My Resurrected Heartthrob

My Resurrected Heartthrob

By:  Nihc Ronoel  Ongoing
Language: Filipino
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"Are you willing to give yourself a chance to fall in love again?" After what happened to her fiancé, Denise started to believe that life is unfair. Due to so much depression, she decided to kill herself. But what if she was saved by the guy who has a striking resemblance to her dead fiancé? What will happen next? [You can listen to my international radio interview in the U.K. here: (29:00 to 33:00)]

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4 chapters
DISCLAIMER Any reproduction, distribution, or usage of this work in whole or excerpt form, in any online or offline media, using technology now known or hereafter invented including photocopying, mobile technology, and recording are all forbidden without written and signed permission from the author. The story is written in Tagalog-English and is not a typical love triangle story. All characters and events in this book are products of the writer's imagination and have no relation to any namesake. All incidents in this body of work
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Ruthless 01: The Troublemaker
Denise’s P.O.V. From being a good girl, I never expected that I would turn this bad. Dahil sa takot kong ma-bully sa dati kong school ay sumali ako sa sorority club. From being the sweetest girl who was always the brightest star in the family, I became the meanest. I did
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Ruthless 02: Cinderella's Shoe
Denise’s P.O.V. Tinangka akong pigilan ni Princess sa pamamagitan nang paghawak niya sa kaliwang kamay ko pero hindi ko siya pinansin. Bahagya niya pa akong hinila upang maupong muli, pero hindi talaga ako nagpapigil. Nagpupuyos ako sa galit at walang sino man ang makapa
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