She Keeps Me Warm

She Keeps Me Warm

By:  NtombekhayaZibi  Completed
Language: English
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When 17 year old Olwethu Lin moves to a different place.. she hopes that her demons will be left behind... but get this, sometimes you can't run away from somethings.She then meets her 27 year old English teacher, Valentia Louw... will she help the girl deal with her demons or will she add on them? follow She Keeps Me Warm to find out.

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31 Chapters
Chapter One
CHAPTER ONE My bedroom door bust open startling me, making me jump from my bed dropping my books on the floor..He walked in slowly holding a beer in his hand, he smiled the moment his eyes landed on me.. "Where's...." he left his sentence short and took a sip on the bottle he was holding. He then stumbled further inside and closed the door.. slowly he caressed my face as a tear dropped from my eye. I knew what was going to happen... and as much as I hated it, I couldn't even stop him.My breathing hissed like a snake looking for food when I felt his hand tighten on my neck choking me as his lips made contact with my skin... He pushed me backwards until the back of my legs hit the bed and then he laid me down. I closed my eyes.. I knew what was coming. I shut my eyes so hard and silently prayed for it to stop, for someone to walk in, for God to do somet
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Chapter Two
 I sighed as I threw my bag on the floor. This was the longest day ever because it started awfully with a beautiful monster breathing right under my neck.The day went by a little bit better though, I found out that my four other teachers were less cunts and less beautiful like my class teacher a.k.a thee beautiful Ms Louw. I kicked my shoes off and threw myself in bed taking my phone out. I needed to call my best friend right now.I dialled her numbers and she immediately answered as if she was waiting for my call..'ahhhhhh babeeee I have been waiting for this phone call since last year.. the fuck took you so long?' I laughed at her exaggeration, "stop being an ass, how are you and how was school today?"She scoffed, 'bitch.. shouldn't I be the one asking you that, remember that you're the one who changed schools, not me..' Read more
Chapter Three
A knock on my door startled me. I quickly got up and knocked a bottle to the ground. Thank fuck I had hardwood floors and it just made a weird sound and not of a glass.'honey are you okay? What's that?'I wiped sleep off my face, "I'm okay mom... I'll bath and be down."'hurry up, It's six and your transport will be here in 30 minutes...'I rolled my eyes my eyes but stood up to fix my bed anyways. I took the vodka bottle and pushed it under my bed then went to my bathroom and quickly ran the shower, I wouldn't have time to bath. I felt a bit dizzy but I managed to finish up in time.Today was Friday so I had my gray trousers ready and a school golf t-shirt with sneakers. I smiled looking at my messy hair in the mirror, this school was so awsome but had to have bitchy teachers like Ms Louw who I fucken had a dream about. Like couldn't I dream about Mrs Lattimore? She's mor
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Chapter Four
 I started feeling way too hot. My breathing hitched. I felt like the walls were closing in. I held my neck and tried to breath slowly but it wasn't helping."Lin!" I heard a voice from afar.I slowly concentrated on trying to get me back to breathing normally. I was going to kill Stacy.. I swear to God. The bitch knew nothing about me yet she was making my life a living hell.. I mean she already did that.. told everyone at school I'm the dumb ass girl that comes from a small school.. and now she was lying about me beating her up. She was about to find out what beating her up for real really is.I was going to be in deep shit because of her lie. I was going to get beat up and probably more because of her lie.I felt a bit scared. I knew he was going to be mad and I'd pay for it and I knew she wouldn't do anything about it."Lin... Olwethu..." Ms Louw's voice said sna
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Chapter Five
After my teacher dropped me off I went to get something to eat and then headed to my bedroom. I was planning on doing my school work, a few workouts and then sleeping. Saturday was here and I didn't want anything standing on my way... not even my stupid injured ankle.I threw my bag on the floor and started eating. But my phone rang immediately.Shit... I haven't talked to Precious since the incident..."Hey idiot...." I said trying to be all cheerful but I knew it wasn't going to go like that.'really ass? What the fuck is wrong with you?' "Nothing.. how are you?" I said changing the subject.I heard her scoff, 'don't fuck with me, dude you have been ignoring my texts and calls.. what the fuck is going on?' I sighed, I wasn't ready to get into this, "Precious..."'to you it's fucken Rosie and not Preci
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Chapter Six
I banged my door so hard and went straight on my knees to look under the bed.. to my surprise my door opened and a tiny voice said, "Olllllly..."I turned around to my little sister. She smiled, "daddy said we are going to watch you play soccer tomorrow.."I furrowed my brows at her and got up to sit in bed, "umhm.. not happening..""Definitely happening.. what time are the tryouts, I wanna see my daughter do something that she loves." Sipho said walking in.I watched as he stood in the middle of the room and looked around. He hasn't been in my bedroom since we got here and I personally made sure of that.My room wasn't as glamorous as the rest of the house was, it was my bed which had a black and red cover.. a study table by the corner and a closet that led to my bathroom..."Umh dad that's not necessary... you guys can bond and all that, I'll be fine.."Read more
Chapter Seven
You know the shittiest thing about memory is that it linger on something longer than you'd ever want it to. Sometimes that's good because well other things are good to think about but sometimes it's horrible when it stays on the past.The car parked outside the Lewis mansion a a few roads from our house. Wow! Their house was to die for."Beautiful house..." my mom said and Lizzie laughed, "It's hugeeeee..."We went to knock on the main door and it swung open a few minutes later revealing a very smiling Stacy wearing a black short dress and sandals."Hi Stacy.. how are you?" My dad said and the girl smiled making me roll my eyes."I'm fine thanks and how are you Mr Lin..? Come on in, my parents are waiting..."My parents walked in with my little sister in their hand, I trailed in behind then and was startled to feel something hold my hand."Wa
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Chapter Eight
I was totally getting drained by this. Ms Louw was pissed at me and I failed to understand why. I mean did I cross the line by asking her if she was jealous?I sighed as I made my way to school on Wednesday. Yesterday she didn't talk to me one bit and I have to admit that I minda missed her.Susan and soccer kept me busy though and Stacy was less of a bitch as she said she would be.We were now getting ready for the match on Friday and it was just frustrating since my ankle wasn't okay.I promised to talk to coach about it after school.So this other thing.. girls throwing themselves at me. It was growing rapidly... to even my Facebook. I had over 700 friend requests pending, already 4,989 friends and about three thousand followers.. it was insane.. how I went from being that lesbian kid from a small school to this hot lesbian who can play soccer.I later fo
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Chapter Nine
My mind couldn't literally process what was happening right now.  Her lips were still lingering on mine as we deepened the kiss.I pulled away to get some air. God! Her lips were so soft I didn't want to stop and she tasted so good.She was looking at me with a small smile on her face, "you okay?"I smiled and nodded my head, "yeah...""You sure?" She asked moving her thumb on my cheek caressing it a bit.I had a few options then, I could just nod my head or tell her that I'm actually pretty sure that I'm okay.. or I could do exactly what I'm thinking. So without thinking myself out of this, I pulled her head down and reconnected our lips again.She responded quickly. Her hand holding on tight around my waist. We kissed and then she pulled away.. totally away I felt a bit empty.I started to freak out.. God what if she regreted it.Read more
Chapter Ten
My dreams were getting worse and draining me.. today was Thursday and I was tired as fuck like the past three days.I slowly got up and went to the bathroom. I hated how my head worked, how I would dream about this over and over again once I start putting it back in my head.I tried to talk on Monday and Wednesday after school but I just couldn't. I ended up crying.. she asked if he hits me and I nodded... she just hugged me and told me it will be okay and she'll always be here.. I was glad she didn't ask further than that. I don't think I was ready to tell her what my "father" did to me.I bathed and fixed myself. I was very tired of waking up and then trying to go back to sleep. I hardly slept."You look like a zombie..." my sister said when I joined them downstairs and I rolled my eyes, "you look like an expired Barbie..."She frowned, "mommmm...""Olweth
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