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Winner of The People Choice Awards (Fiction) 2019 for Best Diverse Books When "Gossip " meets "Pretty Little Liars" and had a kid with "Sherlock Holmes". That kid is "The Bad Nerd Boy". "You know my secret now. That's really bad, Summers." He smirked. That nerd smirked! And call me crazy but at this moment, he looked goddamn hot.      "I won't tell others." I blurted the words out, hoping it gave the assurance he needed so he would let me go because even though he looked damn hot, he also looked dangerous. Trying to stop myself from trembling, I bit my lips.  His eyes caught the movement and he bent forward, filling my nostrils with the smell of dope he smoked earlier. Tilting his head, he clicked his tongue and smiled. "Wrong move." With that, he slammed his lips against mine, knocking all the air from my lungs. He kissed me with no mercy. His tongue slipped at the seam of my mouth, and my mind went blank when I felt the tip of his tongue caressing mine. Pulling away he watched me with a mischievous look on his face as he said, "now I'm going to be yours." * * * Professionally edited by Fernanda Lemos. All Rights Reserved 2018 © agatharoza

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90 chapters
Chapter One: Gasoline
  Flashback unknown (Villain X)

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Chapter Two: Heavy
  * Heavy by Linkin Park   Two years later, MY NAME SUCKS, and I’ve known that fact for as long as I lived. Even North West was a better name than Autumn Summers. The only good thing was that I didn’t get bullied because of it. Well, I didn’t get bullied at all since I wa
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Chapter Three: Loving You
  * Loving You by SISTAR   “GOING TO BE M-MINE?” My eyes were about to pop out of their sockets as I asked nervously.  What the hell did he mean by ‘I’m going to be yours’?  With our bodies so close to each other, I could f
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Chapter Four: Thinking ‘Bout You
  * Thinking ‘Bout You by Dua Lipa   Autumn POV Damn him! Damn that nerd! Since the Math class in the second period, I kept listing down reasons on why the hell he was there in the alley that night, looking like a junkie. Now it was the seventh period and no matter how many hours I wasted thinking about him, I couldn’t come up with a proper answer. He was the top student in this school, so why would he do such a thing that
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Chapter Five: No Promises
  * No Promises by Cheat Codes   Autumn POV HE TURNED ME AROUND, and the next thing I knew was that I was being kissed. His mouth caught mine once the words left his mouth. I was so perplexed that all I could do was simply stare at the guy kissing me with so much eagerness. He stopped a few seconds later, probably realizing that I wasn’t responding. I was completely frozen, but somehow my mouth was able to blurt what was on my mind. “We’re in School.” I licked my lips and glared at him. Read more
Chapter Six: Perfect Strangers
  * Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue   Autumn POV “It’s far from over, Sweetheart.” He gave me an intense stare, and I could see excitement mixed with something else glinting in his dark eyes. The library suddenly felt smaller and despite the coldness in the air, it felt hotter. I gulped nervously. Get a grip of yourself, Autumn! It was just Tyler Vincent. The School Nerd, for god’s sake! Enough with the bullshit. I narrowed my eyes and leveled my gaze. “What do you want?”  “Be a good
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Chapter Seven: Bad Things
  * Bad Things by Camila Cabello    Autumn POV  It was him. His dark eyes softened and he asked softly, “Are you okay?”  I knew I must’ve looked like crap with all the crying. I fought the urge to go and check myself in the mirror; my mascara was probably smudged all over my face. Watching him still expecting my answer, I nodded. “I am.”Read more
Chapter Eight: Fake Love
* Fake Love by BTS“Hey, Norma,” I could hear my voice shaking. I didn’t expect anyone to be here, let alone one of my best friends.Her brows knitted and her eyes scrutinized me in a way that made me feel naked. “What the hell was that about, Autumn?” Before I answered, she leaned forward and guessed it all. “Is there something going on between you and Mr. Rodriguez?” asked her through a narrowing gaze. I was a bad liar and putting me right under the spotlight had made me the worst. My mouth opened and closed like a fish out o
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Chapter Nine: Wake Up Alone
  Wake Up Alone by The Chainsmokers   Autumn POV All eyes were staring at me in disbelief, and I couldn’t really blame them. We were talking about Tyler Vincent after all. He was a nerd — a total nobody. It was a wonder someone even remembered him. Jess probably knew him because she was basically a walking F******k but for us, mere mortals, I doubted we would remember him even after graduation. “Why did you do that?” Mey’s face betrayed her soft voice. It must be hard for her to take this all in. She’d never dated anyone, and the only couple she’d found cute was Jess and Colton, and that was because they’d never made out in public; something that was against Chinese etiquette or whatever her parents had taught her. Ashton and I had never made out in public either, but she always thought our relationship was a little unhealthy because we were
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Chapter Ten: Older
Older by Sasha SloanTyler POVI was watching her boy toy kiss the school bitch, Ellie Lawson. I chuckled as I leaned against the front gate. His taste really decreased. I mean, I could understand Autumn but Ellie?? It was like aiming for a bowl of oatmeal when you had pizza lying around on the table. Ellie was not ugly or anything but she had a bad personality and a bitchy attitude. Being a total nobody where no one paid any attention to you tended to make you a better observer.I glanced at Lucas’s phone in my hand and pressed the lock button to light up the screen. She had been gone for fifteen minutes, and I had just seen Mr. Todd locking the front door, what had taken her so long? If I thought about it again, this whole thing was hilarious, really. Lucas had paid me fifty bucks to drive his car and do his Uber job for a while because he had some bu
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