Ceremonial Rites

Ceremonial Rites

By:  Alvin Lyons  Ongoing
Language: English
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One thing is for sure. Those at the top no longer have to climb. The question is, what would you give to stay there?

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27 chapters
"The President of the United States has withdrawn his troops out of the Gulf of Mexico after the dispute that happened between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Military forces of Mexico last monday, April 30. The FBI was allegedly in surveillance to this drug cartel that's behind the rampant drug problem. In addition to this, the Mexican government also accused the military forces of US in supplying informations to the FBI." "In the light of the recent events, the government especially the president himself assured both the American and Mexican people that everything has been in discussion with Mexican government solving this misunderstanding." "The purpose of the withdrawal of the fleet out of gulf of Mexico was to establish a peaceful approach towards the minor incident that happened. Mexico on the other has tightened
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Alderige Estate, Washington D.C. I'm not really good at describing a situation but all I can say is this is stupid. My eyebrow reacted to the man in front me who is currently unable to prepare my outfit for today's engagement. How incompetent. "Please, Mr. Smith. I'm sure we have all day." I can't help but be sarcastic. The middle age man glanced apologetically and continue what he is doing. "I'm very sorry, master Alderige. I have everything prepared last night but the housekeeper seems to move it from where I left it." He explained and still warily scanning everything. "Find me a decent one, if you may. I c
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I woke up the next day feeling exhausted like I spent the entire day at the gym. I turned around to face my clock when the American flag was waving from the wall. God damn it! I pushed the intercom. "Mr. Smith!" I shouted. "Master Alderige, sir."  "My room. Now." I heard the knob turning, showing a worried old man. He's like my second grandfather here. My mom and dad are on their retirement vacation somewhere around the world and as the only child to the family, I inherited everything including the fucking family problems. Mr. Smith has been with the family for as long as I can remember. "Is there anything you need, sir?" I groaned at him, pointed the flag at his upper area waving ominous
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Hearing a loud propeller was not the best alarm clock, really. That black hawk needs to come here later than usual. It's ruining my sleep considering I only slept for two hours maximum. If only I could just suggest to nuke the entire facility in Brazil. Fucking Brazil. Mr. Smith, the butler didn't have to put some effort to wake me up since my sleep was already disturbed by the loud roar. I know the military has the biggest budget but can they atleast turned off the engine like what the fuck? I checked the time and also what the fuck. It's past eight.  "Mr. Smith, if you'd be so kind, would you mind asking the pilot to shut the engine?"  "They said they are in tight schedule, sir." He countered. "Well, I'm not." Read more
For the past days that I've been riding a chopper, the wind and the annoying sound from the propeller are still the best weapon to make me snap. Although I own the chopper I'm still not used to its loud roar. The worst part is there are five more black fucking hawk roaring in line. My acting assistant was shocked when I snatched my bag from him. The pilot saluted at me the moment he had a glimpse of me. I signaled my assistant to get in. "Mr. Alderige, sir. The rest of the team will see you in Brazil. Private James will be your temporary security." The captain pointed the young man beside me. Like he can protect me. From the looks of it, I'll be babysitting this guy. I smiled and nodded at the captain before we took off. The chopper immediately dash towards the vast ocean. The pilot had his orders to turn on our tracker when we reach the Mexican territory. We had to
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Sao Paulo, Brazil, 09:00 Passengers started going out of the terminal. Three familiar men who literally look like tourists walked out like it's their first time arriving to the country. Maybe it is their first time. I faked a wide smile and cheerfully approached them. I suppressed a laugh seeing them all wearing Hawaiian shirts. Seriously? How original. "Welcome to Brazil, Amigos!" They were completely weird out by my warm welcome. Who wouldn't be? We don't even know each other that much. "Your friends, señor?" Jose clarified beside me.  "Si. Take their luggage, por favor?"  With the help of two personnel, Jose took all of their luggage and put them in the car. I waved at them
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Sao Paulo, BrazilEl Puerta Resort  "United States has not yet signed the bilateral agreement formed by the Mexican government to solve the conflict between the two. The president said that they are still evaluating the agreement offered to them." "It was this morning that there's been a drug sample seized by the authorities with a logo of a famous company own by a prestigious family. The company has yet to give any statements regarding the involvement of their company in this drug trade. The company allegedly own a research site in Mexico specializing chemical modernizations but the company denied the allegations." My father just hanged up on me and he managed to silence few of the news agencies in the US. We can't afford a spot in our cleanest cloth. The company is still hitting rock bottom and
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Sao Paulo, Brazil16:00 The problem with me is that I'd rather be the one late than be the one waiting. Waiting is another form of suffering. My second batch of juice arrived while the waiter gave me a weird look. I've been sitting here in the west wing where the swimming pool is located forever. This is a better place to discuss something compared to the indoor restaurant full of snakes of Don Juan. I can tell from their eagle eyes. Don Juan failed to hire quality men. They're making their surveillance very obvious. Imbecile! I shot a disappointed and faked smile to the four tourists who are walking confidently towards me. They have the guts to walk like they didn't let me wait for almost an hour. I'm making sure I'll give them a quality remarks when I talk to the general. They even waved and saluted at me. <
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Sao Paulo, BrazilEl Puerta Resort07:00 It must be a military habit to wake up early and knocked loudly to your door ignoring the possibility that you are still sleeping. I groaned loudly as I walked towards the door. What's the point of having your own room when they can disturb you anytime they want. Another loud knock hit my door while I'm still removing the locks on it.  I was raised back to the mortal world the moment Yao Ming bumped into me as he stride inside. What is wrong with these people?! "I didn't say come in." I said sarcastically. Derrick made himself comfortable to my couch, Diego looked unfazed on my swivel chair, Yao Ming leaned near the bathroom and Marco sat on the bed. They look serious. Okay. Something's up. I
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"Even though the US government still has an unsettled dispute towards Mexico, another incident happened to another location. There was an unconfirmed shootouts involving the US military forces at Brazil. Although the US government instantly denied the alleged incident, weapons only issued to the US arm forces were found from the site. The Brazilian government condemned this forceful "annihilation" to their citizen. Two gunmen was believed to have been shot by those alleged US forces for their drug operations. The US forces involved in the shootout was regretably not apprehended by the Brazilian forces. The president of the United States will address the nation tonight regarding this successive incidents involving the US military." USS JOHN F. KENNEDY 10, 000 Nautical miles from the coast of Rio de Janeiro  
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