The Assistant

The Assistant

By:  Kat Thomas  Completed
Language: English
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Paige was reassigned to a new boss. She had zero clue as to what she was walking into. However right from the start that spark was there and it turned into a flame that could burst into a raging fire at anytime. She had to wonder if they would actually ever get any work done. When the two meet everything goes right for the both of them changing their lives for the better as long as they continue to work together. When huge life decisions loom in front of them it was easier to accept them because the other was there. A Cinderella story with a few twists and turns that shows that love has no time table.

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25 chapters
  Paige was at work trying to figure out what exactly to do about her situation. She was almost daydreaming as she sat at her cubicle waiting to hand over the things she had prepared for the bosses she worked for. A shared assistant that was one of the best she was in high demand and found that her job now included a few extra people that she was not supposed to work for.She knew though that she had a good reputation for working. Though she had heard a few rumors about how she moved up the companies ladders quickly. None of them were good. She had ignored them for the most part. She had no desire to give into the demands of the bosses nor would she back down with her other assistants. They had things to do for their bosses.Giving in to those types of things was not like her. She was there to work and get the job done. She would buy their presents for their wives and girlfriends. She would type everything up. She would answer calls and schedu
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The Weekend
 Paige had packed up everything that was hers at the desk and then she decided to call it a day. She had finished everything that she had too and new this weekend she would be nothing but a blah of nerves. Though she had changed jobs a few times she knew that this was going to be something new.She tried not to think about it but it was all she could think of until she went to sleep. Nothing was right anymore and she knew it. No one asked for her by name. No one requested her even though she was one of the best in the company. She tried to figure out who this new boss could possibly be. She had no clue. She didn’t even have an idea of what division he could be.As she fell asleep the thoughts took over and invaded her dreams. She didn’t sleep well and decided to put off doing the few things that she knew she had to do. The laundry for one was one of those things that she didn’t want to do. She knew that when she did do it she would have t
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The Night before Monday
 Paige had put off the things she needed to do. She knew that everything was going to be fine the next day but she had to do her laundry. That was her goal for the day even though again she didn’t want to carve out the time to do it and sit there.She bundled her things up and walked to the basement of the building. The old light flickering in the distance always made her feel slightly uneasy but she knew she had too.She then placed everything right in the washer knowing that she should do two loads but there was no way she was feeding this machine which happened to be the only one that would actually work most of the time, that many quarters. She opened the lids and then placed everything where it needed to be. Then closed it and shoved the quarters int eh slots to start the machine. It would be about forty minutes and she had this done to a science. The machine was locked for the moment. No one could open it.She walked back upstairs to her
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  Paige stood in front of the mirror and knew this was not going to work out well. The dryer had completely ruined her outfit, and she was left with one white blouse that one could easily see-through and a short pencil shirt that she would have to be careful of doing anything still left in her closet. She didn’t even have a clean bra to wear, which just added to her dilemma. So her already large chest was going to be bouncing around every which way but that with the combo of the shirt, someone could easily see her dusky colored nipples. This was not the way to start off her job with the new boss. She was about ready to cry when she remembered a blazer that she had in the back of the closet. That would help some of her problems. She started out the door when she turned locked her door and saw one of her neighbors. The creepy one who always stared. She wondered to herself if she was making an impression that she was strong-minded or
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  “What were you talking about that you picked me for this job?” she asked when she could finally catch her breath and have a coherent thought again. She had spent years doing this job with no one ever looking at her the way that he just had though her rise through the ranks had garnered some comments like, “She had spent a lot of time on her knees.” Or “She is better on her back then in the chair.” She had ignored them, but now she was wondering if her frustration and him being him led her to do the entirely wrong thing. This was the man who was supposed to enforce the rules about certain interactions and fraternization.“Paige, I have been watching everyone. That is my job. Though some of the other assistants have found ways to get around the company’s rules, you have not. Do you know how I got this position? It was quite easy, really. It was by reporting on everyone who works here and their ability t
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   He led her to the underground parking lot through the set of elevator doors that only the top level of management could use. Even the garage with the rows of what seemed to be brand new cars. She had never seen cars that were that shiny without being at a dealership before. “So, tell me about yourself.” He broke the silence as he finally reached what seemed to be his car. He unlocked the doors and opened hers for her to get in. She got in and had less than thirty seconds to think as he walked around the car slowly.“What do you want to know?” she asked when he got into the car with the movements much like a large predatory way about him. Knowing that he knew her personal file already. That was his job to know things about people to give the brass leverage when it was needed.“Anything.” He replied as he backed out of the parking spot. “I know anything that is in the file, but I don&rsqu
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 One by one, each item that was covering her body was making a pile on the floor. “Seriously? Here?” she hissed as his hand made quick work of her clothes.“This is honestly the perfect place. Trust me, this isn’t a first, nor is it the last for something to happen in these dressing rooms.” He said softly. She was completely bare to him by the time he had shrugged of his shirt. He looked over at the pile of items he had brought and knew he didn’t really ever need to see her in them. He thought they were good and well designed. He knew just looking at her was enough to turn his cock hard. Working with her was going to be near impossible for him, but that was his own choosing. He wanted her the first time he saw her. That only grew until she was in front of him, and her wardrobe malfunction gave his mind the one chance to get her with him. His hand ran down her back and gripped her ass. He pulled her closer to him. H
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  As they went in the building, the back way with the bags of things from his car leaving a few in his trunk because they both knew they would run into a few people on the way up and bags from the exclusive intimate appeal store might raise a few eyebrows. Paige was glad to have thrown one outfit into the bags they were bringing up, so she could change when they got to the office. Though her day was mostly shot already. She knew she couldn’t think still.She honestly didn’t know if she had any brain function left to do actual work. Luckily he was right about the fact no one expected them to work today or too much in the next week. He had no meeting scheduled at all until the middle of the following week. That led her to believe it would be the two of them in the office alone for most of that time. She wondered if she would ever be able to think again. Moving into this office was going to be a huge step for him. Though his job
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 As the day progressed into the late afternoon, the two people in the office moved around it to make it seem like he had always been there, and this wasn’t new. He watched her as she helped him unpack his boxes from the other office, which was smaller and more to his tastes in the first place. He didn’t like to be seen to much. It was better for him if he wasn't. This office was higher up. It was where the management was. It was closer to the top levels he wanted to avoid as well.It was also about four times the size of his last one. He never had to think about how to fill that space. Now he was left with huge areas of the blank office that screamed for something. He had no idea what that something was, though. He hoped she would. He wasn’t lying when he had said he had been told he had a horrible taste when it came to things. He had been, numerous times throughout his life. “What else does it need?” he asked as
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 “When did they say it would be here?” Milo asked as he looked over to her, sitting on the couch, about an hour later. He was trying to get her speaking again as she had gone silent. Though he didn’t mind the silence in the room, he found it odd that she didn’t. She did seem completely focused on whatever she was doing.“Tomorrow.” She replied without looking up. “I will be here in the morning, so I can wait for the packages.”“We will both here in the morning.” He said with a chuckle. “Though I work mostly at night, I do keep normal hours for the most part. That is probably the point of the old man and this couch. At least he knows I will have a comfortable place to sleep.”“Well, I mean, you do go home.” She said again, not looking up at him. He began to wonder what she was doing over there and what she was looking at.“Not really.” He stated as
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