By:  Wendy Opurum  Ongoing
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GeraldineJohnsons, not your regular female lead, Nicknamed the tomboy of "HILTON COLLEGE. Even though she considers it body shaming. Although she tries hard to fit in like a girl, all to no avail. Due to her bold and sassy nature, she earned the respect of most students, as well as the hatred of others. Geraldine, never cares about what people think of her, but there is something about Jayden, his dark eyes, his dark aura, the look on his face when their eyes meet. like he wants to strangle or devour her. Making her wonder, what she has ever done to him. Acting likes girl could be pretty difficult, especially when there is someone who has mada it his goal to taunt her. What she considers body shaming. Jason Adenuga, everyone's favourite, jovial and funny, also with no filters, He attacks her with any chance he gets. When the matters of the heart knocking, What happens when she gets entagled with both brothers? She feels something other friendship for one, but can't let other. STARTED: 17TH JANUARY 2021

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86 chapters
          She scurried into the sittingroom, almost bumping into heryounger sister. Seeing the sorrylook on her sisters face, she decidesto let it slide, most times shewondered if her sister was just blindor rather too clumsy, a day neverwent by without her doing clumsythings. The weather seemed hazy, morelike there was going to be a heavydownpour. She hated such weathers, whatmade her mood a lot worse wasresuming school, on a day like this,it was more like a punishment toher, because she wasn't ready forschool resumption. She wantedmore holidays. Getting to the dining area, she turns to one of the maids, who was coming out of the kitchen, without uttering a word she diverts her eyes to the dining table. Pick
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                            Taking precautions, he gently places his ear pods, on the table. One of the important accessories he couldn't stay without. Jayden Adenuga hated noise, he did well to avoid it, with every opportunity he got, most people called him a weirdo, boring fellow, but he cared less. While others wondered why someone as cute as that choose tohide behind the scene.  He had this brown skin, with chocolate eyes balls, his jawline was moderate, his noise slightly pointed, his lips pink, you would think he was applying something to it. He had one of the best smiles you could think of, but you would never notice it, because he rarely smiled. Due to his height and body built, he had a
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   Driving into the school's premises, you could see "Hilton College" bol on the huge pillars, close to the gate.The security men, who were majorly at the gate post. Most sat close to the gate, while few are seen wandering around.Hilton College was one of the biggest school's in Port-Harcourt. A school where son's and daughters of Ministers, commissioners, business tycoons, you could name them, attended. It was a school meant for the rich. The middle class could only afford to attend, with the aid of a scholarship.Students of the schools weren't only Nigerians, but from different African countries. They had more of half breeds than the whites. Just that blacks were in large numbers, and dominated.You could see the tall buildings, while driving in. Differents trees planted, trimmed flowers. The school spelt wealth.Read more
        Almost pushing the juniorstudent out of the way, she walksstraight to her bunk, withoutmuttering any word of apology. Ongetting to her bunk, she sits on herbed, pulling her sweater alongside."Ukeme!" Ekanem calls outimmediately she sights her on thebunk. Ekanem was a very closefriend of her. They acted more likea sister than friends."I didn't know you have resumed!"Ukeme says calmly. She could seea small smile playing on Ekanem'sface, she knew there was a juicyupdate right then and there, sheknew her friend very well."Guess what I saw in the restroomtoday?" Ekanem asks smilingsheepishly, making her smile too.Ekanem would never change.
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                              Dropping the snack on the desk, Jewel joins Geraldine who is currently seated on her own, which gave Jewel great pleasure, especially with the fact, Nengi wasn't close by.Suddenly seeing a smilingVeronica brought a deep frown upon her face.Veronica Blossom was what youcall a beauty goddess, she was amixed breed, every boy in class were always going hot around her. Jewel didn't only hate her because of the attention she got, but the fact, she didn't just get that attention, but was also aiming for her best friend.Only the look she always gave her proved it, Veronica knew Jewel hated her, for a reason best known to h
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                        Missing her steps and almost losing balance, Cherish holds unto her, meanwhile Zara tries to regain her balance, muttering some words of appreciation.  "Zara!" They hear someone call out, making both girls turn to the direction they both heard her name, only to see one of the loudmouths in the class, waving with a cheeky smile.  Zara waves back without uttering a word, which was new to Cherish. Since the got back this morning she had been acting somehow, Cherish knew something was bothering Her. She didnt even know how to approach how about it, coupled with the fact she was hungry, and wanted good food. It was just a few hours to dinner time, and she couldn't wait.  "I'm no longer a virg
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                           He wouldn't deny the fact, hedidn't wake up from the right sideof the bed. He hasn't been in a goodmood since he woke up. Immediately he got up, he wentstraight to the bathroom, took hisbath, dressed up and left the hostel.He didn't even go for breakfasts.And the fact whatever Xavier hadbeen saying wasn't making sense to him, played an important role inpissing him off. He hated wearingties, but had no other choice to doso. He was the Senior Prefect andneeded to lead by example. The jingle bell had been rung, it's a few minutes past time for the first lesson, sighting a particular person, he leaves Xavier's c
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                                                  Geraldine staggers not bargaining for the hard push she got, getting a slap across her face at the same time she lunches towards Ukeme, slapping her across the face too. Ekanem who had just recovered from the shock, lunches towards Geraldine with full force, but is pushed roughly by Jewel before time, finding herself on the floor, she tries to get up.   Knowing Ukeme also had a staminaon the floor, Geraldine moves backimmediately she got closer. The noise from the class wasn't helping and it seemed like no one was coming out to separate,
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       He had successfully blocked his ears with an ear pod. Resting his head on the desk. The rants and noise-making in the classroom was getting out of hands, and was affecting him too. He hated noise,rowdy places. He was alreadylosing it. It was a classroom and nota market square.Seeing those girls fight like animalswas something which irritated him, the fact his sister was part of the whole drama marvelled him, Jewel was a different person in school. The way she talked and behaved at school was different from the way she behaved at home.Jewel was more like a baby at home, who couldn't do anything by herself, cried at every little thing, but a loudmouth in school.Which he noticed immediately.While she talked he had to turn to her twice, wondering if that was his sister or not.Because it
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    Once Geraldine gets to her seat,she drops her bag pack on the desk.She hadn't spoken to anyone sinceshe left the hostel, she had found her way down to the classroom,  without any obstruction or Intrusion.    Seeing Jewel who had a small smile playing on her lips surprised her. That was when it dawned on her, she hadn't seen her since morning.It is a Tuesday morning, so they had regular and important subjects. Monday's and Tuesday's where treated with all seriousness.She doesn't miss Nengi and Leo. She wouldn't deny the fact, Leo sitting with them did surprise her.Knowing the kind of person Jewelwas."Gidi!" Nengi calls out she he sightsher, meanwhile she acknowledgeshim with a smile.Read more Protection Status