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*MATURE AND ABUSIVE CONTENTS; READ IT ON YOUR OWN RISK* Let's turn back to centuries where humans and dragons live together. KINGDOM SELVIA,was one of most powerful kingdom among all the seven kingdoms. It was all because of harmony between humans and dragons. Dragons were the most wise among all. They were not simple because God gifted them the power to turn into humans when they want. The Royal family of dragons were the guardians of DRAGONSTONE. But Greed of humans win against them and dragons were pushed down to sand. Cassandra a simple girl who lived with her grandmother was kept safe from all this. She thought she was a simple girl but soon curtains from her past will fell down giving her the life's biggest shock. Ragnar the king of dragons and only protector of DRAGONSTONE was left behind after the war. He will again initiate a war between humans and dragons to get back what is rightfully his. Only the red magic can help Ragnar to protect his kingdom but where will he find this red magic? What will happen when Ragnar will fell for a human girl; Cassandra? Will Cassandra help him to regain his glory or will stab him achieving what she wants?

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Roars of dragons were shaking the land. The fire was burning everywhere. Smoke covered the whole kingdom making it invisible. Children were crying, and parents were begging for mercy, but all could be seen was only red and greedy eyes of humans flaring up for the lives of hybrid dragons. ...In the middle of every green forest, a large castle was built with dragons portrayed at each corner. "Your majesty, the situation is getting out of our hands. Humans are killing dragons mercilessly, and we are hopeless." the guardian cried out. King majestically walked to the side window from where he could see the dead bodies of his people. Those who he had an oath to guard and protect. King turned and saw his queen coming towards him with a pale face. "Take care of the castle and dragon stone. We are its protectors, and we can't let those greedy h
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