice of the artist singing beside us. His brow furrowed. “Where do you come from?”This time my brow was creased. I review his appearance. He wears a blue denim jacket with a white shirt, black jeans and casual shoes. His short-cut hair is as black as his irises. The boy's face was qu
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A6: Someone Said I Couldn't Die in Vain
Trying to relax the body from the sudden freezing, I lowered my hand and turned around like a robot. Something is wrong with my joints.“Hello, Gran.”Rian D'Masiv's melodious voice drowned my screams. My neck and back are hot; the signs of worldly calamity were about to explode.“Where are you going?” Gran snapped, but his eyes glared at Saga.“Uh, not going anywhere, really,” I replied quickly. “I just walked around here and accidentally met him.”I smiled nervously. I wanted to give the code through the gaze so that Saga can match my lies, but failed to remember how his mind goes.“Don't lie!”I was shocked. Geez, it turns out to be Lie Detection from this old man to Dad. I decided to stay quiet while waiting for Gran to take me home.WHERE IS MY GREAT COURAGE?“And you!” Gran's index finger surprisingly pierced Saga's chest with furious. “S
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A7: Help, Our Dearly Friend!
When I say, “It’s up to you,” Mom and Dad will really do whatever they want to do. They never understood that behind the words “up to you” what was said, hidden the meaning of “I want to be heard”.However, I did not expect Gran would act the same as Dad and Mom.I often confided in Gran by phone before coming here and he sounded annoyed and always entertained me, I seemed to have thought that Gran would not have the heart to limit my space. In fact, I was wrong.The next day after that night, Gran warned me not to leave the house in the slightest. He left at seven in the morning to go to school as an Indonesian Language teacher in one of the middle school at the city.Before leaving, he very clearly stated, “I will take care of all your homeschooling needs later. Just stay at home. If you need anything, just buy it online. Or you can let me.”Because I was in a phase of frustration at the level
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A8: I Think My Eyes are Moldy
Saga sped like an arrow apart from its bow. I mean, he really looks like that! There is nothing that I exaggerate. My nose almost broke because I followed Saga’s movement.I shook my head as if I wanted to drive away flies around my head. I slapped myself without using excess energy. I sat back down like a fool.I must have been hallucinating, I decided in my heart. There was no way the friend of Salvatore Brothers came to Indonesia to look for Katherine who was attractive.I must be hungry.Before I could go to the kitchen, Saga returned with the express movement once more. I stared at him with horror.Something is wrong with my brain.Saga brandished a wire, and then he shot again—for God's sake, streaking! He did not run, but shot!—towards the front door. I took a few steps back. Suddenly alert, lest he will break it!Click.The door opens as if Saga has the key. My face was pale as Saga grinned in the door
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A9: Let's Try Another... Doubt
I sat, but on another sofa. I do not want to get close to anyone wrong.“How strange your family is,” Saga started. “Why do they have to hide who you are?”My eyes twitch. Sitting on the edge of the sofa seat, I noted carefully in my mind to run away immediately if something suspicious happens. However, the idea then immediately erased considering what Saga did a few minutes ago.“Listen to me, Bara,” Saga said, advancing his body seriously. “I don't really know what you are. As I said before, your body's scent is a bit chaotic. Therefore, I cannot be sure. Either you are a vampire, or a wolf-cha—”I stopped him by raising my hand in front of his face. “You are crazy. Thank you for helping me open the door, but please leave,” I kicked him out.Suddenly, he pulled his lips and hissed. A pair of fangs appeared from between his teeth. The boy's eyeball turned white like the singer who a
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