Daddy Dearest

Daddy Dearest

By:  Eva Harlowe  Ongoing
Language: English
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Everyone at school knows Melody Plum is the smartest, best-behaved girl at Sacred Heart. She's kind, quiet, and liked by both students and teachers. Everyone thinks she should be dating Charlie Davenport, a boy she has known all her life, because they would make such a "cute couple." But Melody doesn't feel that way for Charlie. Benjamin Davenport is everyone's favorite teacher and all the girls have a crush on him. He is gorgeous, well-dressed, really smart, and has the sexiest voice and British accent. Even some of the women teachers are in love with him, but he chooses to ignore them because he's happily married and has four children who also attend the school. Everyone thinks he has the most perfect family in town. What no one knows is that Melody has been in love with him for years, even though he's more than twice her age and the father of her closest friend in the world. She has never dreamed he would ever see her as a woman and accepts that she will be never be anything else to him but the best friend of his son. At least that's what she thinks. But Mr. Davenport has a secret, too. He has watched Melody grow up into a beautiful young woman over the years and what he is feeling for her now is decidedly not paternal...

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59 chapters
Chapter One
"Don't you think you're a little too old now for sleepovers at Charlie's house? You're not little kids anymore, Mel. Soon, people will start talking."

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Chapter Two
Mr. Davenport POVI had to quickly get away from her. Without helping her out of that car or offering to carry in her bag, I enter the house from the garage and head directly to the den, where we have a mini-bar. I bring up the bottle of Laphroaig that I keep in a locked shelf and pour myself a shot into a highball.I take a quick look around to make sure I don't have an audience--with five other people in the house, that's not always possible-- and guzzle down my drink like a dehydrated man who has just crossed a desert without a drop of water. I close my eyes to enjoy that silky heat that surges through my veins and calms my nerves.I could not stop touching her. Whilst we were in the car, I wanted nothing more than to haul her onto my lap and nuzzle her neck. She smelled incredible. That mixture of fruity body lotion, her sweat, and that special fragrance that a woman emits when she's menstruating... It took all of my concentrati
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Chapter Three
Melody POVOh God, how am I going to get through this night without ogling him like a slack-jawed village idiot? Within the enclosed space of his car this afternoon, I could barely keep myself from squirming in my seat. He smelled like a combination of leather, bergamot, sandalwood, and something minty. I wanted to climb over the center console and straddle him, so I could bury my face in his neck and kiss him all over. I couldn't tell if the cramping I felt below my belly was due to my period or the horniness I was experiencing. But my body was overheating and my skin became super-sensitive to the touch. When he put his hand on my leg, I almost begged him to go higher and touch the spot throbbing between my thighs. I'm convinced now that I would have spontaneously combusted had he done that.We pile into the family van with Mr. and Mrs. Davenport up front, Madison and I in the middle row, and the twins and Noah in the back. I'm sitting directly beh
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Chapter Four
Mr. Davenport POV My two eldest children, along with Melody, are hanging out in the den, watching some obscure South Korean horror movie that was just released by the Criterion Collection on Blu-ray two weeks ago. Charlie spent eighty dollars on the damn thing. He explained to me that the disc contains all the movies in the trilogy and at least eight hours of extra features. My son, the horror movie connoisseur, has probably spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years, building his impressive collection. He wants to go into film studies after high school. Naturally. He also wants to become a medical doctor, oddly enough.He started making movies with his friends in the sixth grade and they've only gotten better in quality the more experience he attains. The bulk of the screenplays he produces are written by Melody, the writer of the group. She is truly talented. She makes schlock seem clever and brand-new.One of my
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Chapter Five
Melody POV I want to die. My head is killing me, I have no dignity left, and I just almost killed myself with my own irrepressible stupidity. Now my best friend is looking at me like he's about to cry because I just told him I'm dying of an inoperable brain tumor or something."What the hell was that?" he demands, his blue eyes wide with disbelief. "Mel, you conked yourself out!""Ack, stop yelling." I cover my left ear with the butt of my palm. "I'm right in front of you, Florence Nightingale, you need to turn down your volume." I push away his hand when he tries to put back the ice pack on my forehead. "Cut it out. I'm fine.""You're not fine. You've got a big red bump on your forehead." He nudges the back of my arm, which I'm using as a shield, away from my head. "Seriously, Mel, what the fuck. Were you drunk?"Everyone at school, even some of the teachers, have been telling me since sopho
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Chapter Six
Mr. Davenport POV It takes all of my strength to keep my hands from shaking as I pull out a chair for her. She is so damnably pretty this morning and irrepressible in her youth that I feel like the very devil for having less than innocent thoughts about her."No headache or dizziness, sir," she says after telling me she preferred orange juice over tea. She nods and smiles at my wife who puts a plate of golden-brown scones and scrambled eggs in front of her. "Thank you, Mrs. Davenport. I would like to clean up the kitchen after breakfast, if I may."Waverly steps back, surprised. "Oh, goodness, dear. You don't have to. Mr. D. and I have it handled.""Please, let me." Melody reaches over to take her hand. "I would like to repay your hospitality."Waverly chuckles, the corners of her green eyes crinkling like tiny fans. "You are such a darling. Well, I won't say no to someone offering to take on my chores for me. Thank y
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Chapter Seven
Melody POV I’m sitting next to Charlie in his father’s Escalade, parked in front of our house. Normally, I would have been out of the car and halfway across my front yard already, but these days, things haven’t been so easygoing between us. There’s a tension now that hadn’t been there before and it’s keeping me inside the car like I’m tethered to it. I clear my throat and shift in my seat to make myself more comfortable."Did you have a good weekend?" Charlie asks before I can say anything. Both of his hands are on the steering wheel and he is staring straight ahead.I look at his profile, then down at my hands. He really is very handsome, with this square jaw and high cheekbones. I wish I felt the same way for him as he does for me. "Yeah, of course. I always have a great time with your family. I love hanging out with you guys."His fingers appear to tighten around the steering whee
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Chapter Eight
Mr. Davenport POV At the end of sixth period, my final class of the day, I was ready to stick my head in an oven and end it all, Sylvia Plath-style. And it's only Monday. Only half of the students in my last class actually read the chapters of Wuthering Heights that I had assigned and the rest tried to fake it badly.Whatever happened to having enthusiasm for classic literature and wanting to follow in the footsteps of those amazing, albeit long-dead, writers? When I was their age, I reveled in the words of Dickens, Trollope, Hardy, Maugham, Waugh, and Nabokov, and aspired to be in the pantheon of literary giants someday. I still want that for myself, though these days, I doubt that I have the talent to achieve even a modicum of their greatness. I have greater doubts that I can inspire that spark of genius in my students.I want nothing more now than to go home, lock myself in my office till dinnertime, an
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Chapter Nine
Melody POV I’m not sure what I’m still doing here. I’d promised Lottie I’d come over after school to help her with her social studies homework, but I didn’t mean to stay for dinner. I told myself I had to leave before Mr. D got home. But then Mrs. Davenport went into Lottie’s room where she and I were studying and asked if I wanted to stay for dinner. She wasn’t even surprised that I was there. I told her I’d have to check with Nancy, but God must have been playing a prank on me because just then, I got a text from her saying she was out with friends and would I mind fending for myself tonight? It’s rare that Nancy leaves the house to just be social with people, so I told her I was fine. I accepted Mrs. Davenport’s invitation to dinner. “Oh boy, you’re in luck,” says Lottie sarcastically. “Monday is Chicken Pesto Pa
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Chapter Ten
Ben POV I might have a drinking problem.When Waverly sent me up to our room to change out of my work clothes and take a shower, I made a pit stop at the den, unlocked the cabinet in the bar where I kept all of my good scotch and bourbon, uncapped the Laphroaig, and poured myself two shots worth into a snifter. The 25-year scotch was meant to be sipped and savored, but once again, I just poured it down the gullet like my throat was on fire. Then I locked away the used glass in the cabinet.I needed a drink. It was the only way I could numb myself these days to Melody's allure. God, she smelled good today. When she was standing next to me this afternoon while I sat at my desk in the yearbook office, listening to her pitch for a feature, I have to admit that I was only paying it half the attention it deserved. I was more absorbed by her presence. Her shiny, black hair; full mouth, button nose, smooth skin, a
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