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Amanda was a very good girl, she found camaraderie with bad friends and had to join the geng. Check out how a beautiful upright girl became wayward. Indeed, bad company corrupts good manners.

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19 chapters
Solomon dusted his shoes, He picked up his phone from the couch in the living room. His daughter Alicia had gone for the holidays to his grandmother's place while his wife had gone to the groceries. He took a deep breath, a breath of freedom. It wasn't as if his family was an inconvenience to him, he was glad he would have more than enough time to himself. It was a Friday afternoon and according to norms, the bank he worked at closed 1:00 pm. That's more than enough time to flex after an onerous week. He pulled off his socks and unbuckled his belt. He left his trouser to fall halfway almost touching his knees. He moved towards the television cabinet. "Holla! Thank God is Friday Nigga" He yelled excitedly, throwing his arms up in the air. He needed to ease himself of t
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Alicia ran towards Mama Gloria in widespread arms. She wore an excited face beaming in happiness, laughter, and curiosity.Read more
Solomon heard a thud from the door.He woke up and swabbed the saliva that dripped from a corner of his lips. He glanced up at the clock. "Goodness me! 10:00 pm." Selena wasn't back yet. He fitted into the flip flops beside the large Chelsea armchair. He edged towards the door."Baby, is that you?" He asked, qu
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"Granny!.. granny!" Alicia called out with excitement. She had some piece of bread in her mouth. They were having breakfast at the dining table."Yes, dear" Mama Gloria sipped from a mug of tea."Tell me something, maybe a gist, a story, or whatever. I just want to discuss with you Mama, any." She said with cur
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We entered Mrs. Stella's big and beautiful office."Sit down", she politely ordered. We relaxed on the sofa."I made a little mistake while announcing. I actually need a senior student in SS1 and two senior students in your class."

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"Babe, why are you doing this to me?"Solomon rushed to meet Selena before she reached the door and go out to work."Doing what exactly? Mister man, leave me alone. Wouldn't I go to work? Do I look like a full housewife? I am a career woman and I'm late to work already. Darling excuse me of the daily drama this
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Amanda crossed her feet on a footstool. She sat aback majestically on the big Chesterfield sofa, watching a Nollywood break-up scene. She was moved to tears by the words from the lead character in the movie."Girl, this can't work. NEVER! it wouldn't. No man would ever want an orange that has all its juice squeezed out. If I as a man could keep myself pure and not have any immoral thing to do with any lady, how much more a lady. There's more pressure on me than you. Do you know how my hormones drive me nuts? yet, I had to subdue my desires
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Amanda and Prof Anik hopped into a white G wagon. He had ordered his driver to come and pick them up from AJ's suites, their usual hangout joint."Hey Chief, I didn't enjoy your bed performance today o, it was quite unusual." Amanda said. She pulled her skimpy skirt to kneel length and bent to adjust her platform shoe strap.Read more
"Gloria, I've reviewed the poem you submitted for the entry. I must say, it was okay... But it didn't fit the theme of this year's competition. Besides, the poem had a lot of grammatical errors and a lack of figures of speech. Like I said earlier, you are the major talent we are relying upon, the others are just backups. Take this new poem," she handed or piece of paper to me."I know you must have been cramming the one you wrote yourself earlier. Sorry, you would have to unlearn them and begin to get this one into your brain, rehearsals b
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Bimbo blushed."So for real, you mean you'd be going to the Bahamas for a five-day vacation, just like that?" Amanda dro
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