Dad, Mom Can You Tell Me What is Happinness?

Dad, Mom Can You Tell Me What is Happinness?

By:  Aprilian  Ongoing
Language: English
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I am the one who lives alone; I live a life full of abuse. I live without love, but all of that is my destiny. I do not deny that all of that is the way of my life. Dad, mom, can you tell me what happiness is? Happiness simple word, but I never know what it means.

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3 Chapters
Don't blame me if I struggle, don't blame me if I'm like a living corpse, don't blame me if I live but die because it's all not my fault.BUT ... this is all your fault. Who had the heart to ever throw me out? Who always have the heart to hurt me. Which heartlessly made a wound in my heart. So that it can never be cured.If one day you regret it. It is useless. You guys are too late. Because I've felt enough pain. I can no longer feel the pain that you give.You are the cruelest parents I have ever known. Parents who have the heart to throw away their own children. Parents who have the heart to slap their children without wanting to hear an explanation. Parents who just pretend to know everything. But in reality, you don't know anything.Parents who always go their way. Parents who never think about their child's feelings. What kind of parents are you?I always ask everyone who makes me comfortable, What is Happy ?. why God never gave me happiness.
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Tiara Story
Where are mom and dad? Tiara is afraid here; Tiara is worried to be alone. Here the Tiara is not considered; the Tiara is cursed. Tiara was afraid; Tiara wanted to follow father and mother.Why? Why did you guys leave the Tiara? Why do you have the heart with a tiara? Is it because of the naughty Tiara? Is it because of the stupid Tiara? If that's the case. Tiara will be a good boy. Tiara will be the champion of the class. So that Tiara can see you again.Tiara loves you. Tiara promises, Tiara will go to school from tomorrow. so that, Tiara can quickly meet you. So that the Tiara is not lonely anymore. So that Tiara would not hear the curses from her grandmother and aunt again. Tiara is scared here; Tiara here is always getting angry. Still getting beaten up by the same aunt and grandmother.All Tiara toys are broken by grandma. Grandma Tiara said that I didn't deserve to live. Said the grandmother, the Tiara was stupid. Tiara is afraid; Tiara is scared, mommy.
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Childhood Memories
The first day Tiara entered elementary school she had not made any friends. Then she met a boy the same age as her. But he was afraid to make acquaintances, the boy suddenly approached her. Tiara was a little scared, but she was trying to act normal. She thought maybe she could get along well with the boy."Hi, what is your name?""My name is Tiara, what's your name?""I'm Alexander, just call me Alex""Um, Alex, have you been studying here for a long time?""Yes, it's okay. Come on in, don't be afraid"Alex pulls Tiara into her new class. Tiara, who is just entering school for the first time, feels a little scared. But when he was in the classro
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