A Marriage and a Half

A Marriage and a Half

By:  Lauretta  Ongoing
Language: English
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A marriage of convenience, Or is it? Business Mogul, Liam Edwards A sophisticated and quiet man, He loves his space and absolutely detest the limelight, Unfortunately for him he gets caught up in a scandal with the beautiful model, Zelda Stevens. Zelda's father Sir Rowland II leaves no stone unturned as he makes sure the two individuals get married by all means But there is just one major problem Samantha Millers! Liam's fiancee, She won't be going down without a fight.

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9 chapters
Chapter 1
Zelda Stevens~The sun shone brightly in the room that it could blind one's eyes, Zelda squinted her eyes to block the sun away from her but it was of no use! A
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Chapter 2
Zelda Stevens~Zelda opened her laptop and sat down to scroll through her feeds, A while later she heard a knock by her door and she stood up to open it, She opened the door and it revealed her best friend Anna.Anna was a model just like her which was why her parents didn't approve of their friendship even though the two kids had known each other since kindergarten, Anna had straight brunette hair and chocolate brown eyes, An amazing extremely clear dark skin that Zelda had always envied, Anna was about 5'11 tall and slender, She carried herself with poise and grace although she could be really chirpy and funny too, she had all the qualities and that was one of the thing that made the friendship blossom. While she! Zelda had shoulder length dark honey blonde hair, with bright blue eyes and a pretty straight nose, Full plump lips, She had a pretty smoot
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Chapter 3
Zelda Stevens ~Zelda stirred as the sound of the alarm beeped into her ears, She groaned and stretched her hand to put it off, Her hand landed on something hard and toned, Her hand roamed around it again and paused, when did her alarm become so hard and toned, The alarm grunted and her eyes flew open, This wasn’t her alarm! No! This was a man sleeping on her bed in her room, Zelda sat up immediately and rubbed the sleepiness away from her eyes, She had to be hallucinating. She opened her eyes again and was staring at the same man, She screamed at the top of her voice, The stranger flew up immediately and held his head in pain "What in the world is going on Sam?" The stranger says and opens his eyes, He screamed as soon as he saw her on the bed. Zelda immediately scrambled up from the bed, wrapping the duvet around her body as she stood up, but she scr
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Chapter 4
Liam Edward~Liam woke up the next day and sat up on the bed, He still couldn’t believe what had happened with him the day before, How could he have slept in a strangers room. Imagine his embarrassment when she proved that it was her room and therefore proving that he was the pervert. Liam sighed and got out of bed, He tied a robe around his body and walked downstairs where he saw Martha cleaning an already clean table “Good morning Martha, Can you please get me a cup of black coffee?” He asked and she straightened he posture “Good morning sir, A cup of black coffee coming right up.” She says and walked away to prepare it. Liam saw his phone vibrating and picked the call on seeing it was Samantha calling “Baby—“ he starts off but was cut off very rudely “Liam, What the hell? You propose to me and spend the night with another! What is this Liam?!” He yells made him squint his eyes and he moved the phone away from hi
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Chapter 5
Zelda Stevens~Zelda’s eyes widen on hearing what the stranger had just said “W-What? What do you mean I’m being kidnapped? What sort of sick joke is this.? Please stop the car ." She says nervously and the man starts to laugh“Oh wow, You really do not want to be kidnapped." He says and Zelda paused “What do you mean!?” She asked but the car stopped abruptly.“Come on, We are here now so you might want to get down from the car.” The man says and got down from the car, he opened the door for Zelda and she came down and looked at her surroundings. She really couldn’t tell what it was exactly or where they were. "Come on, let’s go.” The man says and holds her wrist, Zelda jerked her hand free and pointed to the man “What rubbish is this? Where did you bring me and why am I here?” She says and
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Chapter 6
Zelda stevens~Her father dropped the call immediately and looked at her “Oh look, the princess is here.” He says sarcastically and she walked slowly towards him “Dad..” She began but he threw the newspaper at her angrily “What is this Zelda? My reputable name that I have worked so hard to build over the years is being mocked all because of you?” He yelled firmly and Zelda shrunk where she stood “Dad I can explain, It is not what it looks like.” She said “Is this the values we have instilled in you? What can you explain? My name has been dragged to filth just because of you!” He says angrily and in a fit of rage threw the vase sitting on a table in the floor. The loud sound of the vase shattering on the floor stunned Zelda. This was a new level on anger her father was on “Dad- you are getting this all wrong. I didn’t do what they are talking about.” Sh
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Chapter 7
Zelda Stevens~She was on her way to the restaurant Liam had asked that they meet. If one thing was certain, It was a fact that her father was more than bent on ruining in her life. How could he try to arrange her marriage with Liam? Liam? He was freaking engaged. How was it that they didn’t understand that part HE IS ENGAGED. Even if he wasn’t engaged she still wouldn’t think of dating him not to talk of marriage. Her phone started to ring and she swiped to pick it seeing that it was Anna calling “Anna.” She called out her best friend name and heard her sigh “You poor poor thing. Have you seen the news today. You’re trending again.” She said and Zelda rolled her eyes “I have seen the news Anna and it’s absolutely disgusting.” She said and heard a pause on the line.“Are you sure about that? I mean the guy is Li
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Chapter 8
Liam Edwards~ Liam drove away from Zelda’s house and sighed. When she fell unconscious he couldn’t help but worry about her. Even though She was the most annoying person he knew. His phone started to ring and he picked it immediately seeing that it was Jason calling “What’s up man?” He said and heard some shuffling over the line. “You need to get here ASAP, Samantha fainted.” Jason said and he stepped on the brake of the car “She did what?” He said and the man repeated himself again. “Where is she? “ he asked and immediately got Jason replied himLiam sped off towards Samantha’s house and drove into the building, He got out of the car and ran into her building. He pressed the doorbell repeatedly until Jason opened the door. Where is she?” He asked and Jason pointed at the
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Chapter 9
Zelda stevens Zelda's eyes widen as soon as she heard what her father had just announced "You mean Mr. Edward and Miss Stevens are getting married the same day that had been fixed for his and Ms. Miller’s wedding?'A reporter asked as murmurs resumed in the hall "No, That is just misinformation. My dad meant to say that Samantha and Liam are still getting married." Zelda said nervously and prayed silently that everything went well even with them here but of course it would not. They would simply mess the whole thing. "That isn't the case, Zelda and Liam are getting married on the 26th of September without fail. 'W-What is he saying, Liam? W-What is going on here?" Samantha rushed out and ran to meet Liam's mom. "Mom? What is he saying? I know you can never support something like this?" Samantha cried out and Liam wrapped his arms around her but she flung his arm away "The conference is o
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