Somewhere In My Room

Somewhere In My Room

By:  Calliope  Ongoing
Language: English
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Crazy. Weird. Psychotic. Those words were what Skye heard from the people around him. Words he is used to. Those words that immunes him to pain. “Let pain be, for they are your weapons for revenge.” Skye grew up with the mind-set Zara, his childhood best friend, who always fuel the madness in his heart, until he realized one thing. Those words were true. Everything is true. Except for one. His best friend. Zara is an imagination. Or is she?

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3 chapters
Sometimes, there are secrets inside us.Deeply buried within ourselves.Alone in a cold room. Watching how the sun sets and the moon peaks.The beautiful ending followed by the dark beginning.Read more
“Let us welcome, the Grade 10 students!” the crowd roared while we were walking towards the stage. We will be performing a live drama for the opening of the foundation day.Since I was a child, no one believed me. I saw my playmate, Zara, smiling at me while clapping her little hands in the air. I laughed and waved my hands to her.“Hey, who are you waving to? Is your imaginary friend here again?&rdqu
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“Do you believe in afterlife, Skye?” Zara asked me. I looked at him while I’m sitting at my study table. Studying for a long exam tomorrow.Her small body was covered with my bed sheets. She said she wanted to take a nap but her talkative side was showing again. No signs of sleepiness.I faced her before smiling. “I don’t, I think there is no such thing as an afterlife. I don’t know.” I shrugged before facing my notes again.Read more Protection Status