Loving You (COMPLETED)

Loving You (COMPLETED)

By:  Silver&Red  Ongoing
Language: English
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What happens when Blake sits with Lydia and better yet gets to kiss her in a party? Sparks fly, happiness engulfs their group and a lot of drama happens.

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    14 chapters
    Chapter 1
                                                  Lydia's POV                          I woke up with ever so damn loud and vexatious voice of my alarm. I literally wanted to get up and throw it out of the damn window.                           Why does the alarm have to be so fucking annoying?                          &
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    Chapter 2
    Lydia's POV                          I guess luck isn't one of my best friend today.                          Guess who i am pared up with?                           Yes, Blake Parker. Apparently, Mrs. Newmort had paired him up with the shy guy. The shy guy got so damn shy that he felt like he was going to puke.                           I literally flew out of my seat at the same time as Blake did
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    Chapter 3
                                            Lydia's POV                    It was the dispersal time. I literally ran to the parking lot to meet Julia.                     At last freedom!                    I thought as i went to the usual spot where me, Alessa and Julia meet. I saw Julia standing near her car and clicking selfies. I shook my head at her as i headed towards her.     &
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    Chapter 4
    Lydia's POV                    The week had been less shitty after the dinner. It was Friday atlast. Actually the week had gone by real quick, if you ask me.                    I had not seen Blake much and I had been busy because of the burden of the homeworks and projects that they had assigned for us.                    It was the lunch time right now. No sight of the bad boys. Alessa and Julia were chatting and talking about some random shit that I am not aware about.                    My life is getting boring
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    Chapter 5
                                            Lydia's POV                    We arrived to Nate's house in no time. Julia was a mess. She was nervous because she was going to face Nate. I rolled my eyes at her.                    I mean, are you kidding me?                     I wanted to tell her that the dude likes her and she should try dating him, but I kept my mouth shut because I knew it was of no use.&nbs
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    Chapter 6
                                            Lydia's POV                    My heart was beating hard in my chest and I am sure that Nate would be able to hear it. Blake was sitting and smirking to himself.                    I really don't know what to do. I guess kissing will be way more better than staying with him, in a room alone, for the whole fucking night.                    And I know he won't keep his hands to hi
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    Chapter 7
                                            Lydia's POV                    It has been a week after the party. Life was as usual, boring as hell. Blake hasn't showed up after the party night. Alessa was with him.                     They had gone to a cousin's wedding. Close cousin, to be exact. I missed the twins. And I wasn't the only one.                    River, Jules and Nate were with me. The are like the bright li
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    Chapter 8
                                            Blake's POV                    The rest of the day had ended pretty quickly. I made sure that Amy didn't bother Lydia afterwards. I had been feeling a little weird lately.                    After the day of mine and Lydia's first kiss, to be more precise. That girl is different and she had been on my mind a lot lately.                    The day I went to my cousin's wedding wa
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    Chapter 9
    Lydia's POV                    The bell finally rang, indicating that it is finally the dispersal time. I happily got up and went to my locker and stuffed all my notebooks in it only keeping my rough notebooks with me.                    I happily skipped towards the parking lot. I reached to my car and was about to unlock it but a hand grabbed my wrist, restraining me from doing to so.                    I turned and bit my lip, frowning. It was Blake. My heartbeat was already fast. "Where do you think you are going?" He asked me, leaving my wrist and stepping forward.        &nbs
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    Chapter 10
                                            Lydia's POV                    We were sitting and chilling in the living room of The Parker's house. Blake was upstairs, asleep. "I am bored as hell." I said.                    Alessa and Julia nodded in reply. Nate and River were somewhere and were coming here shortly. I groaned and then i got an idea.                    I grinned and both of them raised an eyebrow at me. "I
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