End Of Us

End Of Us

By:  Casmir E. C  Ongoing
Language: English
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The whole world is plunged into unrest and chaos by a strange pandemic, a disease that transforms men into beasts and takes away their consciousness while eating them up like wood. No technology can stop it, no guns or bombs can end it. For many years Zack's father prepared him for this event. But this chaos kicks off at a time when he is distracted by his love for his girlfriend and daughter. His world is torn apart with both are kidnapped with no trace anywhere. A female agent, Daya, is determined to solve the mystery of the disease and disappearance of healthy people, but when she meets Zack and they fall in love, everything changes. Will Zack give up on his missing family, or will he elope with Daya? Daya discovers the key to finding a cure and it entails she must loose the love of her life... An original book written by Casmir E. C Copyright@ Casmir E.C

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6 chapters
I would like to appreciate all those who make me believe that I can write, and all my readers who keep reading my works irrespective.  Thank you. A big thank you to my parents also who raised me to be a dreamer, who writes. "...For it is not enough to be a dreamer alone but it is a gift to be able to express these dreams in writings which travel to the ends of the earth and even onto generations after...'  The contents of this book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any event or person is a mere coincidence. This book my not be copied or duplicated. 

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25th December 2020Cold air darts through my nostrils and push through my windpipe causing my body to express an involuntarily cringe as it arrives my lungs.I come alive with a desperate gasp for air and my eyelids unshut beneath a beam of white light which shines with a brightness that pierces through the openings of my pupil causing a sharp headache at the center of my skull.My eyes surprisingly do not squint, flintch, or itch, even through the electrifying energy of the light rays.I gradually sit up and begin to look around. I find myself on a flat metal board at the center of an empty room with bright radioactive light surrounding me.I do not remember a thing, not even the incidents that precede this moment.The four walls of the empty room are cast with silver plated metal and the vents between the four walls and th
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1: Pilot
5TH DECEMBER 2034...........…............................................“Hello sir, can I get your order please?” A waitress asks me coorperately with a woman's smile plastered on her face.I know it is fake.“Not yet sweetheart, waiting for someone” I smile back and she bows slightly and begins to walk away from me towards the next table where another customer sits waiting, while my eyes trace the flappings of her large derriere.Ah! I have a fetish for African women who have all the right things in the right places!I tilt my head to get an alternate view of the measurement of her large sized derriere. I lick my lips in lust.She turns suddenly and her eyes catch me red-handed but I adjust myself quickly into a gentlemanly posture and clear m
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2: Lies!
 5TH DECEMBER 2034...........................................................I chase after Annalise as she stomps away from me in anger."Wait! Please wait! Let me explain" I cry.But it is too late because by the time I can even recover from the effects of the thunderous slap she gave me as a parting gift, she is already half way into the black SUV.The automatic door slides close exactly when I am close to it and then the car zooms off violently, splashing some dirty water on me from a small pothole nearby.There goes my favorite brown trouser.... And the blue shirt I borrowed from my junkie roomate.I stand distraught as I watch Annalise's SUV zoom off heartlessly without me. The annoying part is tha
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3: Thief!
I can hear the sound of my heavy pants as I sprint through these familiar streets. I am panting like a dog and sprinting like a cheetah and these hefty men pursue me fiercely until I dash into my own neighborhood, the street that bears my father's name. They pursue like goats without mind; chasing me through my own street, my own turf, the street where I grew up earning an honorary degree in mischief while learning the nooks and crannies of every corner.With the corners of my eyes I notice that a little has changed since my teenage years; The yellow streetlights, the neatly marked tarred road, the covered gutters, some trees and flowers in front of houses.Pretty much it.Everything else is exactly the same.I dash through, fast, leaping like an antelope with waves of wind whistling in my ears.I am fast! Because for many years I sprinted with my boys in these streets and emerged the
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4: Fil
6TH DECEMBER 2034...….............................................My eyelids slowly split open and the brightness of 8 a.m shines bright tgrough the open windows of the sitting room. I shut my eyes tight, wishing that morning never comes because I still feel sleepy and my whole body aches. I sense someone sniffing me and poking fingers into my nostrils."Daddy" her tiny voice calls as she slaps my cheek lighty.I peep through one eye to see who this diciplinarian is and behold; it is my beautiful daughter Fil who is slapping my cheeks to wake me up while I desperatately crave for more sleep."Go to Grandpa Fil" I reply under my breath, I do not want to wake up."Daddy" She calls again nonetheless, slapping my cheek again."M–hmm?" I finally answer and grab her fo
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