Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
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"You need to shut up baby. Let me take care of your needs. Can you do that for me?" He unzipped my dress, as it falls freely down to the floor. ***** This lifestyle is not for everyone. That was the first warning, that she got from the woman. She's in need of cash. Her parents suddenly got a divorce. Leaving her to struggle with her financial education alone. She never imagines at the end of her college years to be like this. Gone was the lifestyle that she used to have. The best friends, and even the boyfriend. She jumped at the first chance to be a sugar baby. Because deep down she knew that she needed the money, that it will be over in a year. Then she can find a job and move on with her life. ********** He never needed a girlfriend. They're always too needy for his time. And time was the one thing that he treasure. He's a workaholic. He likes the arrangement of a sugar baby where he can pay a sum of money for a companion of a young attractive woman. His friend actually suggested the idea. With the last sugar baby being too attached to him. It's time for him to find another one. A less demanding one. ********** Will he get what he paid for? *Warning! R-Rated for 18+ due to strong, explicit language and sexual content*.

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37 Chapters
1. It all Falls Apart
"What?? You can't just cut me off like that? I still have my tuition for one more year, then there's the school books and the apartment. Mother, can't be serious?"My parents told me to come home for an important family meeting. They informed me that they were getting a divorce, and since I was an adult they decide to stop my allowance and stop paying my monthly expenses, education also.
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2. Business Proposal
"Hi, I hope you don't mind that I ordered for you. It's all on us of course, company expenses." She showed off her pearly whites."So Adriana, I'm Lorraine. I don't think we've met. Now, I'm confused about what kind of business proposal that you intend to pitch me?" I sat in front of her drinking my champagne, still trying to figure out how she knew me. Was she one of my parent's friends?
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3. Considering It
It was on Wednesday afternoon, the week after I met Adriana that I started to think about the job offer. This was all too hard for me. Or maybe it was because I'm such a lazy bitch, and I was just too stupid to find myself another job.I hadn't changed my car and hadn't even found another apartment. I was still busy with selling off my designer stuff, school projects, then there were my cooking and cleaning, I was literally exhausted. Yes, it was all because I'm a control freak and have these OCD tendencies.
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4. Taking a Leap
I finally arrived at my place and quickly browse the contract, everything seemed to be well put together. I had worked on internship programs before and had read through some law binding contracts for big corporations, and this was as well polished as those were.Shit!
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5. First Meet
It was two-thirty, I opened my laptop and take down my for sale listing off of eBay. Then I started working on my school work. I would start to worry about my apartment and car later on. I need to get my work done, then get ready for tonight.I typed furiously and worked my ass off. Opening my textbooks, going through my notes. I was working my brains on overdrive until I heard my alarm.
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6. The Date
We had arrived at the grand ballroom. His arm circled my waist possessively. I was very nervous, it was very nerve-wracking.Need to drink."You're doing just fine Lori. Stop worrying." He smiled at me and started kissing my shoulder and rubbing my back.
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7. The Mind Blowing Intercourse
We reached my place an hour later. I was so nervous when we were at my front door. It was like prom night, I felt like a fucking teenager. I was a grown woman, I dated Richard for two years.I can do this. My hands are clammy.The pressure was on for me.
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8. Inner Slutness
We stay sated for the next ten minutes until I hear his steady breath. He already closed his eyes sleeping, I quietly go to the bathroom, and freshen up.Then I continued on with my school work on the kitchen counter while drinking my wine. I was trying to relax, before going to bed. I knew I couldn't just go to sleep, knowing I still have unfinished work.
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9. The Morning After
I woke up to my alarm, I was alone in my bed. Sunshine peeking from my heavy beige colored curtains.Was it a dream?Then I stretched my body, and I start to feel it. The soreness between my legs, I open my eyes and peeked under the covers.
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10. Self Medicating
"James." I slurred my word a little."Lorraine, have you been drinking?" He came inside and cupped my face."Yes, just a couple glass of reds. I'm self-medicating. I've told you about this already, I'm good. I'm wearing my flats, I can walk straight. The alcohol will burn out by the time we arri
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