Beautiful Aurora: Love of a surrogate mother

Beautiful Aurora: Love of a surrogate mother

By:  Favy  Ongoing
Language: English
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" Aura will you be the mother of my baby?" he asked staring into her face. "Huh? Sir?..." "You heard me. I want you to be the surrogate mother of my child"... Love they say is a beautiful thing but love is hurtful with the wrong person and Aurora has had her share of that. She resolves not get married but what happens when she becomes the surrogate mother of her boss's baby? Weird right? Find out from this interesting and suspense filled story. Osamudiamen Joel.

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11 chapters
The accident.
                      CHAPTER 1                      *AURORA*"Sleepy head, wake up," I felt a pillow hit my head. Only one person does that, Sophie She's my bestie and we live together. I'm jobless and she's not.She works in a big fashion company and she financially supports me. I know, even I think it's embarrassing."God damn it, Sophie, why now?" I smacked the pillow off my face angrily. She just ruined my sleep, sweet dreams."Aurora, you seem to be forgetting something. You've got an interview today," my eyes widened and I was shocked to see her already dressed.God damn it, why did I sleep that long?"Fuck! Sophie. Why didn't you wake me up?" I sprang out of bed.She rolled her eyes and said, "I did but you see
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A job as compensation.
                      CHAPTER 2                       *AURORA*"I need a job,"He chuckled. "What? Why should I give you a job?""Cause, you hit me with your car. You certainly don't want this news to come out on social media, it will ruin your reputation mister," I gave him a faux smile."Aurora, are you OK?" Sophie said running into the room."I thought you are supposed to be in work,""I asked for permission to leave when you called me,""Thanks," I smiled."What about your leg?""It's fine, but it still kinda of hurts,""I told you to quit looking for a job but you wouldn't listen. I have more than enough to take care of both of us,"<
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The interview
                      CHAPTER 3                       *AURORA*"OK. Gustavo is sick to think he would have me back,""I think he is," she muttered."So, are you going back to work today?""Nope, I'm not. You need me more than ever now,""Awwn, thanks so much,""I'm your bestie remember?" she grinned."How can I forget that?""What about Cameron?""He is there," she shrugged."Did you guys quarrel or something?""Not really, we are not compatible Aurora. I plan on breaking up with him,""Yeah, relationship sucks,""You really serious about not getting married?""I am," I rolled my eyes.<
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Mr meanie
                      CHAPTER 4                         *AURORA*The sound of my ringtone awoke me from my short nap. Who could that be? I still very feel dizzy."You might as well answer that," Sophie said walking into the room."I don't feel like it. Where have you been?""C'mon Aurora. You don't expect me to sit in the hospital all day, I went to take a stroll""I asked a simple question yet, you answered it so verbosely," I rolled my eyes."Yeah, whatever." The phone soon started ringing again and I grunted."You should answer that,""Fuck! fine." I picked up the phone and slide the answer icon.☎ "Is this Miss Aurora Peyton?"☎ "Yes, who are y
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I'm gonna ruin you!
                      CHAPTER 5.                        *SOPHIE*I hurriedly walked into the office. God, I am so late. "Hey, Sophie," Some of my colleagues waved at me and I smiled. I sat on my table and turned on the PC."Miss Sophie. Mr. Liam wants you in his office now" OMG! what does he want again?"OK." I stood up from my seat and followed her closely behind. I got to the door of his office and knocked on it. "Come on," his hoarse voice commanded."Good morning sir," I greeted but no response."Good morning sir," I greeted again but he ignored me completely and continued with his work. Why did he call me in the first place when he knew he was busy? Meanie, Troy is ob
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The kiss.
                      CHAPTER 6                       *AURORA*I huffed angrily. "You do no such thing,""Wait and see...""I'm here for the interview, and not here to argue with you. I have an appointment with my therapist,""You mean the therapist I hired for you,""Like you weren't the one who hit me with your car,""I wouldn't have if have, if only you looked where you were going!""So it's my fault. Your pervert interviewer caused this. Do you know the pain I'm feeling right now? You wouldn't, cause you're not the one with a fractured bone. You speak about incompetence all the time, but your staff was busy fucking all the job applicants under your nose and you didn't know shit about it. Doesn't tha
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Liking her.
                            CHAPTER 7                         *TROY*"Shut up. I don't like her idiot.""You do. I can see the spark in your eyes,""You are not serious. How will a playboy like you know something like that?""She's very beautiful, no wonder you like her so much,""I don't like her actually 'hate' should be the word,""Why? No one can hate a beauty like her,""Beauty without manners. She's rude and speaks to me with so much disrespect and I can't stand it!"He chuckled. "More reason why you are gonna fall in love in love with her soon,"I chuckled. "Why will I fall in love with someone that doesn't respect me? Just listen to yourself
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The breakup
                      CHAPTER 8                       *AURORA*"Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate," I told her as we got to my door step."I'm glad, I could help," she smiled and touched my hair."Wow, your hair is very soft,""Thanks" I smiled softly."Did I mention you are very beautiful?""Yeah, countless times," I rolled my eyes.She chuckled, "Really?""Yeah,""That's because it's true. I lo...""Miss Aurora," I turned to see my therapist as she walked towards us."I should leave now," she gave me a small smile and left."That was weird," I muttered. I wonder what she was gonna say. "Miss
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Feelings and jealousy.
                      CHAPTER 9                          *TROY*I got back home exhausted and I really couldn't get my mind of Aurora and that kiss. I wonder how she managed to get into my head."Sir, you are back? I already set the table," Chris, my chef said. "Did you still see your sick mother?""Yes, I did.""How is she?""She is fine now. Thank you so much for the support you gave to my family and I. We really appreciate,""It's nothing, I should be in my room now.""OK sir," I sighed and climbed the stairs heading to my room. I got into the room and dropped my briefcase on the bed. I took off my clothes and put them in the laundry basket.I walked into the bathroo
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The date
                       CHAPTER 10                        *AURORA*"Help, help, someone is trying to kidnap me,""Put me down you bastard!" I yelled.He ignored me and carried me to the elevator. "How are you gonna open the elevator door with me in your arms?" I asked hoping he will put me down so I could run away.He did put me down but he pinned both my hand to the elevator door."Troy, what are you doing?" I asked because he was way too close to me and I could feel my heart beating at a fast rate.The elevator door opened and he pushed me into the elevator. The door soon closed and he was still very close to me."I missed you," he muttered. "Why are you telling me all these? I
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