The Overbearing President's Alluring Little Wife

The Overbearing President's Alluring Little Wife

By:  Mystical Blue Magical Snow  Completed
Language: English
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When her boyfriend became her sister's bridegroom, she randomly took a handsome man into her arms to redeem herself. Little did she know, he was her newly appointed overbearing president... "You’re the woman of my dreams so don't try to run away!"

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1288 Chapters
Chapter 1 First Meeting
“Congratulations, Annie. You’ve successfully completed your internship and are now officially a member of Jennings Group. Head to HR tomorrow to go through the procedures for the transition to a permanent position!” Annie Lane received the text from Amy, her immediate superior, just as she was about to get off work. The news made her leap with joy.Jennings Group was one of the top three companies in City A. The employee benefits they offered were unmatched in the city and countless people were banging their brains out trying to find a way in. The difficulty of transferring from an internship to a permanent position was arguably even higher than a postgraduate degree. In the past two months, Annie had worked her butt off like she was constantly on thin ice, and now she finally received the offer of a permanent position!She wanted to share the joyous news with her boyfriend, Mason Quinn, at once. However, his phone was turned off.“Today is the Qixi Festival,” she said to herself.
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Chapter 2 Being Beaten Instead
By the time Annie finally entered the hotel, Mason was nowhere to be seen. The hotel receptionist refused to tell her which room Mason was in. Just as Annie was about to lose her cool and launch a tirade, an alluring, unfamiliar voice spoke from behind her.“Tell her the room number.”Myles leaned on the counter. His eyes, sharp as an eagle’s, locked onto Annie, who was so frantic she was on the verge of tears. This woman was undoubtedly an interesting one.“Y… yes, Mr. Jennings,” stammered the receptionist.It was a coincidence that this particular hotel was under the Jennings Group flagship. Among all the Jennings Group employees, very few did not recognize Myles Jennings. Annie was one of the few.“Miss, Mr. Quinn is in Room 8006.”“Thank you.”Annie stood there soullessly. She paid no attention to what was happening until she vaguely heard the receptionist lady reveal the room number. Only then did she belatedly mutter a word of thanks before walking toward the elevator.My
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Chapter 3 Kabedon And A Forced Kiss
Curses swimming in her head, Annie stood where she was, unmoving. She grudgingly lifted her head to look at the man she had loved for over two years. It was this man who helped her see light during dark times, but it was also him who personally destroyed her today.She had gotten used to Sophie’s bullying ever since she was little, but what happened today was not something she could ignore!“Sophie, Mason is just unwanted second-hand junk! I came here today to break up with him. This is my new boyfriend. Understand? It’s me who doesn’t want you!”Annie saw the tall figure nearby out of the corner of her eye and pulled him by the arm without even seeing his face. After calmly making the declaration to the shameless couple, she turned to leave.She clutched firmly to the little bit of pride she had left. She could not lose it.Myles, who had been dragged in by Annie, played along without hesitation, slinging one arm across her shoulders. Feeling the woman’s body tense up, he felt mo
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Chapter 4 Heartless Woman
This was the first job she received after graduating. Due to her excellent school results, her teacher had written her a recommendation letter. Moreover, she really needed this high-paying job at Jennings Corp.However… when Annie went to the HR Department, the HR Department head unceremoniously threw a file at her face.“Annie Lane, how could you mess up such a simple calculation? If it weren't for Indy noticing it in time, do you know how much the company would have lost?”Faced with the sudden crisis, Annie kept her composure. She coolly glanced at the file that had fallen to the floor. She could memorize every single number on it. That was the data she had spent three days and three nights to compile—there absolutely could not have been any mistakes!“I’ve checked through this data three times. There definitely shouldn’t be any problems!”Even if she already knew the result, Annie still gave it a go. She did not believe the renowned Jennings Group would sink so low as to use d
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Chapter 5 You’re Fired
Facing her questioning stare, Myles calmly released the tongue-tied Annie. Seeing her small face redden, his interest was further aroused.Still, his gaze was as cool as usual, sharp as a knife as it swept over to the Head of the HR Department, scaring him so badly that he hastily picked up the file on the ground and retreated to the back to hide.He had thought Annie was just a university student who had just entered the working society and even checked her information. Aside from a single mom, she had no other background, but now he was doomed. She turned out to be Myles Jennings’ woman! If Myles knew of today’s matter, he could not hope to remain at Jennings Group any longer.“Mr…”“Give me the file.”The Head of the HR Department was cut short by a few words of his cold voice. Myles’s strongly imposing manner had shaken him so much that he did not dare to even move an inch as he obediently passed over the file in his hands.“Hehe, Annie performed the best out of this batch of
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Chapter 6 This Woman Was His
“Where do you think you’re going?”Myles inched closer to her. His warm breath and overwhelming testosterone invaded Annie’s senses, making her face flushed.“Ahem… That… That… I have to leave the company since I’ve been fired…”While there was still time, Annie had to seize the moment to submit her résumé and obtain a suitable job as soon as possible.Seeing the tongue-tied and red-faced Annie, Myles felt for the first time that women were rather fascinating creatures.“Who said you were fired? From today onward, you’re transferred to the Secretarial Department for work. You’ll be my personal secretary. How’s that?”His business-like tone and constantly closing their distance rendered Annie completely senseless. The blood in her body kept flowing to her head.In the next second, even she did not know how she managed to move nor where her strength came from. Before she knew it, she had shoved Myles away in one go, then cursed angrily.Annie’s face was completely red. Personal…
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Chapter 7 Heartache
Having lost her job right after transitioning to a permanent position, although Annie had a mind to start looking for jobs at once, she did not have the mood to do so.Annie was preparing to go back home to rest for half a day before submitting her résumé to every company she could find. Now, she could only hope the blemish of being fired by Jennings Group would not affect her recruitment attempts.In the end, Annie did not manage to fulfill her desire for a peaceful rest at home. In the home where she should have felt at ease, she saw the person she wanted to see the least.“What did you come here for?”Annie felt the atmosphere was off the moment she entered the rented house. At the side, Sharon was wiping off tears. The man sitting on the edge of the bed was her biological father, James Lane.He was dressed in a high-end suit and sat stick-straight with an elegant pair of glasses perched on the bridge of his nose. His expression was eternally calm, whereas Sharon always acted l
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Chapter 8 The Fun Starts Later
In the next two days, Annie was busier than usual, submitting her résumé to find a new job. Strangely, despite her perfect résumé, she did not receive any interview notices. After waiting for two days with no news, Annie could only ask her school’s teacher to help find out about the situation.“Annie, you’ve always been so outstanding. I don’t know why you were fired from Jennings Group, but the Jennings Group’s president has spread the word within the circle, so now no company dares to hire you. Otherwise… You could try working in other fields.”Those words were still replaying in her mind after she hung up. Annie never expected that the cold man would be so petty as to seal off her back-up plan!Engaging in other work? It was not that Annie had never thought of that, but her name was now already blacklisted in all the big companies, wasn't it?Annie graduated from a top local university. Being forced to find a bottom-level job was a waste of her talents, and just the thought of i
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Chapter 9 Here To Crash The Party
Only after the sound of Sophie’s angry yelling traveled from the door did Annie squat on the ground, her expression devoid of life. Her two eyes stared soullessly at the ground while she bit her bottom lip until it was nearly torn to shreds.“Annie…”Seeing her daughter in her broken form, Sharon also had a bad feeling in her heart. She just found out about what her daughter had experienced in these few days. She had seen that child, Mason Quinn, before, but she had never thought that he would betray Annie for money.“Mom, don’t worry about me. I’m fine.”Annie clenched her fist as she stood up from the ground with a determined expression on her face. In her heart, she had already thought it through.In all the painful years, she had always sacrificed herself for the sake of the bigger picture and meekly accepted whatever adversity she encountered.However, all she received in turn was an increasing intensity of shame. She did not want to continue enduring it all.Since she coul
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Chapter 10 Retaliation
“To my adorable little sister and my ex-boyfriend, I still have a present that I want to give to you two. I hope you’ll like it.”Annie increased the volume of her voice. She wanted everyone to hear, and it was also the first time she admitted in front of so many people that she was James Lane’s daughter. Other than Annie, everyone else’s eyes widened in shock as they saw the four flower wreaths that were being brought in.Sending flower wreaths to the scene of a wedding?! That was too ruthless!It was not just them. Even the few young fellows who had brought the wreaths in were stunned. This place…Was it possible that they had entered the wrong door? This was the right address though. Forget about it. After setting up the flower wreaths, they escaped immediately. This place… had too much of a murderous atmosphere.“Ah! Annie Lane!”Upon seeing this scene, Sophie was beside herself in fury. Still in her wedding dress, she jumped off the stage and lunged straight at Annie.“So
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