Colour You

Colour You

By:  L. J. Bleyk  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Hi.... I'm allergic to Semen" Meet Sahara Savanna, a South-Sudanese living in Seoul, South Korea. She has HSP, a condition that makes her allergic to semen. Imagine living your life with a constant need for epinephrine pens and antihistamines....however she defies the odds of being a black model in a country where 'glass' skin is the rage and devises a means to test out a ridiculous or not-so-ridiculous theory about her sperm allergy. Question is....Will Savanna solve her semen allergy or live with it?

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3 chapters
chapter 1
He grabbed your neck with one hand and pushed your face into the wall. You groaned slightly when his other hand grabbed the hem of your panties.A screech filled the air as he quickly ripped your panties into two. And then there was a moan when he grabbed your waist and kissed your neck before taking his goddamm time to take his clothes off.Moments later, he was right behind you, lightly bitting the skin of your neck. The sound of skin slapping soon filled the entire room as you dabled in the momentary fulfilment of your carnal desires.His body was hot and hard behind you as you allowed him to pleasure you on end. Grunts, moans, whimpers and husky yells decorated the atmosphere as you both sort after that one thing.
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Chapter 2
Damn, this stupid protein allergy.You groaned as the skin on your forearms began to swell slightly. It was pissing you off.Seriously?, can't have sex in peace?Crawling ever slowly, you pulled the bedside drawer that contained antihistamines and epinephrine pens.Fuck!, you hissed as you stuck the pen in your left arm. You took a deep breath afterwards and let your head fall back onto the pillow. Your phone dinged and you lazily used your right arm to search all over the bed for it.Finally finding it, you squinted at the bright screen, vaguely seeing a message from Taeyong.The phone dropped from your hand onto the bed and you turned on your belly, closing your eyes and wis
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chapter 3
"As I said earlier...this is purely experimental. I told you six months ago, that we could only try it. I never said it was a full proof plan!", Sasha said in an exasperated voice.Sasha was a doctor and your best friend. She knew everything about you. Like damn, you wouldn't even think about hiding stuff from her. Sasha was fortunate even though she was also black, and from Nigeria. At 24, she had it all. A stable job, a cute South African boyfriend and a puppy.You sighed."Look Sash, I'm not complaining. I like this, I'm okay and I understand"She smiled, "Girl, you better promise me you will be getting all that korean dick!", she changed the topic so swiftly that you almost choked on air.If on
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