Between Emeralds & Pearls

Between Emeralds & Pearls

By:  Lex Armitage  Ongoing
Language: English
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Set in a dystopian world, a young woman wakes up with no memories of who she is or what is going on around her. The only clue she has is a spiderweb mark under her eyes, and curiously enough, there are others like her, too--individuals with the mark. Soon she realizes the mark is nothing but a brand of slavery and learns that the marked people are slaves to the Conquistadors, emerald-eyed devils who treat them cruelly. Determined to be free, the young slave girl tries to outsmart her captors, unless she succumbs to her heart's declaration of love for a Conquistador.

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Chapter 1
            I stood in the center of nothingness – white, frigid nothingness. Where was I exactly? Why was I here? I did not know. I blinked my eyes for the briefest of moments and I found myself standing, shivering in a land of white, of cold, of fright. The coldness of this foreign area seeped into my skin and into my bones.        Read more Protection Status