After I Die

After I Die

By:  sillymlk  Ongoing
Language: English
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Once Simone woke up to find that she was in the middle of nowhere, with no memory. Soon she realized she was not even alive. How can she move on knowing nothing about the life she had? So she stayed. Stayed back to navigate further and further so that she could figure out her past and mature as a ghost as well.

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5 chapters
There it was, the noise of a rusted engine I hated so much. Usually I would plug in my earphones and be in my own world, or at least that's what I think I would do. I opened my eyes, only to find myself on a deserted bus. I was surprised at how come I was the only passenger left. Did I sleep the entire way and miss my stop? Where was I? Wait? Why am I on this bus? And where was I going? I don't remember boarding this bus or any bus. The last thing I remember was... Well... Nothing!!? What's going on? How come I lost all my memories on a bus ride?! I search my body, check my head for any injuries, anything that might explain what's going on, or even a clue of who I was? I'm wearing a brown top, a somewhat torn Jacket and black jeans. There were no signs of any injuries or anything that could possibly explain anything that could have h
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"WHAT?? are you saying I'm dead"?   "Yes, I was hoping you will be able to tell me why but that seems unlikely".   "How can you be so sure? I mean, maybe I just ended up here?Maybe it's a mistake, you know! Maybe that bus driver picked up the wrong person".   "No dear, living souls can never perceive us, that bus or this place. If you're here, then you must be dead".   "Didn't you say I'm not supposed to be here? Then what was that about"?   "It means I wasn't expecting you. I'm usually notified of a person's death when they are meant to die. Which suggests you died when you were not supposed to. You are dead, my dear. It's just that you weren't supposed to
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"So, How come you're here?" he asked cheerfully. " I dunno" I shrugged. "One minute I'm standing outside a hut; the next thing I know is I'm in this town surrounded by these people." "The Junction Point", he smirks. "But that's not what I meant. What I was asking is how come you are dead? It looks like you weren't supposed to". "You sound just like her. Do you get notifications for dead people as well or something?" "What!? NO!!" He laughs. "It's just the ghosts who are here, as in who are offered the choice, are here for untimely deaths." "Oh." I nod. "So something like that happened to you too?",
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"Can I speak to you alone for a second?" She asked sternly to Liam. " Okay, okay, let's do that" he tells her, and turns around "You stay here, I'll be right back." I nod unable to say anything. After a few seconds of standing in silence all by myself, curiosity got the best of me so I slowly leaned towards the main door trying to hear what they were saying. "Why are you behaving like this?You know very well how much I hate strangers. And you brought one to MY house?!!" She almost snarled at Liam. "Beth I'm trying to do a nice thing. Like you did for me when I was new. You knew I needed help and you really took care of me." "That was a long time ago. You kn
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"So.. " Beth whispers. "Let's check them out then. We will see if she resembles anyone or not." "Wait, are you helping me? " I ask quiet amused and surprised. "Of course, I need do my best to make sure you leave." she said it with a straight face and left. "Wow, she does not like me" I whisper. "Don't take it personally, she can be a bit unwelcoming at first. Once she gets close to someone she will take even a bullet for them." He smirks. "of course I mean it metaphorically, bullet can hardly effect us let alone harm us." "Yeah, figured." I smile. "Which reminds me, why are you so insistent upon me staying here? I mean I'm already dead, what could possibly
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