Highlighted Hair

Highlighted Hair

By:  Rindu Rinjani  Ongoing
Language: English
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A genius young policeman, Satria is asked to investigate a serial murder that happend nowadays. Most of the murder victim are highlighted hair young womaen and some man in various ages. The case becomes more complicated, because of the shrewdness from difficulty of the serial killer to identify. The criminal left any of the fingers print, unclear cctb's captured and then it's broken. Satria's life becomes more uncomfortable, since his fiance get a same characteristic with the murder's victims. In the other hand, the cyber world is viral with the weird messages . He believes that, those messages are related to his investigation. Will Satria able to solve the case, and make sure that his fiancee, Ambar is saved?

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A Corpse Found
A different circumtance appears in Jati Kidul Village this morning. Normally, every morning people are passing by starting their activity to work or go to school or perhaps cleaning their yard or some of them feeding their cattle. For now, almost all of them are gather at the grass land around the river bank.  A middle age man named Tarjo, the one who always looking for some fish in the river then sell them to the traditional market becomes a trending topic of Jati Kidul Society. This morning, he is not onlu catch fresh water fish on his net, but also part of human's body. Some people cover their nose from the smelly scent from the corpse and fish that Tarjo's found. Some of them also close theit eyes especially female, because they are scared of what they see but curious."Wih, sopo kuwi yo (Ow, who is that)?" Some people are asking and try to figure out who is dead body from Tarjo's net belong to.Read more
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